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The Team: Craig Gross is the founder and leader of Working alongside Craig is an amazing group of people including Jeanette Gross, Ryan Russell, Michelle Truax, Carl Thomas, Rachel Collins, Shellie R. Warren and some great creatives and volunteers. (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE SOME FUN STUFF ABOUT OUR TEAM)

The Board: XXXchurch is a non-profit 501 C3 organization that sits under the umbrella of Fireproof Ministries. There is an executive team and an advisory board.

The Name: XXXchurch is provocative, memorable, and it combines the seedy and the sacred.

The Mission: Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. XXXchurch is your resource online to fight porn addiction. We prevail through awareness, prevention and recovery.

The Vibe: It's hip, relevant, honest, fun, and designed for people just like you.

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Ryan Russell - Fireproof Ministries Director

Rachel Collins - Porn Show Superstar

Michelle Truax - Event & Esther Fund-Project Coordinator

Carl Thomas - Site Manager, Outreach Pastor, and X3groups Program Director

Andrea Perun - Strip Church Coordinator

Ginny Spier - Prayer Team Coordinator

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Here is a bit more about our team. Enjoy!


Craig gross

 - photo 1996

Who are you: My name is Craig Gross and I am married to Jeanette and we have two kids and have just suffered the loss of our three fish. We live in Southern California and have been around since this thing was just an idea.

What do you do for XXXchurch: I run the day-to-day operations of the ministry, speak on behalf of XXXchurch, and do some writing for the site and some of our resources. My favorite part of the ministry is the ability to connect with people that I never would have met or had a relationship with if it was not for this ministry.

Favorite Movie: A tie between Better Off Dead and Rain Man.

Favorite Band: Toad The Wet Sprocket

Favorite blog, video, post or page on My favorite post on XXXchurch - This is tough, but this is the first girl we helped out of the industry. People got behind this project and we raised all the money we needed in just two days.

Three Favorite websites:

One thing that might surprise people about you: I had seizures and wore braces on my feet when I was a kid, so I was pretty much like Forrest Gump except for the part in the movie where he got too excited with Jenny.


Jeanette Gross

  - photo 2005

Who are you: I grew up in Oregon in a family of three kids, became a Christian when I was 19, and left for California to go to Pacific Christian College. I met Craig Gross, my husband, shortly after and we have been married for 14 years. We have 2 children, Nolan (9) and Elise (7). We currently live in my favorite place ever, Pasadena, CA! 

What you do for XXXchurch: A bit of this and that--accounting, taxes, payroll, donor receipts, whatever my boss Craig tells me to do. 

How you got connected to the ministry: My husband Craig started Fireproof Ministries in 1998 when we first got married and I have been connected ever since!

Favorite movie: The Notebook

Favorite band: Florence and the Machine

Favorite blog, video, post or page on Of course, the PSA with my son Nolan and Ron Jeremy! 

Three favorite websites or apps: At the moment…Instagram, USA Today, and Tumblr

One thing that might surprise people about you: I met my biological father for the first time when I was 33 years old.


 Michelle Truax

MICHELLE TRUAX - photo 1970

Who are you: My name is Michelle Truax;  I reside on the east coast with my five dogs. I have two grown sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, a four-year-old grandson, and a new grandbaby. 

What you do for XXXchurch: Amongst various roles for the ministry, I coordinate the speaking events worldwide for XXXchurch.  Anyone who knows me knows that my passion for this ministry is the role I have in mentoring women who want to leave or who have left their employment in the sex industry.

How you got connected with the ministry: I first learned of XXXchurch in 2003 while looking online for help for myself in trying to deal with my husband's porn addiction. I became a volunteer in 2004 moderating the prayer wall and then joined the staff full-time in 2006. 

Favorite movie: Bella

Favorite band: This is hard because I am a music freak, but I'd have to say anything Rob Thomas does makes me weak--either solo or with Matchbox Twenty

Favorite blog, video, post or page on My favorite video on XXXchurch would have to be "Jesus loves Ron Jeremy." It is several years old but the message remains the same and to this day I still can't watch it without tears surfacing in seconds. 

Three favorite websites or apps:

One thing that might surprise people about you: I think most people would be surprised to know that at age seven I fell off of a three-story balcony without breaking any bones. 


Ryan - 2002

photo 2002

Who are you: For fun I compete in Ironman races and also really enjoy traveling to new cities, always being sure to clock a new run on my GPS watch. However, I have learned that traveling with Craig can be a bore since he sticks to the hotel when there is so much to see and do with our off time. I have three very crazy and uniquely adventurous boys; Jackson, Ethan, and Elias.

What you do for XXXchurch: If it's an event, a fundraiser or an outreach connected with, you are safe to assume that I am involved in the behind-the-scenes planning and leadership of it. I really like my job, most especially getting new people involved in what we do and raising up leaders to expand our reach and message.

