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National Porn Sunday Press Release

by X3 on January 17th, 2011 in The Haps

Over 300 hundred churches from the United States and dozens of other churches from every continent except Antarctica will take part in National Porn Sunday on February 6, 2011.

“It’s the Sunday of the big game and the game generates huge numbers,” organizer and founder of, Craig Gross says. “But despite the dollars and ratings generated by America’s largest sports spectacle, the numbers related to the porn industry are even more staggering.

“95 million people will watch a football game on February 6th, but research shows that 40 million people visit porn sites EVERYDAY. 47 percent of Christians say pornography is a problem in the home, and porn revenue is larger than the revenues of the professional football, baseball or basketball leagues in this country.”

The heart of the Porn Sunday service will be a 35 minute video featuring a message from Gross and the personal stories of several current or former National Football League players.

Pornography reportedly is a $13 billion a year industry in the United States, but Gross calls it “America’s dirty little secret.” The focus of Porn Sunday is to get churches and pastors talking about pornography and sexual addictions, what Gross calls the “elephant in the pew.”

“We’re using the visual of an elephant because porn is an issue that needs to be discussed that the church usually avoids,” Gross says. “This is a problem in the church that cannot be hidden any longer.”

Quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks, Jon Kitna of the Dallas Cowboys and Josh McCown, who has been on five NFL teams but most recently played for the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League, participate in the video. Also featured are San Diego pastor Miles McPherson, a former defensive back for the Chargers, and Eric Boles, a retired wide receiver with the New York Jets and Packers.

Gross says, “At a time when the media is focused on pro football’s biggest game, we want to cast a spotlight on this problem and get people help. ”

Research shows the average child first sees pornography at age 11. For this reason, Porn Sunday service will be appropriate for children of middle school age and up.
The list of churches that are particpating can be found at If you are a partnering church for this event you should be receiving regular updates from Michelle leading up to the event.  Her contact is: [email protected]

Craig Gross and the XXXchurch team will be in Dallas the week leading up to the game and will be hosting the closest Porn Sunday event happening in the Dallas area at the Addison Convention Center at 11am on February 6, 2011.

To schedule interviews or any press needs, please contact:

Steve Yount
A. Larry Ross Communications
Steve Yount
[email protected]


About XXXchurch: is a non-profit organization that exists to help people of all ages who are being assaulted by pornography. Craig Gross started the ministry in January of 2002. The site offers practical help and spiritual solutions on the topics of pornography and sexual addiction. The website has received over 70 million visitors and has over 1 million people using it’s free accountability software x3watch.



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