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I loved watching the original Star Trek when I was a kid. Spaceships - Aliens - Strange New Worlds (you can hear the theme song in your head can’t you). As the Enterprise was buzzing around the galaxy some unknown ship would eventually be detected and Captain Kirk would say, “Shield’s Up!”. That always got my attention because I knew something good was going to happen. Often it was the Klingons sneaking around with their cloaking device so they could pop up in front of the Enterprise and blast it with its disruptor cannons. When this happened all kinds of havoc would break loose and, as they traded photon torpedo volleys, Sulu would yell, “Shields at 50% captain!”. Another volley would ensue, panels would short circuit and an expendable crewman would pay the price. So what’s this got to do with porn?

As our kids buzz around the Internet they can encounter Strange New Worlds. Worlds where people aren’t wearing clothes and they’re doing things that shouldn’t be seen. Kids don’t always encounter these “worlds” on purpose. Often the purveyors of porn sneak around the Internet cloaking their true intentions. So your kid is innocently surfing then “Blam” a porn page pops up to attack. The problem is that many times no one is around to yell “Shields Up”. Worse, even if someone could many computers don’t have any (“shields” being Internet Filtering software). Your child is defenseless as the porn volley hits them over and over. This kind of exposure to porn can cause confusion about sex and distort their views. For example, a recent survey by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy released a survey that said 20% of teens have posted nude photos or video of themselves on the Internet” (click here for more details). 20%! That’s crazy. The Klingons (ahh, I mean porn purveyors) are winning the battle for our kids minds. Where do you think they’re getting the idea that it’s ok to take their clothes off, take pictures or video of themselves naked and post it on the Internet? So parents what are you going to do to start winning the battle? “Shields Up!”.