How you got connected with the ministry: I've been involved with the ministry in small and some big ways since the very beginning. Craig and I went to college together, and when he and Jake first started speaking, I hired them to speak at youth camps and outreach events. I started working full-time with XXXchurch about 4 years ago.

Favorite Movie: The Bourne Identity series... although I was not excited about The Bourne Legacy

Favorite Band: I don't listen to a lot of music anymore, but Guns & Roses or Tesla topped out as my favorites in the '90s.

Favorite blog, video, post or page on My favorite blog on the site is a new one; it speaks to one of the main reasons that I respect Craig and our mission of XXXchurch. We exist to share God's light, shining it into the the darkest places and on the hardest subjects with his love.

Gays In Heaven 

Three Favorite websites or apps:

One thing that might surprise people about you: You can't tell it because I have exceptional hearing, but I was involved in a serious swing set accident as a fourth grader. I was knocked unconscious, had a massive concussion, lost a good measure of the skin on the left side of my face and ripped my ear half way off. I blame my poor memory on this.

Carl Thomas

 - photo 2004

Who are you: My name is Carl Thomas and I live in New Jersey.  I'm married with two children. My seven-year old daughter is amazing and probably will end up a teacher (like my wife) or a veterinarian.  My son is a boy's boy and will most likely enter the promising career of cage-fighting or monster truck driving. We all stay pretty busy between work, ministry, church, and such. I'm love staying in shape and got my first tattoo at age 39.  I'm definately one that likes pushing boundaries so this ministry is perfect for me.  

What you do for XXXchurch: I have several responsibiities the main ones being managing the content for our main website, leading our outreach teams, and administering our X3groups recovery program. X3groups is one of our newer initiatives focused on building a network of effective accountability and support groups for those struggling with sexual addiction both online and locally. I also take Craig and Ryan's abuse.

How you got connected with the ministry: The first real exposure I had to this ministry was when I took a church college group I led to a porn debate between Craig and Ron Jeremy. After that I kept tabs on the ministry and eventually had the opportunity to join an outreach in New Jersey at the 2010 NJ Exxxotica convention. I met Ryan Russell at that show, who later proved to be instrumental in getting my "independent study" for evangelism approved with Liberty University, which entailed a week in Vegas serving with XXXchurch. Highlights of that trip included Bowlfest, Launch 501C3, and clearing out Ryan at the poker table.

Favorite movie: Braveheart (as it should be for everybody)

Favorite band: Metallica closely followed up by Five Finger Death Punch

Favorite blog, video, post or page on The stats page simply because it reminds me of how huge the need is out there

Three Favorite apps: 




One thing that might surprise people about you: One thing people may not know about me is that in college my fraternity nicknamed me "Ice" as in Vanilla Ice. I still try to block that out of my mind. 



Andrea Perun
- photo 1990

Who are you: My name is Andrea and I am married to a total stud who proves good guys still exist and are worth waiting for.  I grew up and still live in the greater Seattle area.  I'm a diehard Seahawks fan-and yes I've loved them even before they won the superbowl.  My husband is a Steelers fan (if you know football you know why this is an issue), so on our wedding day when we kissed at the altar I had my bridesmaids hold up the 12th Man Flag just so he knew that this was a Seahawks family.  I also love to cook, bake, and eat.  I laugh often, I laugh loud, and at least weekly to the point where I cry.

What you do for XXXChurch: Director for Strip Church Network

How you got connected with the ministry:  I am a founding member of Strip Church Seattle and am still very involved as the Vice President.  Thanks to our treasurer who sits on the board for XXXChurch she recommended me for this role with Strip Church!

Favorite movie: Boondock Saints, The Departed, Harry Potter, and Disney and Pixar movies.

Favorite band: I typically drive in silence, so on the rare occasion I have music playing it's Hillsong or Classical/Opera, and sometimes country music will make a cameo. Unless of course it’s winter then I’m constantly blaring Christmas music. However if I were to karaoke, I would choose Styx, “Come Sail Away.” So overall, no one ever lets me have control of what to listen to on road trips.

Favorite blog, video, post or page on 8 reasons my wife won't have sex with me by Craig Gross (as well as the one about husbands)

Three favorite websites or apps: Pinterest…are there any other websites on the internet besides Pinterest? and whatever website allows me to watch as many NCIS reruns as I want.

One thing that might surprise people about you: I'm tiny but I'm almost always eating or thinking about what I'm going to eat next. 



 - photo 2001

Who are you: I work as a college pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley in San Dimas, and miraculously Craig has not gotten me fired from my job there yet. I am also finishing up my Master's of Divinity at Fuller Seminary and it has helped me realize just how much I love naps. I am dating a super-hot cuban named Joel Ceballos and I hope to travel, go on adventures and eat a lot more creme brûlée. 

