We are so glad you are here. It is our hope you will find help and healing through our resources. Not sure how to get started? Read on for helpful first steps in recovering from porn addiction.

1. Get accountable.

Accountability to others is the critical first step to any recovery journey.  You can’t deal with an addiction, whether it’s porn, gambling, or substance abuse, if it remains a secret!  Since most porn use is now online, it’s crucial to get the best monitoring and filtering software available—and that’s X3watch. X3watch helps you be intentional about how you use the computer, build honesty and openness, and connect with champions who can encourage you. X3 is built-in accountability, and it’s easy to use from anywhere including your smart phone and other mobile devices.  If you’re serious about avoiding porn or recovering from porn addiction, it all starts with accountability.  

2. Get informed.

Addiction is not a simple thing—many spiritual, psychological and biological factors play into a person’s sexual dependence. The X3pure workshops are tailored to your needs with sessions specifically designed for men, women, parents and couples, both in online formats and DVD format for small groups.  They’ll give you the information you need on the issues surrounding pornography, sexual addiction, and the nature of sexual temptation. Knowledge is power in the battle for sexual purity, and X3pure is here to help you fight.  

3. Get real.

No matter how much you know, you can’t do it alone. We’re better together, and the third step in this journey is connecting with a supportive community to seek healing, find help, share struggles, and process emotions. X3groups offer you the community you need in a convenient, anonymous and secure setting, providing a safe space to work through your sexual struggles with a trained leader and practical next steps. Invest just one hour a week in an online video meeting and jumpstart your journey to health. 


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