Volunteer and Interns


We have closed our intern program and we are going to try something NEW! "Internship" implies that we have a "job" available or one that we are willing to groom you for. We don't have those. There are no jobs available here waiting to be filled. Few places have those these days. What we do have is opportunity... opportunity for leaders.

So, here is how leaders apply. First, do you have you an idea or a passion that you are burning to do? Second, does it match up at all (even somewhat closely) with any thing that we already do? If you can say "yes" to both of these questions then... Pitch us your ministry idea. Be creative. Be concise. Be compelling. If we can find a win/win scenario where you will grow and it will help us expand into ministry areas where God is challenging us to be, then great! We will pursue you and find out more.  The only direction we are giving you is this email: [email protected]

How you make the pitch from here is up to you.