My addiction.

Posted on June 20th, 2012 in Men Confessions

I’m 13. I started I guess when I was right around 10. Just curious of what a girl looked like, you know. I kept on covering it up saying to myself “It’s my hormones from puberty I’ll get over it.” But now only 3 years later and I find myself on porn everyday. The longest I’ve been sober of porn for since 11 is about 2 weeks. I really need to stop. I was so addicted a few months ago I really liked this girl and I still do.. I asked her out and she said let me get over my ex and she would always tell me how sweet a guy I was. But I realize now the way I talk to her in school. I feel so bad with my addiction I feel like God frowns upon me even though I know he doesn’t. I hate the feeling of being controlled by anything but myself. I wish that I could just be free of the Devil’s control. I have never been caught watching porn. I wish I could just stop altogether. I cross my heart I will never watch porn again. Please pray for me guys even if it’s just a few words from the heart I need all the help from God that I can get, thanks again.



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