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8th Grade Girls and Porn

by Craig Gross on May 28th, 2008 in The Haps

Cellphones of students of a South African school were seized, after two girls were caught using theirs to watch pornography.

The incident started during a Grade 8 class at Sitintile High School in KaNyamazane outside Nelspruit on May 20, said director for the Mpumalanga education department’s Ehlanzeni region, Mfana Lushaba, on May 26.

Lushaba said that the two girls started to giggle out loud, attracting the attention of other pupils who wanted to see what they were laughing at.

“It is a disgrace for pornographic images to be at an educational institution. Our kids cannot learn while watching adult films at the same time,” quoted Lushaba, as saying.

He said it was found that about half the pupils who brought cellphones to school used them to view pornography.

As a result, cellphones were seized by the school’s principal and teachers from all pupils at the school.

Lushaba said: “The principal realised that the two were not the only ones with adult images on their cellphones.”

He said the department supported the school in seizing the cellphones and said it was against school policy for the pupils to bring their phones to school in the first place, as the cells disrupted their studies.

“Now, the only way for the pupils to
get their phones back is for their parents to come and fetch them. In
this way, we are sending a strong message against any form of
lawlessness at the school. Kids are there to learn, not to watch
X-rated movies,” said Lushaba.

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