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We help tempted individuals struggling with online porn get free by connecting them to have open and honest relationships through our resources and accountability app so they can live in peace and say goodbye to porn forever.


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Brittni is a former porn star that the original XXXchurch outreach team met while she was still working in the industry. After seven years of telling her Jesus loved her, she finally believed it.



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Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



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Honoring God with your body is always worth it. #XXXchurch

Choosing purity over popularity isn’t easy. We live in a world that consists of a sex-culture. Sexual images are thrown at us daily via social media, television, and even kids shows. To protect our purity we need to be mindful of what we watch. Don’t watch a popular tv show just because everyone else is, especially if it’s affecting your walk with God. Don’t follow popular social media accounts if they hinder your purity. Always choose purity over popularity. #XXXchurch

“When I used to attend porn shows to sign autographs for my fans, many of them told me they loved me and some even asked me to marry them. I had never met them before. However, because they watched me acting in porn films (yes porn is acting, it’s not real), they thought they had a connection with me. They THOUGHT they loved me. Lust isn’t love. Arousal isn’t love. Attraction isn’t love. Don’t let porn make you think that any of this is love. Love is pure, patient, kind, and honoring. Love will wait for marriage to be sexually intimate. Like myself, I know many people will have to learn this the hard way. But as you get to know God, you’ll understand what true love is. Don’t waste your time on fraudulent love anymore. #saynotoporn “ – Former porn star, now Pastor & Evangelist @brittnidelamora #XXXchurch

Setting clear boundaries will set you up for success. When we’re overwhelmed, we will feel tempted to do things to release the tension. Sometimes that temptation is to watch porn. Saying ”no” from the get-go can protect you from the temptation because saying no protects you from putting too much on your plate. Protect your peace today by saying no to things that you don't really want to do anyway. #XXXchurch

Porn might be an ”escape” from life’s stresses and unwanted emotions, but in reality, it’s a false escape that leads to bondage. It leaves you worse off than you were before. We must learn to face our difficulties head-on, rather than running from them. Running from hardships is like sweeping dirt under the rug. The dirt might be dealt with temporarily, but eventually, it’s going to pile up, and you'll have an even bigger mess to clean up. #XXXchurch

Running with lust might satisfy you for a moment, but will damage the trust in your marriage. Think long-term the next time you're faced with an opportunity to watch porn. Ask yourself if the repercussions worth it. We believe in you and your journey. Keep going. Porn-free isn't easy, but it is worth it. #XXXchurch

Great word written by ex-porn star, now Pastor @joshua.broome

Thomas, a Kempis, wrote, “Habit is overcome by habit.” In my own journey, I have found this to be both helpful and true.

If our lives are to resemble a beautiful garden, we must get rid of those weeds! The most effective weed treatment isn’t to kill the weeds when they arrive, or wait until they become unmanageable before tackling them, but to stop them having room to grow in the first place.

If I am to be free of bad habits, I must not only clear them from my life, but fill the space left behind with healthy, life-giving practices. Maybe you feel swamped by addictions and poor habits in your life. Perhaps you have even given up promising yourself any attempt at change, because you are fed up with the lack of genuine, lasting progress you make? Maybe you don’t want to try anymore because you can’t handle the disappointment of staying the same, or getting worse.

But ultimately, this kind of attitude is the burglar of joy. Growth and change are ESSENTIAL if we are to become more like Jesus. Because of Him we ARE capable of massive, outlandish, audacious, crazy, miraculous, hard-won, disciplined, self-controlled, and glorious change!

Follow these 5 steps to make long lasting change:

1. Intimacy with God – Know who He is
2. Identity- Know who you are
3. Discipline- Priorities
4. Balance – Troubleshooting triggers
5. Perseverance – Eyes on the prize

Father, please show me the healthy habits I need, so that I create less room for addictive tendencies to thrive. Help me believe in your power to change me. Amen.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is letting your mistakes hider your relationship with God. He loves you. He’s for you. When you repent, He forgives you. His love doesn’t keep record of your wrongs so neither should you. #XXXchurch

MOOD! Porn free and walking in victory! Drop some praise hands below if you can relate 🙌🙌🙌 #xxxchurch

Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe it’s been 60 days without porn and you slipped. Don’t beat yourself up, keep moving forward. You’ve got momentum going, keep it up.

“for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again…” -Proverbs 24:16 #riseagain #xxxchurch

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