Back to basics in 2013

Posted on January 6th, 2013 in Men Confessions

As I enter another year of married life I am so aware and remain to get dragged down by my porn addiction. As most men it starting off as an innocent experimentation with masturbation when I was only 11. Some guys from school spoke about it and I went home to try “it” out. Of course as the years rolled on I had to fulfill the need with pornographic material to make it more “real”, but it never became real. I have now been married for 3 years and some days it almost feels as if my addiction is worse than it was before I was married. The worst part about it all is that I always condone people who view pornography but for some reason I don’t condone it enough in my own life to put an end to it. My wife stumbled across some videos about 2 years ago and I will never forget the sickening feeling I had in my stomach, I promised myself that day that it will end. It went well for a while, but its been there all along and with this confession (being my 1st ever to anyone) I’m fed up and need to change my thoughts, change my heart…start believing and trusting God’s Word in this manner of holiness. As conscience as I am about my addiction I need to become conscience of what my heavenly Father is trying to say to me and allow the Holy Spirit to speak into my life, into this specific area. Its only making me passive and so sad. I am hoping that I can hook up with someone on the site who I can call an accountability partner. Thanks Rowan



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