How can you make a Difference?

  • Donate

    100% of all public donations go directly to awareness, prevention & recovery. Not a single cent is spent on staff, photo copies or expensive dinners for fat cats.

  • Run

    Race with a purpose by joining Team XXXchurch - Participate in fundraising and raise global awareness about the true, addictive and destructive nature of pornography.

  • Serve

    You don't need to go out of the country to a far away land to do the most meaningful work. Partner with us for outreach opportunities right here in the United States or in your own country.

  • Help

    Every month workers from the sex industry turn to XXXchurch for practical guidance and tangible help to leave behind a career in porn.

  • Get Accountable

    Sex is appealing, so is porn. Begin an open and honest conversation with your spouse or a friend about the temptations. Download x3watch for your computer. Become your best self.

  • Host Us

    Teach your church, college, youth group, company or social group about pornography by inviting us in to share a challenging message about pornography.

  • Get Educated

    Most people are clueless about the damaging effects of pornography. Stay connected to our site, podcasts, blogs and remain educated.

  • Give Life

    We pass out thousands of Bibles every year inside the largest sex industry gatherings. Many people come to know Christ through this means only. You can be a significant part of this process by providing the Bibles we hand out.

  • Share

    Thank You for taking the time to learn more about XXXchurch. Please take a moment to Share This page with others.