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wonderlandDo you remember the bedtime stories read to you as a kid? You know, stories of wonderlands, fairies, knights, and of course, a princess that needed rescuing? As a boy you probably made your blanket into a cape and dashed through the backyard with a plastic sword in hand fighting all sorts of mythical creatures. Or, as little girl, there were probably many times you dressed up like a beautiful princess dreaming of a knight in shining armor. Those stories of wonderland and make-believe were powerful and exciting. And there were probably more than a few times you forgot you were pretending and really believed you were there in the fantasy.

Kids get caught up in the fantasy of wonderlands all the time. The problem is, sometimes porn is one of those wonderlands.

Porn is just another fantasy. What you see in porn is not real. No more real than fire-breathing dragons and wizards casting fantastic spells (Tweet This). Yet kids believe what they’re seeing is real. That the sex acts they’re watching are what girls really like and it’s what they really want. The fact that these are actors and that it’s all make believe is lost on them.

They don’t see these actresses prepping their bodies before the cameras start rolling so they can better endure the pain some of these sex acts will cause them. They don’t understand airbrushing and all the camera magic filmmakers create behind the scenes. To the kids watching, it looks real.

Kids don’t get to see the tears running down the actresses face when the cameras stop rolling and the lights go out. They don’t get to see them when the doctor says they have contracted a sexual transmitted disease (STD) or AIDS. All kids see is the wonderland. They don’t get to see the pain.

Pain is the real “reality” of porn. It’s pain for the actors in it, whether it’s physical or psychological. It’s also pain for the viewers as it twists the reality of sex into an unattainable fantasy, a fantasy that many spend their life searching for but never find.

Parents, help protect your kids from this porn wonderland. Because if you don’t, they will spend their lives running through the backyard of life chasing dragons and wizards they’ll never catch. All while their true princess sits somewhere heart broken watching and waiting for them to come back to reality.

Parents don’t let your kids get lost in wonderland!