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We help tempted individuals struggling with online porn get free by connecting them to have open and honest relationships through our resources and accountability app so they can live in peace and say goodbye to porn forever.


Meet Rich
And Brittni

Brittni is a former porn star that the original XXXchurch outreach team met while she was still working in the industry. After seven years of telling her Jesus loved her, she finally believed it.



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@tonymorraptoxina shares more on this week’s blog!
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We have a new blog! @tonymorraptoxina talks about how he stopped watching porn from a revelation he had! Check it out! Link in Bio

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Your past might be comfortable but it doesn’t mean you should return to it. Our brains are wired to take the path of least resistance. So when things become challenging you might want to run to porn, but we challenge to take the more difficult road – accountability which will aid you in your recovery. Next time you’re tempted to watch porn, instead of watching it phone a friend. #eXXXaminePodcast

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Is fear holding you back? Like the famous Nike slogan says, “Just Do It!” We need to stop reiterating our fears or we will never walk into the future. God has great plans for your life. He has a great future in store for you, just start heading in that direction! Ex-porn star @brittnidelamora with Netflix After Porn Ends Producer @billy.sorrentino about some of the fears she faced about leaving porn behind. Check it out! #exxxaminepodcast Link In Bio

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We live in a world that teaches us that porn is sex-ed and that it will improve your sex life. However, porn robs you of intimacy and disconnects you from your loved ones, including your spouse. Find out more about porn & purity by tuning into eXXXamine! #exxxaminepodcast Link In Bio.

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😬! eXXXamine episode 8 is out! Ex-porn star @brittnidelamora interviews producers of Netflix After Porn Ends @billy.sorrentino Check our this Real & Raw conversation about porn & purity!
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@billy.sorrentino produced After Porn Ends – a documentary that follows the lives of people who used to work in adult films and showcases what their lives are like today. In Episode 8 of eXXXamine,
@brittnidelamora has a real & raw conversation about porn & purity with Billy. Check it out! Link In Bio.


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Freedom requires the bravery to look inside. If you haven’t checked out this weeks blog yet, go ahead and do so. “Why you’re wrong about getting free from pornography.” Written by @sathiyamesam Link In Bio

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Recovery isn’t easy, but it is possible! So don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up and watch porn, but don’t stay there either! If at first you don’t succeed, try again. This week on the blog, @sathiyamesam is teaching us why we are wrong about getting free from pornography.
Check it out. Link in bio.

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This week on the blog we are learning that some of us are wrong about getting free from pornography because….. Freedom is an inside job! Many of us seek external resources, but what would happen if we began to look inside?! @sathiyamesam did just this and has been free from porn for quite some time! Make sure you check his blog out to find out more! Link In Bio.

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