I die for my lost PAST and my future mmh….!

Posted on July 6th, 2013 in Men Confessions

Am a teen who since young eagerly wanted to know much about sex, for I thought it to be much fun and interesting! And due to my curiosity I started researching on different ways to enjoy this till when a minor at my school I started masturbating; at first it was good but as the days moved on I started regretting and feeling bad for what I am doing; it has now been almost 5 years still I can not stop though I can say in reality at times I really progress in abstaining, at one time I attained up to 3-6 months and now I can’t even take 4 weeks. I really need to be back to my past life since in that life I used to be a prayerful boy and a loving one but now I can not even face God much oftenly and my faith (Catholic) is so strict on this. please play for me and most of all if their is anyone who would love to share or collaborate with me in fighting this vice I thank him or her!



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