It would be quite boring and dull if we just posted all the Lovemail, so we thought we would post the worst emails and comments we have received. We're sure that these nice folks have good intentions and are just a little confused about what we are doing.

Your concept and web-site are shameful and dishonor God. Non-Christians will be very confused by statements such as 'Jesus loves porn-stars' and 'Don't spank the monkey' which are vulgar and appear to mock God. Read Philippians 4: 8 which says we have to dwell on pure things and other scripture which says we already have everything in Christ to be able to live in a Godly way (Eph. 1: 3). If sin, rather than Christ, is the focus of a church, then it is non-Christian.

WOW!  Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.  Mathew 7:15  

Do not love the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  1 John 2:15  

You adulterous people, don't you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God?  Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. James 4:4

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.  Isaiah 5:20

Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the Lord, who do their work in darkness and think, "Who sees us? Who will know?" Isaiah 29:15

Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause him to fall. 1 Corinthians 8:13

I will pray for all of you at  xxxchurch  for your hearts to be convicted by God!

For you as a church to believe that it is ok to not only expose yourself but others to pornography by attending a convention, goes against ALL Gods teachings!!!! Then to video it with such IMMATURITY! To those who maybe  seeking and searching! Making it seem OK. Then leading them on a path of impurity, confusion and sexual desires. For all of you will be judged!! How DARE you use Gods name in vain, in such a way that demeans Him and His purpose.

1 Corinthians 6:18

Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5

For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God;


Poverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.

Are you not victims? Think you're cool, setting the cool standard, no doubt don't know shit about church - isn't the issue that pornography isn't what it was 10 years ago? Is it not out of control? Too many rock bands by guys like you two who want an alternative to getting a real job. Your grandfathers would stand up for what's ultimately moral, and your grandfathers would get a job. Have fun dancing on their graves.

At some point in time the great U.S. of A was a FREE country. everyone knows christianity exists, but some people CHOOSE not to believe the nonsense that it is. So to my question, why do you feel the need to devote your time disrupting the rights of Americans? Do I bug you about my religion? Do I knock on your door to tell you that 90% of your religion is based on Paganism, the religion you almost destroyed? I don't think so. Just let us (Americans) be!

Okay, so I noticed on your site it clearly states that masturbation is neither "good nor bad" for your body. I, beings that I study science and biology and medicine, beg to differ. I think that you're twisting facts to promote your pathetically improbable religion, and it offends me. There is PROOF of science. There is no proof that some magical entity could shit out a universe in eight days. So, don't twist real facts to make new ones to fit into your pathetic little fantasy of having an imaginary friend. Educate yourself, you fool. Masturbation is natural, healthy and great relief for the brain.

Man to man- come on dude.....Craig you cannot tell me you are around and involved in such an industry and growing spiritually.  Stop hiding and pretending what you are doing is God honoring.  Get out and have no fellowship with such darkness.  There are thousands who are looking and see the game you are now trapped in. (this is not "hate mail" ..it is another warning.)

XXX church you people are wicked and God will destroy you!  repent!  XXX church is evil...

I saw these reprobates at a Wal-Mart in Massillon Ohio.
when confronted with the Word of God they crumbled,,
These Snakes have a SUV with “xxx church.com “and “no 1 internet Christian porn site” ,,painted all over it,,
the bible says abstain from the appearance of all evil….. So what do these evil men do?
They drag Jesus and the Holiness of Gods true church into the realm of smut.. They try and justify this
Wickedness by saying look at the web site “this is not what we are really about“,, ( so why make a lie up )
Or is their amusement trashing Jesus.. Its obvious the later…
These false Christians tell lies to people to trick them into looking at their web site,,,
scripture says all liars will have their place in the lake of fire and that the devil is the father of all lies..
I asked these workers of iniquity if they commit sin,, they answered Yes almost daily,,, the Word says
In ,1 john 3;8 he that commits sin is of the devil…. They have showed their true colors……
Proud as peacocks they bragged about committing sinning and claimed to be born again and saved.
Are they a sweet smelling savor in Gods nostrils? Driving around with XXX church and no 1 porn Christian website on their SUV ? Or rather a stench that smells and demeans the Holy sacrifice that Jesus suffered on the cross,, these wicked men attempt to make Jesus’ blood unholy..
I told these scoffers to repent of this iniquity ,,God hates all workers of iniquity Psalms 5;5
This is a example of the last days and proof of the hate reprobates have for God manifested in the flesh
Jesus is God …..they have attempted to turned the love and grace of God into a lie…
I saw many people who stood in sadness looking at the terrible words they painted on that SUV..
is it loving Jesus driving around with “no 1 christian porn site in a SUV?


shame on you. i hope god punishes you.

- Michael

Someone at my church told me about this site and so I thought I would check it out for myself. I was quite honestly shocked at the smalls bits I looked at on your website.  'Jesus loves porn stars'. I do agree with you; because he loves us all.  But have you not heard of blasphemy? Also do you not think that t'shirts etc..like this are going to encourage people to get in to porn even more?  I think its quite disgusting; all you are doing is taking the mick.  It's fair enough to have a laugh here and end there but this whole website is a total joke! Why not read the gospel and take that into account?  Tell people that Jesus loves them all; but also tell them what is wrong and how Jesus can help them.  I just don't understand how this website is going to help people with their porn addictions.  Get your facts right; and speak the TRUTH rather than your own ideas; because they seem pretty petty.

- Anita Wickens