Porn & Pancakes

Porn & PancakesThe greatest men's breakfast on the planet. Porn and Pancakes is all about the conversation. So... let's have at it. The morning revolves around great speakers and great conversation about issues that are dominating our lives.  This is not a worship event- there is no singing.  While there is a place for that- this breakfast is straight, to the point and honest talk.  Porn and Pancakes provides the next steps for you to walk away with hope to recover or help those struggling with porn addictions. Craig Gross, David Dean, Jake Larson, Jon Kitna, and others are available for Porn and Pancakes.

Porn and Pancakes. A morning filled with straight talk about porn and the issues surrounding porn, from the people who get it: XXXchurch pastors, porn industry insiders, and former addicts who have struggled without hope. The breakfast is open to men and boys in junior high and up. If you are a church interested in partnering with XXXchurch to host Porn and Pancakes please email Matt Kroeker of Outreach Speakers or call him directly: 719.955.9607 

How much is it? A small price (generally $8-$10/per person). When was the last time a small price got you anything? In this case you get great pancakes, great teaching, and the opportunity to tell people you went to Porn and Pancakes. I mean, come on: no more needs to be said.

Who is going to be there? Each Porn and Pancakes breakfast will cover different issues surrounding pornography and have different presenters. In addition to a presenter from XXXchurch addressing the issue of pornography, each event also has some very memorable moments, whether it be a clown, a hypnotist, a comedian, the horn guy, a mariachi band, an accordion player, or an ex-porn producer. You never know who might show up. We promise we will never make you sing at Porn and Pancakes.




Is Porn and Pancakes R-rated? No.    
Should I bring my son? Yes.    
Should my son be 11 years or older? Yes.    
Can I bring my dad? Yes.    
Should my dad be ready to talk afterwards? Yes.    
Why just men? That’s how we started.    
Will there be nudity? Ahhh, no.    
Will we have to wear name tags? No.    
Do you use Grade-A or Grade-B syrup? Whatever is cheapest.    
Will you talk about masturbation? Yes.    
Can I bring my men’s group, youth pastors, lead pastors? Yes.    
Will we learn about personal accountability? Yes.    
Is porn a 57-billion-dollar-a-year business worldwide? Yes.