It would be quite boring and dull if we just posted all the Lovemail,
so we thought we would post the worst emails and comments we have received.

We’re sure that these nice folks have good intentions and are just a
little confused about what we are doing.

Nowhere in Scripture is fallen man allowed to enjoy sex!!!

Your position is not Biblical and thus not helpful to those of us who have struggled with same sex attraction. The Bible NEVER divorces passion from procreation. This is a …
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I stumbled on [your] site, by accident. Thought it might be interesting? But it seems NOT…

Interesting? I've got an "intimacy killer" for ya!  I was married, for 18-yrs, to what turned out, to be a finger-pointing, gossipy, Christian woman.  I don't really hate her …
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you suck at christianity 101

Instead of supporting and embracing the Duggar family you jump on the media bandwagon screaming crucify them. It is true that Josh committed a crime and did a terrible thing …
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Be Destroyed

 In Christ Jesus I rebuke your spirit to be destroyed... From Eric O.
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Jesus Loves Porn Stars?

How dare you say Jesus Loves Porn Stars. I hate that.  It's not true.  It's sinful and you have no right or no proof to do that. May god …
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I’d Like To Go Three Rounds With Craig Gross…

In response to "What I Don't Understand About Fifty Shades of Grey" Do you think Craig Gross would be ok to have a boxing match?  I’d like to put on …
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“This is Sick…”

In response to "What I don't understand about Fifty Shades of Grey"  This is sick. You review porn to understand why people desire it? This is nothing more than a …
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Michael #2

I saw these reprobates at a Wal-Mart in Massillon Ohio.when confronted with the Word of God they crumbled,,These Snakes have a SUV with “xxx church.com “and “no 1 internet …
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shame on you. i hope god punishes you. - Michael
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Anita Wickens

Someone at my church told me about this site and so I thought I would check it out for myself. I was quite honestly shocked at the smalls bits …
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