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David Dean is one of my best friends in the world. He is a die hard Bears fan who will be disappointed once again this year as they won’t win their division. Dave and I recently wrote a book together called “Touchy Subjects.”

I caught up with him in San Diego for the latest edition of Open 24/7. You can find out more about David at


For additional information on...

I am SUPER EXCITED to let you know we are about to launch a brand new site. (Tweet This!)

Here is a sneak peek. is the largest site on the internet that tackles issues most people don’t want to talk about or even write about. Nothing is off limits here. We started the site in 2002 before anyone had a “blog”. The site has evolved and grown and there are over 13,000...

go small book[Editor’s note: today’s post is an excerpt from the upcoming book Go Small: Because God Doesn't Care About Your Status, Size, or Success by Craig Gross and  Adam Palmer]

Let’s talk about language for a minute. Not swearwords or anything like that—I mean the actual words we use every day. Let’s take, as a case study, the very ordinary word silly.

When I tell my young daughter that she’s being...

Over the years we have had several different Podcasts. Let me take you on a throw back tour.

Dirty Little Secrets -  100 episodes with amazing guests (Audio only)
X3TV - 45 video episodes
X3’s Company - 13 video episodes and over 200 of your questions answered
XXXchurch Voices -  19 episodes on video with your favorite rock stars
Porn Kills - Video and a lot more
Open 24/7 - 13 extended...

Me too.

I struggle.

My struggle is lusting. 
The cootie shot I was given in 4th grade wore off and I was inflicted with a disease of selfish desire. 
I developed symptoms in middle school and the more hallways I walked the more I aimlessly meandered from my healthy innocence. Without a map I got lost staring with a dropped jaw and my misguided mind led me further from where I...

small groupsI have a confession.

About a month or so ago I wrote a blog post entitled “3 Reasons I Ditched Small Groups.”

I kinda lied.

I haven’t really “ditched” small groups. I just don’t go to one locally.

In fact, I help run the largest online video support group program out there for men and women struggling with sex addiction. We call it X3groups and it’s amazing.

In 2012 this program started with 1...

go small bookThe past year I’ve learned a lot and much of it is reflected in what I wrote for this new book coming out.

I think the best way to explain Go Small is that it’s really a celebration of the everyday.

That we need to have grace for ourselves and not get depressed when we feel like we had an average or even below-average day.

That we just do the best we can with what we have and trust that God...

I just sent this out on email and thought I would post it here. This offer is good until the end of the day on July 11th.

I'm still shocked everyday when I hear from people who are stuck. They know what they should be doing but they can't do it.

Let me tell you, I understand. We have all been there. That is why we created X3pure online workshops and X3watch Accountability Software. They are...

portfolioMany people are shocked to discover that they are profiting from, and supporting pornography through their investment accounts - and to a much greater degree than one might expect. The sad truth is that numerous and widely held household name companies are involved in the business of pornography.

As an investor in such a company, you are an owner of that company and are profiting from and...

Bryan Johnston is a pastor and long time friend of mine and  Bryan is passionate about seeing lives restored from addictions and men and women experiencing freedom. Almost 10 years ago Bryan broke his neck while unloading some church staging for his church plant. He was paralyzed and told he would never walk again. We sit down for a chat and talk about the accident and the...