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Speaking is an integral part of the ministry of XXXchurch and the honorariums for speaking help us continue in all that we're doing. We are passionate about educating the church on the effects of pornography and sharing the reality that people within the church are struggling as much as those outside the church. It is our goal to educate and to equip the church to break free from the stronghold of sexual addiction through the word of God and shared experiences of those who have overcome. Each speaker has as unique story and will bring a solid message to your church or organization. We have created successful events such as Porn Sunday, Porn & Pancakes, Porn & Pastries, Porn & Parents and The X3Youth night but we can customize an event that works for you based on your vision and/or ideas.


Craig Gross

Craig Gross is a pastor and the founder of and author of Eyes of Integrity / Pure Eyes / Jesus Loves You This I Know / Starving Jesus / The Dirty Little Secret /  The Gutter / Questions You Can’t Ask Your Mama / Open: What Happens When You Get Real, Get Honest, and Get Accountable / Touchy Subjects / and most recently: Go Small. Craig lives in California with his wife and two kids. Craig speaks at a number of church services, colleges, festivals and youth events each year.

  • Craig is available for all types of speaking engagements and events.
  • Video, MP3s, photos available -
  • Check out Craig's books here.

Craig and Ron

Craig Gross and Ron Jeremy have been traveling the country speaking at universities; now they're taking the debate to churches. They've appeared at The Rock Church in San Diego, Eastlake Church in Seattle, Uncommon Church in Austin,  Daybreak Church in Detroit... your church could be next!

“We had over 3,000 people in attendance. 630 of not attend church.” – Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor at The Rock Church San Diego

The debate draws a huge crowd. If you really want to do an outreach to the community, then this is it. The format is pretty simple. Craig and Ron both share their opening arguments. People in attendance then get a chance to interact and ask questions to either of them. Ron and Craig then have final closing arguments. The debate typically lasts 90 minutes and is followed by a meet-and-greet. The people attending then have a chance to take pictures, get autographs and ask more questions. A moderator is needed and could be the pastor of the church or someone on staff.  The honorarium for a church debate with Ron & Craig typically starts at $10,000 plus travel expenses and includes both the debate on a Saturday night and Sunday morning services.

  • More info on church porn debate here.
  • Check out Craig and Ron in a Sunday service here.


Bryan Johnston

Bryan Johnston is a pastor and long time friend of Craig Gross and the ministry of  Bryan has spoken on behalf of X3 and has been to convention outreaches with our team since 2004.  Bryan currently resides in Boise, Idaho where he lives with his wife Deborah and their two boys and two horses. Bryan is passionate about seeing lives restored from addictions and men and women experiencing freedom.

Almost 10 years ago Bryan broke his neck while unloading church staging for his church plant. He was paralyzed and told he would never walk again. 40 days later he walked out of the hospital on his own. Bryan preached 2 months later but never dealt with his pain and the new set of circumstances he would be faced with. He turned to alcohol and  began to abuse prescription medications.  Last year after an intervention with Craig,  Bryan went to the Betty Ford clinic and successfully finished their addiction recovery program. Bryan has been clean of all drugs and is sober from alcohol. He has put in the tough work to regain control of his life through allowing Jesus to be his true healer. 

More then ever, Bryan is back on our speaking team with a fire and excitement to see people break the chains of addiction.   No one can speak better into this than someone who has really been there. Paul told us in 1 Corinthians 10:23 that not all things permissible are beneficial.  Understanding that the addictions Bryan had to face and break free from were addictions to legal things---this is a common stronghold in families worldwide.  

Bryan has something to bring to events for churches, organizations and colleges that can bring awareness as well as prevention.


Ben Sledge

 Ben Sledge is a combat veteran with a powerful testimony.  During his time in the United States Army he saw action in both Afghanistan and Iraq and is the recipient of the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and two Army Commendation Medals for his actions while overseas. It was during his time in the military that he went from occasional porn user to full-blown addict, viewing it an upwards of 5 to 7 times an evening. After his last deployment and a failed marriage, Ben found himself sleeping on his friend's couch and battling his addictions to alcohol, porn, women, and suffering from PTSD. Desperate to cure his depression, his atheist friend took him to a church called Gateway in Austin, TX where he found Jesus, life, counseling, and a group of men that took an uncanny interest in loving him. Today he is the college pastor and campus pastor for Gateway Church in Central Austin as well as an avid graphic designer and creative. A gifted communicator and writer, Ben writes for XXXchurch's sister ministry Heart Support, a website where youth come to find hope, strength, fellowship, and encouragement. A cultural expert on Generation Y and Millennials, he is a sought-after speaker for college ministries and men's retreats.

  • Ben Sledge is available  to lead men's events, custom events and Sunday morning services as well as a guest speaker for Porn & Pancakes events.
  • Click here to view Ben's video testimony
  • Check out a sermon here
  • Read his HeartSupport articles here


 It has been said porn is harmless.  Brittni can tell you from personal experience that isn't so.  Brittni was an adult performer in close to 300 films over the span of seven years and was 'well known' in the adult industry.   She can tell you all there is to tell you about what really goes on behind the scenes and how unglamourous porn really is.   Brittany has an amazing story of redemption and is available to discuss her story (interview style) during Sunday services or women's events.  Brittni is also available as a guest speaker for the XXXchurch Porn & Pastries event.

Check out these interviews with Brittni:


David Dean

They say laughter is medicinal for the soul.  One of the most difficult tasks we place on pastors and youth pastors today is to bring in a comedian who will entertain the entire church without the fear of responding to weeks of hate mail. God has blessed David Dean with the gift of making people laugh on a full-time basis for over 22 years. Comedy that is family-friendly, fast paced and most important: clean. Not corny, but clean.

