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Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, but is your resource online to fight porn addiction. We prevail through awareness, prevention, and recovery. Pornography addiction is threatening lives, families, and children. XXXchurch offers addiction recovery resources for men, women, parents, and couples. We have weekly articles on how to conquer difficult issues, as well as porn accountability and filtering software. Take a minute to take the sexual addiction test below. Break porn addiction and sexual addiction. Get treatment for pornography addiction if you are a sex addict or a porn addict. Quit porn today.

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Post of the day

Over the years we have had several different Podcasts. Let me take you on a throw back tour.

Dirty Little Secrets -  100 episodes with amazing guests (Audio only)
X3TV - 45 video episodes
X3’s Company - 13 video episodes and over 200 of your questions answered
XXXchurch Voices -  19 episodes on video with your favorite rock stars
Porn Kills - Video and a lot more
Open 24/7 - 13 extended video sit down interviews with some amazing friends

And now. The simplest one to date. Launching August 5th every other Tuesday we are bringing you Craig’s Car Ride.

That’s me.
That’s my car.
And you are invited to listen in as I drive and talk to some amazing and incredible voices from around the world.

I will be talking about the current things going on at XXXchurch, the blogs that are hot that week on our site and then calling some people to talk to about all the stuff we speak about on the site.

Anything you'd like to hear Craig talk about? Go ahead and let us know here by leaving a voice message for Craig

That’s it. Subscribe in iTunes and be on the look out.

For all you podcast purists … you can also download these episodes on podcastblaster, Stitcher Radio, twothumbsupmedia, podcastpup, podcastpedia, digitialpodcast,, shifty jelly (Android app), and many more.

Check it out on August 5th!

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