Posted on April 29th, 2008 in Women Confessions

I have struggled with this issue it is hard for me to describe when it
begin. As a victim of child molestation, the thought of sex was
introduced quite early. The problem did not become a big issue until my
loving parents decided to get extended cable. The box had all channels
including adult. My parents thought they had locked it, but I was able
to access the password and view these channels anyway. I remember being
in high school and waiting for everyone to go to sleep and I would go
and view porn for about 3 hours. This stopped after my parents got rid
of these channels, but then entered the internet. Through the internet
I was able to access as muc porn as I wanted. The problem has continued
with long bouts of not looking and feeling like I was through with
this. Now, I am a Licensed Minister, and a Seminarian, but now I find
myself wrestling with the same issues. I am continually asking God for
deliverance, and I know that God is going to deliver me. I thank God
for this forum to share my testimony so others will see that this is a
major issue even in the church.

Posted by: D | October 22, 2006 at 04:17 PM



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