What you do for XXXchurch: I am blessed to travel to porn shows throughout the year and do whatever I can to let many of the women and men know that somebody loves and cares for them. From everything to make-up and coffee runs, we bring a little of God's light and love to those in the sex industry.

How you got connected with the ministry: Over eight years ago I was invited by a young girl in my small group to go with her and XXXchurch to a porn convention. It was in the early days when we were trying to figure out what it looks like to serve the women in the industry, and I ended up sticking around. It blows me away to think that even after all these years I get the amazing opportunity to share life with people in the adult industry, and over the years I have also met and formed incredible relationships with people that serve from churches all across the country at porn shows with XXXChurch. 

Favorite movie: Jurassic Park

Favorite band: Coldplay and Radiohead and U2…I can’t choose just one!

Favorite blog, video, post or page on Chicago Porn Show - I got to take a bunch of girls from my home church to their first porn convention with Craig, Tara and Steve-Oh. And to see the convention through their experiences, to see where the ministry has come, and to see what God did--that's been my favorite.  

Three favorite websites or apps: Pinterest,, and I love Instagram

One thing that might surprise people about you: I don't know if I can go on much longer in this life without getting a puppy soon. (I was a shotput champion growing up. [Craig added that, but it's true])



 photo 1977

Who are you: I am a chick who has been single and celibate longer than I would've ever thought (on that celibate thing, longer than I would like, too!), but the silver lining is that I've been able to make a career out of all of the penning that I've been doing about both. Currently, my life consists of writing, counseling, doula-ing, t-shirt designing and public speaking. People ask me all of the time how they can pull off rolling out of bed, walking a few steps to their computer and earning their pay via PayPal every week. My response is that if you don't mind driving a Honda that's almost an antique and if being rich is not a major turn-on for you, it's a lot easier than you think. Ask your Father if he's down with it and if you're willing to make the necessary sacrifices, watch what happens.

What you do for XXXchurch: Um, the long/short of it is that I am one of the "Porn & Pastries" girls and the Women's editor for the site. I'm also the one who still tries to get Craig to give more than one-word replies to emails that are three paragraphs long. (Keep prayin'!)

How you got connected to the ministry: The Gutter and Inside of Me were "book label mates" back when Relevant had a publishing company. I reached out to Craig to tell him that I didn't see anyone who looked like me (in any way, including gender) on the website. "Butterflies" was born exactly five years to the date that was introduced to the world.

Favorite movie: I go to the movies almost every weekend, so that's a hard call. Two that I never get tired of watching are Love Jones and almost any Woody Allen film (Yeah. Whatever. Don't judge me.)

Favorite band: This is just as complex. '80s pop rock is my thing. Toto, Journey, Duran Duran, Johnny Hates Jazz, the Jets, Genesis, Wham ("Careless Whisper" is classic!). I also love me some DeBarge. Oh, and Hall & Oates. Gotta love them!

Favorite blog, video, post or page on I like the old-school touring videos. So much has changed since then that I'll leave it at that. 

Three favorite websites or apps: I'm not sure if they are my "favorite" but I go to them everyday. Jezebel, EurWeb and That last one is mine, but I have a blog roll that features a ton of sites that I dig.

One thing that might surprise people about you: Although I come from a list of them (SMH), my only real addiction is lip gloss. Well, that and Simply Lemonade with Mango. Yeah. They're both kind of a problem. Oh, and when I get stressed out, I like to bake. From scratch. (Yes, there are women who still do that. Again, SMH).


Ginny - 2002

photo 2002

Who are you: My name is Ginny Spier and I am married to Lynn and we have three adult children and five grandsons with a granddaughter on the way (yippee!!). We live on the central coast of California. 

What you do for XXXchurch: I am in charge of the XXXchurch prayer team.  

How you got involved with the ministry: I was involved in youth ministry so I knew Craig and Jake from camps that our youth went to, and when I first heard about XXXhurch and what Craig was envisioning for this ministry, I felt a sense that they would be walking into the devil’s territory and that they needed to be covered in prayer. That led to forming an email prayer team that has been covering this ministry ever since. 

Favorite movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite band: DSM--my son’s band  =)    

Favorite blog, video, post, or page on The prayer wall -

Three favorite websites or apps: Sorry, I’m not into websites--even the xxxchurch website. I know that’s bad, since I am a part of this ministry,  but except for email and Amazon to check on books I need to order for my Bookstore, I don’t do much else on the computer, except play Solitaire  =)  I’m old, remember! Oh yes, I do check Facebook so I know what my kids are up to since they live so far away (Indonesia!)