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Brittni is a former porn star that the original XXXchurch outreach team met while she was still working in the industry. After seven years of telling her Jesus loved her, she finally believed it.



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What can you do to break the routine in your marriage? Comment below!
If you need some suggestions check out this week’s blog, “It’s time to break the routine in your marriage” by @brittnidelamora
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If you watch porn when single chances are you’ll watch it in marriage. If you bring porn into your marriage you’ll open up the door for your spouse to have trust issues and insecurities. Conquer this before marriage. Porn can destroy your marriage, it’s not worth holding onto.

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When you lose the joy of marriage because you’ve allowed yourself to become familiar with your spouse, you’ll find value elsewhere. That might be in other people, pornography, Ministry etc. This is why we must “Break the routine in our marriage”. Find out more on the blog written by @brittnidelamora
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This week on the blog, “It’s Time to Break the Routine in Your Marriage” by @brittnidelamora
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Communication is important in marriage. Effective communication will help you achieve your goals together as a couple.
Whether you want to achieve new goals, stop watching porn, or forgive past hurts effective communication is necessary.
Find out more on this week’s blog written by @richardelamora
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@richardelamora Talks about how to communicate effectively with your spouse on this weeks blog.

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Effective communication requires patience! Learn more on this weeks blog written by @richardelamora

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If you haven’t read this weeks blog yet, what are you waiting for? @the_onshorewife talks about how the little things in your marriage will either set you up for success or disaster. What’s the condition of your marriage? Is it healthy, or could it use a little help? Find out more about “the little things”! Link in Bio.

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@richardelamora and @brittnidelamora will be speaking at @cwcgardena this Sunday at 9&11am. The topic is Love Over Porn. If you’re in the Los Angeles area come on by. Richard and Brittni would love to connect with you. #losangeles

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Ain’t that the truth!?! @the_onshorewife gets transparent with us on this weeks blog. She talks about how she entertained the thought of watching pornography because another couple was watching it. As she dug deeper she realized why she entertained that thought in the first place.
Find out more on the blog! Link in Bio

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