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Free Porn

by Kevin E. Outland on November 29th, 2010 in Parents

When I speak to parents on Internet Safety one of the things I tell them about is Free Porn. Most parents have no idea just how readily available free porn is on the Internet. No credit card or age verification required. Your kids could be 7 or 17 and the purveyors of porn don’t care. “Come get your free porn” is what they say.

Now the question you may have is why would the porn companies give away their product for free? Well why does the nice lady at the supermarket give away free samples of food? Her hope is if you try it you’ll like it and then you’ll buy it. Same goes for porn. If the porn purveyors can make it easy for your kids to try it hopefully they’ll like it an eventually they’ll become paying customers. Apparently it’s working because porn is a multi-billion dollar a year business.

I would imagine that parents scanning through their browsers History to check if any naught sounding sights show up would breeze right by listings for Google, Bing and Yahoo. Those aren’t porn sites right? Wrong! Let me explain. Google, Bing and Yahoo were not created to be porn sites but their search features can make them into very powerful ones. If your kids go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and click the image search button and type in “Free Porn” they’ll get a page full of hard-core porn pictures; all without ever going to a porn site. It gets worse. If they go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and click on the video search button and type in “Free Porn” they’ll get a page full of hard-core porn videos. With Bing they can even watch the videos right within the Bing search page. That’s how easy it is for kids to look at free porn pictures and videos without ever going to a porn site. (By they way I do not recommend that you go try this yourself.)

So now that you’re better informed on just how easy it is for your kids to get access to free porn hopefully you’re more motivated to do something to help stop it. Nothing is fool proof but a good Internet Filter like SafeEyes will certainly help. And because kids have a lot of different ways to access the Internet these days besides a computer don’t forget about getting filters for other devices that have Internet access like smartphones (iPhone & Android), iPads, PSP’s (Play Station Portable) and so on.

Free porn is out there but you can make it harder to get to with a filter.




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