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One thing that we at have been so blessed to be a part of is helping women (and some men) in the adult industry start fresh. The thing for these people though is this: It’s hard. Really hard. 

Have you ever had to start fresh?
I mean start completely over? 
Madyson Marquette has. 

She was in the adult film industry for close to seven years.  During those years she hurt and was hurt by a lot of people.  Thankfully Jesus accepts us all JUST AS WE ARE (Tweet This!).  

Whether we are liars, straight A students, thieves, or working in the sex industry.  Jesus accepts us just as we are.  It is Him that takes us on the process of healing and redemption.   Jesus has taken Madyson on the process of redemption. 

During the last five years we have been privileged to journey with her  as she's taken the hard steps of leaving the only job she had for seven years. All this while working on her own heart dealing with her past of abuse and her own poor choices through counseling, pastoral counseling in a local church, accountability and mentorship through our Esther Fund Project

Madyson recently sat down with me to discuss her past as well as her recently released book My Father’s Daughter which you can buy HERE.

Watch this video and prepare to be blown away! (Tweet This!)

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