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Whether you choose one of our standard events or you let us custom-create one to fit your needs, XXXchurch is here to help your church, school, university, youth group, or conference begin a discussion about porn.  Be sure to scroll all the way down this page to see what others are saying about the events they hosted with us!

For information on any of our events or speakers please contact our Event Coordinator: Michelle Truax or call 626-628-3387

Here’s what you can expect from our team when you book an event with us:

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. A personal phone consultation with the speaker prior to your event, so they can better understand how best to serve you and your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event on our website and social media outlets. (Assuming that your event is open to the public and you desire additional promotion.)
  4. A complete informative prayer guide and resource list for your attendees. It will include links for additional help which includes but is not limited to: helpful stats and tips, books, articles, counseling, workshops, and small group information.
  5. A quick follow-up communication after the event to make sure we met your expectations as well as give you an opportunity to give feedback.


Here is a list of some of our XXXchurch exclusive events. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.



A men's breakfast filled with straight talk about porn and the issues surrounding porn from people who get it: XXXchurch pastors, porn industry insiders, and former users who once struggled without hope. The breakfast is open to men and boys in junior high on up. » LEARN MORE    



An evening of honest and open talk about porn and how women are affected. If you are a mother, a spouse, or you struggle yourself, this night is for you to talk porn. Hear from people who get it—former sex industry insiders, former porn addicts, wives of addicts, and the XXXchurch pastors. This event is for women and young women junior high and up. » LEARN MORE 



A seminar that educates and informs parents of what awaits their children on the internet, providing tools and information parents need to protect their family. You will see how your kids are an innocent mouse click or keystroke away from graphic pornography, find out why free peer-to-peer file-sharing software and many free email  services are major portals to pornographic and gambling websites, and find out about the dangers of social networking  websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And so much more. » INQUIRE 



Porn & Poetry.  No, not porn is poetry… porn and poetry. Quite the difference, but still… quite the combination. Here's the deal: the first words spoken from human lips were poetry. "At last! Bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh!" Seeing as how spoken word is the new black, we thought we'd introduce a couple wordsmiths of our own to explore returning to the purity of that first song. This event is a highly testimonial performance / discussion from two young poets that have felt the weight of addiction, and the joy of freedom. Porn & Poetry isn't confined to a particular venue or demographic. Art transcends time and age. Want to host a college event? Bring it in for a church service? Integrate it into a camp experience? List it in a conference brochure? Fly us to space (hey, just saying')?

Who? Levi Macallister is an internationally recognized spoken-word artist, writer, speaker and storyteller who travels the world and performs as Levi The Poet. Nick Vitellaro is a young Seattleite with a lot of passion and serious talent who joined Levi, Craig, and  Jeff Bethke on the Porn Kills Tour. Explore them both on our speaker's page.   For more info » INQUIRE



Porn King Ron Jeremy vs. Porn Pastor Craig Gross. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone, but serious discussion of the issue is rare. Is it degrading to women or does it empower them? Is it an addictive and destructive habit or a window to a fun fantasy world? In this intelligent and multi-faceted debate, all aspects of the pornography issue are discussed and examined. A question-and-answer time is built into the debate to provide dynamic interaction with the audience. »INQUIRE       


XXXchurch loves youth groups! Let us help you address this issue with our X3 Youth Night, a fun and informative night helping students understand the dangers of pornography and the freedom found in Christ. » INQUIRE



Consider it a premarital class...for singles: As a Porn & Pastries speaker, Shellie R. Warren makes it no secret that one of her sexual struggles was with pornography. However, almost five years into her abstinence she realizes that now, more than ever, porn is symptomatic of a greater issue. "Single. Sex." is a two-hour presentation for those who are interested in understanding God's purpose for courtship, marital covenant, and the physical celebration of that union: sex. Shellie candidly addresses many of the points from her book Pure Heart: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Integrity, while also weaving in revelations that she's discovered about the importance of covenant relationships while studying the order of Garden of Eden, the trappings of the forbidden fruit, and the way many people are affected even now by not understanding what it truly means to "...not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people’s sins; keep yourself pure." (I Timothy 5:22) If you want an event that speaks from an enhanced perspective on the beauty of sexuality as it relates to spirituality--even as single person--then this is the event! The target audience for this experience is high school, college, or youth group.

