I feel ashamed

Posted on January 31st, 2011 in Students Confessions

I am 18 years old and became a Christian 2 years ago. I had struggled with sexual sin before I was a Christian and did things I shouldn’t have and that I regret and those things opened the door for so many other things. I started watching porn when I was 13 and have not stopped but it’s less since I started becoming active in my church. I’m tired of doing this and even when I don’t watch it I have those images in my mind come at me during church or when I pray! It horrible I started praying and I gradually have stopped. I have ruined the image of men that God had intended for me to know. But confessing it is the first step and this is really hard because I remember calling my dad a pig when I found his stuff, not long after he left us for his lover. I don’t want to look at this anymore because I am done and I just want to pure again although I will still know I did that I just don’t want to have an urge when I do think about it.



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