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preventionI hope you enjoyed June as we raised awareness regarding the issue of pornography. Let me ask you real quick …

Did you take the Father’s Day Pledge (mom’s can take it too)?

Did you signup for the 30 Day Porn-Free Challenge?

If not, I encourage you to check out both those things right now. That being said … enough about June!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth...

pornIf you have followed our ministry for any period of time or tracked news stories on pornography addiction then you most likely have heard the argument that porn alters you brain. You might even say “damages” it.

The idea of pornography exposure actually affecting one’s brain is certainly a compelling argument for what we have always contended … porn is not healthy for you. But the question has...

XXXchurchI wanted to post a reminder of what XXXchurch is all about because occasionally we get people via email or social media questioning some of the content we post or share. It may be a link to a mainline site with some graphics in the sidebar that are provocative, it may be a newsletter we send out with a picture of an “attractive” woman, it could be a video from one of our outreach recaps, or it...


Have you ever bought something, heard that there was a way you could update or improve it for FREE, and then said, "No thanks, I prefer this less improved version?"

Of course not. So you'll love this news!

All the guys and gals here at X3watch headquarters have been busier than ever and are super-stoked to tell you that this month we’ve released updates to EVERY SINGLE VERSION of X3watch –...

American JesusWho's Jesus?

Seems like a simple enough question and answer. But it’s pretty clear to me, after watching the documentary American Jesus, that many people (specifically Christians) see Jesus quite differently.

I don’t know how you see Jesus or communicate his message, but I can tell you this. I believe our perspective often limits the way we share and talk about Jesus in the church today (Tweet...


This week we are going to be celebrating something called fatherhood.

It is with this in mind that I/we at want to put forth a real challenge to fathers. A challenge that asks all dads to step up their parenting game this Father’s Day and talk to their kids – especially their sons – about sex, porn, and masturbation.

It’s like I said before, your kids will only talk to you...

Quitting PornIt’s 7PM and there you are sitting in front of your computer screen. You look at the clock and wonder how the hell you wasted 3 hours of your day looking at porn. You think, “How could I let this happen again … especially when I want to stop so bad!

Ever been there?

I have.

Here’s the question sometimes we need to ask ourselves. Do I really want to stop?

When I was struggling with pornography...

Before you read this post, you need to know two things:

1) I love football.
2) My wife watches “Chelsea Lately.”

These are a few of the many points that led me to watching Terry Crews, former model and NFL football player turned actor, pitching his new book Manhood on Chelsea Handler’s talk show.

That’s just a short clip, but they spent the whole interview talking about...

Look Up!

by Paul Lauterjung on June 5 2014 in The Haps | Comments

Look UpWhen I first started writing “Look Up” I didn’t know what the exact lyrics would be or how it would sound, but I did know without a doubt that I wanted to bring glory to God and spread awareness about and its awesome ministry. My vision was to create music with a purpose, and I am excited for the opportunity to share my love for Jesus and this ministry through my music.

I am...

In this month’s episode of Open 24/7 I sit down with a good friend of mine named Kevin Murray. I have known Kevin for over a decade and admire several things about him.

His love for his family.
His commitment to invest in the next generation
And, his great sense of business.

Kevin runs a highly successful screen printing company called KJM but several years ago he also helped launch a little...