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I Just Did Something Stupid

Posted on August 21st, 2013 in Women Confessions

I used to be addicted to adult websites, but I got free from that. And yet, I just did something really stupid Friday night. I was out drinking with a couple of friends, which I rarely do. Afterwards they wanted to go to the “adult” store down the street that sells porn, sex toys, etc. The confusing part is that the friend who convinced me to go into the store is a Christian who knows the things I used to struggle with, so I don’t know why she got me to go in there. It’s not like she was too drunk to think about it or something, because she was our designated driver and only had one drink. I was never in a store like that before, and I never would’ve gone in there if it weren’t for the alcohol I drank. Besides the Christian friend who talked me into going in the store, the other friend I was with is an atheist who likes to try to find things wrong with me to tell everyone. And I have no doubt that she will tell everyone that I went into the “adult” store. I feel bad enough about going in there, without having to deal with every person in my life knowing about it, including the church where I lead worship and teach a Sunday school class. What am I supposed to do now???



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