XXXChurch: Industry Gals

We are a team here to assist those who want to quit working in the sex industry by providing them with encouragement, resources, and rehabilitation. We have spent over ten years working with people in the sex industry and have attended over 50 porn conventions across the world. One thing we have consistently heard is that working in porn is not the first choice for many who end up there. We understand why/how people get in the industry and why they continue to work there. We don't judge or criticize people for choosing this type of work.

If you are in the sex industry and have found your way to this page, we want you to know that we are willing to journey with you if you want to leave the industry or chase after some other dreams and goals in your life.

If you are in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley area, we would be honored to meet with you one-on-one, encourage you, and see what local resources we can connect you with. We have people on team here who have been in the business/industry and understand its realities.  We are here to listen to your story and encourage you on your journey whether you are still in the industry or are no longer working but could use some support. We want to be here for you!

If you are outside of the these areas, we work with some great organizations all over the US, and would love to discuss those resources with you.

If you would like to talk to someone from our ministry about your journey please fill out the form below or call Michelle at 626.628.3387.

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We have been blessed to help a number of people from the adult industry. Here are a few that we can tell you about. We have helped many others who have asked us to keep their stories confidential.






















» Make a donation to the Esther Fund

When we help those who want to leave the industry, we are helping Christ. Please consider giving to this Fund. The name "Esther" has an Aramaic meaning of "bright star." It only seemed appropriate that we call this fund "The Esther Fund" rather than "The porn star" fund. The Esther Fund is intended to help those who want out of the sex industry and are willing to leave behind the work and money associated with that line of work to chase after their dreams and hopefully a relationship with God.