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Brittni is a former porn star that the original XXXchurch outreach team met while she was still working in the industry. After seven years of telling her Jesus loved her, she finally believed it.



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This week on the blog, “Why is COVID-19 causing me to relapse?” By @secrethabitministry
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Recovery isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it! The blessings that come from living a pure life are beyond incredible. When your heart is pure your heart is free! When your heart is pure your marriage will be blessed, your family will be blessed, God’s favor will be upon you! Purity matters!
This week on the blog, “ why is COVID-19 causing me to relapse?” By @secrethabitministry
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If you aim for nothing you’ll reach it. “Why is Covid19 causing me to relapse?” This week on the blog written by @secrethabitministry
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During times of pressure, what’s inside of you will come out of you.
that’s why this week on the blog we are talking about “Why is Covid19 causing me to relapse? By @secrethabitministry
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“Let Your “Yes” be “Yes”
What I’m about to share is not just a hack to fight boredom. This is a self-confidence booster too.

Do what you say you’re going to do. Period.

Whether it’s to someone else, God or yourself, say what you mean and mean what you say. If you can’t commit to something, don’t give a half-hearted yes when you know there’s no chance it’ll happen.” – @sathiyamesam
Check out “4 Ways to Fight Boredom”. Link In Bio.

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“Master Late Nights
PornHub, the world’s largest porn site, experiences the most traffic from 10 pm-midnight. That should tell you something. As the day goes on, people become more vulnerable to their temptations.” – @sathiyamesam
Check out this weeks blog to learn “4 ways to fight boredom.” Link in Bio.

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The restoration of God looks like taking you back to a place before you ever encountered pain. Do you remember when you were a child and knew no hurt? You had your innocence, purity, confidence, and joy. You were a dreamer! God wants to take you back to that place. It’s a beautiful journey and you’ll get there through seeking Him daily.
Thank you @brittnidelamora for this word of encouragement.

Also, friends, don’t forget we are here for you! Visit our website and give us a call or send us an email if you’re feeling tempted. You are not alone. We also have marked down all of our workshops by 50% – go to & enter code Covid19 at checkout. Your recovery is important to us because we know that it is important to you!

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“There’s no doubt that boredom is at an all-time high right now, which could spell trouble for a lot of struggling men, women & youth, out there, unless they take extra precautions to stay protected.” @sathiyamesam
This week on the blog “4 Ways to Fight Boredom” because your recovery is important to us.

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This week on the blog “4 Ways to Fight Boredom” by @sathiyamesam
Is this Coronavirus quarantine boring you yet? Before you turn to porn, check out this week’s blog and learn how to fight the boredom so you can stay strong in your recovery. Link in Bio.

Don’t forget all of our workshops are currently 50% off! Enter code Covid19 at checkout

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“Does Porn Affect Me?” This weeks blog is written by @richardelamora
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