Porn Sunday

Porn Sunday

What is Porn Sunday

It is an open and honest discussion to bring awareness about the reality of pornography use and abuse that is rampant in the church while bringing hope to those who are struggling with pornography addictions/strongholds.  For some it is ludicrous to link three Xs with "church," and for others it is long overdue. The one undeniable truth that can't be ignored is the blatant push for all things sexual in our society. Porn Sunday seeks to drive the conversation about pornography into our churches, families and lives. This Sunday service brings healing to those sitting in churches who are caught up in pornography.

We have done National Porn Sunday in 2005, 2007, and in 2011 we partnered with some NFL players to do NPS on Superbowl Sunday. Churches from all over the world have participated in this event throughout the years.  While we do not currently have a national event scheduled, you can still host the event two ways. 

First, you can do it yourself for free with a download of one of the previous messages from 2007  or 2011 .

Second, you can host a Porn Sunday event at your church by booking one of our speakers!  We provide the resources, the message, the graphics and everything else to make this event a success.

If you have any questions about National Porn Sunday please contact us.