David honed his talent in the late '80s at the famous Second City School of Improvisational Comedy in Chicago (yes, he was a believer!). It was there where he was taught to think quick on his feet and learn to play off the audience. Eventually, God began opening doors throughout the Chicagoland area for David to come and share his humor at faith-based events. Hosts not only wanted the laughter, they wanted David to talk about his walk with Christ. That chapter in his life taught him comedy is simply a platform for talking about Jesus.

David is a frequent performer, friend, and trusted opening act for some of today’s biggest known clean comedians and speakers. Ken Davis, Chonda Pierce, Mark Gungor, and more call on him to open for many of their shows. David has worked with Fireproof Ministries for years and has opened for many Porn & Pancakes events as well as Parents' Events.  

  • Watch a comedy clip from David as he talks about teenagers.


Anne Marie Miller

Anne is a woman's voice here at XXXchurch. She speaks at colleges, conventions and churches on topics of social justice, sexuality, health, addiction, and general Biblical themes of grace and restoration. She has traveled around the United States and to over 20 countries telling the stories of hope found in least likely places. Anne has a testimony that frees women up from the shame and guilt that are attached to the stigma that "women don't struggle with porn & sex addiction."

Since 1999, Anne has been communicating for and with corporations, non-profits, faith-based organizations and publishing giants. In addition to her position as a columnist for Relevant Magazine, she has written features for publications such as Cosmopolitan, Leadership Journal, Christianity Today, Neue, Reject Apathy, Youth Worker Journal, Outreach Magazine,,, The United Methodist Reporter, and

Anne is available for women's events, church events, youth events and so much more!



Levi Macallister is a spoken-word and performance artist, published writer, speaker, and storyteller. He has toured the country and performed / spoken internationally for upwards of five years as Levi The Poet - laboring to bare all before others, modeling transparency through his heavily testimonial approach to writing and performance. Part of what fueled that passion was a desire to serve those enslaved to pornography - an addiction he knew as well as the despair it fueled, but one that Jesus has since redeemed and replaced with a zeal for purity, hope, and the gospel. Levi is a graduate student at The Resurgence Training Center - an intensive, cohort-based program designed to train leaders practically and theologically. He is available to speak at churches, colleges, schools, festivals, and youth events. He lives with his wife, Brandi, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.              

  • Levi is available to lead X3Youth Events as well as perform as a guest artist for Porn & Pancakes Men's Breakfast or the Porn & Poetry event.
  • Check out some of Levi's spoken poetry: Pretty In Pornography  Kaleidoscope  Resentment 



Nick Vitellaro

Nick Vitellaro is a spoken word poet and speaker from Seattle, Washington. His deep passion to share and express the Gospel through his poetry is contagious. Nick loves to spend time with and speak to students as well as listen to what they desire to achieve inside and outside of ministry. Through his art, he tells his story with honesty, vulnerability, and boldness. Nick is a young writer who hopes to change the world by empowering others to also change the world. By the grace of God, Nick's life has been completely transformed and renewed by the reality of the Gospel. After being king of his own life for 16 years, he allowed God to rule his life. Through struggling with porn, identity, and pride, Nick's desire is to bring the message of God's redemption to those who are stuck in the same struggles. Nick loves coffee, sports, and most of all, people.  

  • Nick is available to lead X3Youth Events as well as perform as a guest artist for Porn & Pancakes Men's Breakfast or the Porn Kills event.  
  • Check out a sample of Nick's spoken Word poetry:  Sincerely Freedom and The Lost Sheep.


Shellie R. Warren

Since entering the world of writing in 2000, Shellie R. Warren has been published in almost fifty publications including King, Honey, Upscale, Women’s Health & Fitness, CCM, Soul, Relevant, Gospel Today, NV and a host of others. In between finding new magazines to place her byline, she serves as an entertainment columnist for a Nashville-based Gannett publication, All The Rage; a bi-weekly talk show host on Fisk University’s campus radio station, WFSK; a blogger for and; and is a public speaker who deals with the issues surrounding sexual misuse—a term she coined in her 2004 autobiography, Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption (foreword by Grammy-winning songstress, India.Arie). As the former spokesperson for Miss Black USA, Shellie also enjoys giving back to the community. She recently started a foundation, “Butterfly Angel,” that deals with celebrating the survivors of sexual abuse and misuse, something she was once a victim of. Shellie's latest book is Pure Heart: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Integrity, released by Baker Books in September 2010.

  • Shellie is available for Porn & Pastries events, youth and college events--including the in depth Single. Sex. event--as well as women's events.
  • Check out Shellie's Women's blogs on the XXXchurch site.            
  • Check out Shellie's video from The Porn Event

 Adam McLane photo

Adam McLane is the co-author of A Parent's Guide to Understanding Social Media.  In this go-to guide Adam encourages parents to be more involved in what their children are doing online and to set boundaries through family discussions.

Adam is also a partner of The Youth Cartel, a full-service consulting firm specializing in helping churches, businesses and ministries connect with teenagers, young adults, and youth workers.  He has been a youth pastor, mentor, and friend to hundreds of teens and their families.  He uses his experience and insight to build powerful presentations that open the eyes and hearts of teens, helping them see the impact of their online habits.

Adam and his wife Kristen live in San Diego, California with their three children.

Adam is available for a variety of parents events including Porn & Parents and iParent.TV discussions.







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