What do you have in mind? Youth events, high school and college events, men's and women's events, festivals--whatever your imagination can conceive, the team here at X3 would love to be a part of your next event. » INQUIRE


 What People Are Saying:

"Nick Vitellaro did a great, great job!  Thank you guys for helping us put on a great church service.   Our pre-teens looked at him like a big celebrity so it was great to see him as a positive Christian role model.  All ages enjoyed his ministry and what he had to share.  Thank you once again for your help with this." -Jonathan Jackson (Heritage International Christian Church--Radcliff, KY)

"Levi Macallister did a great job for the X3 Youth Night event here in Tampa. We had around 400 people attend, and people of all ages were engaged by Levi's passion and artistry.  God really worked in, with, and through Levi.  His poetry is astounding; and his message is authentic--exactly what teens need. He did a great job. I would encourage you to continue to promote him for X3 events. God has big things planned for Levi. I believe he is a real asset to XXXchurch."  -Dan Stoffer (Van Dyke Church - Lutz, FL)

 "Craig Gross was a blessing to us at our church. His ministry was appreciated and his presentations very well-accepted. He informed us and challenged us. He was sensitive to his audience, particularly our first service with children present. It was good to have him with us."  - Bruce  (Lilydale Seventh Day Adventist Church --Lilydale, Australia)

"I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your help with the Kalamazoo Porn and Pancakes. It was a privilege to work with X3church." -Jason Coon (Program Director Miracle Camp & Retreat Center)

"Craig Gross was FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I can't say enough how awesome he was, and how much we enjoyed having him. His main stage talk was spot-on, and he truly hit a home run with his message. We loved that he brought Jeff (the youtube guy) it added an awesome fun surprise, and we were thrilled he came too! I also heard raving reviews from both his workshop and panel Q&A--it impacted people in a big, meaningful way. And above all of that, Craig was gracious and genuine in his willingness to hang out and spend time with people throughout the weekend." -Kami Gilmour (SMYC-Group Publishing Youth Event Coordinator)

"The event went amazing!  Jake and Kris Luhrs were two of the nicest and coolest people I have ever met!  They impacted everyone they met here in West Virginia. It was such a pleasure having them lead this youth rally and we are hoping to bring them back again in the future. I would like to thank you for working with us to make this youth rally a complete success. It meant the world to me that your ministry would partner with us and make this happen. I loved working with you guys. "  -Aaron Edwards (Lerona United Methodist Church - Lerona, W.Virginia)

"Jared Pimentel's testimony is powerful. He got choked up quite a bit, but it was so genuine and made an impact for sure!! We’d have no problem at all recommending him to another church!"  -Scott Kramer (Glad Tidings Church-- West Lawn, PA)   

"Over the years we have wanted to present the truths of porn to our students but we've been somewhat leery after our last guest spoke on it. Now we won't be timid and are excited to delve deeper on this subject with someone who is so knowledgeable besides; Craig Gross is just dear and we would love to host him again!"  -Colleen Atkinson (Westmont College--Santa Barbara, CA)

"Ben Sledge did a fantastic job of connecting with the crowd! His story was real, raw and powerful.  Ben spoke straight truth about the difficulities and dangers of pornography and addiction while offering great help and real hope to experience victory in this battle!" -Rusty Gunn (Church That Matters--Sand Springs, OK)

"Our school event with XXXchurch was FANTASTIC!  I just got off the phone with a dad who was in tears because his high school son came home from school after the event yesterday and asked his dad to be his accountability partner for his iPhone!!"  -Steve Wild (Blackhawk Christian School--Fort Wayne, IN)

 "Our Senior Pastor said it was the best men's event we have done. Ben Sledge delivered the truth in a way that was in your face but not so over the top it turned anyone off. Nothing but glowing reviews. Ben did GREAT Sunday morning! He was on point and the congregation really showed their appreciation for his military service. He was to the point and very relevant. Both of the guys were fantastic. We had someone attend the Porn & Pancakes event from one of the mega churches in our area and he said he really needed to do P&P at their church!" -Rodney Wright (Colleyville Baptist Church--Dallas TX)