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.XXX Debate

by Craig Gross on June 25th, 2010 in The Haps

This is interesting. My take on it is this. .XXX is a great thing IF it was mandatory to move porn from .com over to .XXX. This is not the case though. Now, what will happen is just more porn…. Read below. What do you think?


The board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers decided on Friday that porn sites will now have the domain dot-xxx. ICANN will begin the process of registering .xxx by making checks on ICM Registry.

XXX domain set up will provide a single grouping for all legal pornography sites. From a security and parenting perspective, it would beneficial for the users. While there are certainly legitimate Web sites offering adult entertainment sans malware, there are many laden with all sorts of malware. With the introduction of dot-XXX domain it would be much easier to block employee or child access to inappropriate adult material.

.XXX Domain Name for Porn May Help Clean WWW

However, this doesn’t imply that all dot com sites will be porn free. Although, all XXX sites will be porn, not all porn sites will be XXX. Apparently dot-COM is likely to become cleaner. More respectable businesses will be forced to purchase the dot-XXX equivalent of their primary domain simply to ensure it isn’t purchased by a purveyor of porn.

Reversely, even if soft porn site like Playboy or Penthouse chose to convert their primary domain to XXX, each would still own the dot-COM and dot-NET equivalents and redirect them to the dot-XXX domain to ensure that the user reaches their site no matter what he/she enters in the web browser. The only way in which the XXX domain can clean up other domains like dot-COM and dot-NET for porn sites , is to make an actual rule implying that all porn sites use only the XXX domain



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