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Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, but is your resource online to fight porn addiction. We prevail through awareness, prevention, and recovery. Pornography addiction is threatening lives, families, and children. XXXchurch offers addiction recovery resources for men, women, parents, and couples. We have weekly articles on how to conquer difficult issues, as well as porn accountability and filtering software. Take a minute to take the sexual addiction test below. Break porn addiction and sexual addiction. Get treatment for pornography addiction if you are a sex addict or a porn addict. Quit porn today.

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I just sent this out on email and thought I would post it here. This offer is good until the end of the day on July 11th.

I'm still shocked everyday when I hear from people who are stuck. They know what they should be doing but they can't do it.

Let me tell you, I understand. We have all been there. That is why we created X3pure online workshops and X3watch Accountability Software. They are designed to help you gain control of your life and put you on the path to happiness.  We have something for Men, Women, Couples, and Parents.

You can’t beat pornography or any other of these issues alone. (Tweet This)

So we want to partner today and give you access to these private, online & effective workshops and our brand new X3watch Premium Software for the next 24 hours. Here is the offer that is only good for 24 hours.

Purchase any of our X3pure workshops and GET X3watch PREMIUM FREE FOR A YEAR! That is a $70 savings. We have never done and offer like this before! 

You might be thinking:

#1 Why do you charge for these workshops? The reason is simple.  We have found that people that invest in their healing take it more serious.  It’s FOR YOU!  

 Click here! to start your complete healing today.

#2 I can beat this on my own. If that worked, it would have already worked.  Freedom comes through investing in our healing.

Jump in now. 

#3 Will anyone know I’m taking the online private workshop? 

Confidentiality is a serious thing. With our encrypted workshop logins and secure billing, even the option to pay by paypal,  you can be sure that your recovery process is safe & private. The workshops are private but X3watch watch works best when you invite the closest people around you to hold you accountable for the things you view online. 

What are you waiting for? 

Healing starts today! 

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Take Care,

Craig Gross - Founder of XXXchurch


P.S. Purchase any X3Pure Workshops for the next 24 hours and we will give you a free year of X3watch Premium Software for FREE. Go HERE now  After you purchase, send your receipt by email to [email protected] and she will send you your free X3watch Premium Software.