Jesus Loves Porn Stars

Jesus Loves Porn Stars


After attending porn conventions for many years, we have established relationships with numerous porn stars from the adult industry. Not only do we tell these stars that Jesus loves them, but we also want to turn them on to this more abundant life that Jesus talks about. We have established a fund called "The Esther Fund."  We need your help to continue to go to porn shows, hand out Bibles, and support those who leave the industry.  DONATE TODAY


The JLPS tee first debuted in 2004. Our friend Jason Locy created the original art. The message is simple that no matter who you are or what you have done, Jesus loves you. We give out hundreds of these shirts every year for free at the porn shows we attend. The shirt is the most popular shirt we have for sale at the X3store as well. 


The JLPS Bible debuted in June of 2006 at the Erotica L.A. convention in Los Angeles. We gave out over 3,000 of these Bibles for free in less than 24 hours. The Bible outreach was covered by Time magazine, the LA Times, ABC World News Tonight, and was one of the top stories of 2006 according to the Associated Press. In 2007, we gave out over 15,000 of these Bibles at four different porn shows we attended. We have given out roughly 20,000 bibles each year since 2008. Buy a BIBLE 

To learn more about Jesus, check on the Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible below or click on the "Download Bible" link to download the Bible we give away at shows, or share it on Facebook or Twitter to someone you want to have this. Hope you learn that Jesus loves you and that we want to help you create a deeper relationship with Him.


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