We have a ton of videos on the site. You can hit the video player to find over 300 or subscribe in iTunes.

We have also recorded a bunch of  different podcasts over the years. Check them out below.


Craig's Car Ride  2014 - New episodes every other Tuesday starting August 5th!

 Craig's Car Ride


Open 24/7-  2013 - 2014



Porn Kills -  2012 - 2013 (archives are listed on the site)


Voices-  2011- 2013


X3's Company -  2011- 2012

13 episodes. Over 300 questions answered on a range of topics.

X3's Company

X3 TV -2008-2010

45 episodes of our adventures while we were in Vegas and traveling throughout the world.



Dirty Little Secrets Audio Podcast - 2005-2008

100 episodes. Lots of guests. All audio.

Dirty Little Secrets