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Brittni is a former porn star that the original XXXchurch outreach team met while she was still working in the industry. After seven years of telling her Jesus loved her, she finally believed it.



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Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



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It’s probably safe to say we’ve all said, “Just one more time.” But how many times after we said that did we watch porn “just one more time?” It’s hard to stop watching porn in our own strength, but there is freedom in Jesus.

When we believe that He is alive and able to free us from addiction and bad habits, everything in life changes. When you believe Jesus can set you free you diligently seek Him, you cry out to Him, and you don’t stop pursuing Him. In your pursuit of Jesus, you will find healing and freedom!

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Whatever we entertain has the potential to enslave us. When it comes to pornography or anything that is impure guard your eyes so it doesn’t get to your heart!

“You'll always settle when you don't know your value. The truth is, you are worth waiting for. If a person can't wait to have sex with you until marriage, they aren't the one for you. The person God has for you will want to honor you and fight for God's purposes with you. God's plan is always best, and you can't argue with that. If we want His best plan, then we must follow His instructions. My mother-in-law bought our daughter a new high chair, and we attempted to put it together without reading the instructions. We incorrectly put it together three times before I finally said, "Mom, let's read the instructions so that we can do this the right way." The sad thing is, this is how many people are doing relationships. They jump into one and try to do things their way, only to find out they've done things the wrong way. A high chair built the wrong way is just as ineffective as relationships done the wrong way.

Just as we didn’t understand how to put this high chair together until we read the instruction manual. The same is true for us until we read life's instruction manual given to us by our Creator; we will not understand how to build relationships the right way. If you're going through life without spending time in the presence of the Lord daily, then you won't understand how valuable and worthy you are. Our value can't be revealed to us by our friends, family, or relationships. Our worth can only be shown to us by the one who created us. He knows how valuable we are because He is the one that paid the price for us on Cavalry Cross. You'll discover the revelation of your worth as you worship, pray, and read the Bible. God will heal your heart, give you confidence, and speak His truth to you. His truth will set you free from every lie you've ever believed. Friend, you are worth the wait. You don't have to settle nor sell yourself short. Love yourself enough to let God's word be the standard for your life, and if someone can't rise to meet God's standards, give them the gift of goodbye. Because the standards God sets in motion for you are not flawed but will bring you the absolute best. Today, remind yourself that you are worth it!” – @brittnidelamora

By @diva4eternity

I’m Breaking Up With You Porn

I’m breaking up with you porn. You’re a liar. You told me you were free, but you’ve cost me everything. You’ve taken my time, my money, my purity, and left me with false security.

I’m breaking up with you porn. You convinced me that I needed you to survive. You were the only source of “comfort” in my eyes. You took advantage of my vulnerability, and promised to fill the void in my heart from a lack of intimacy.

I’m breaking up with you porn. You kept beckoning me to come closer. I didn’t realize the risk. Each step only led me deeper into the abyss. Gone was my sanity, and I became enslaved by depravity.

I’m breaking up with you porn. You’ve partnered up with shame to try to keep me in this grave. I was convinced that I was disgusting; that I was unworthy. I was convinced that no godly man could ever love me. I was convinced that if I ever told anyone, all they would do is judge me. I was convinced that I couldn’t run back to God because I was too messy. So I kept running back to you because you’re all that I knew.

I’m breaking up with you porn. You thought you had the upper hand, but you were no match for God’s hands. He pulled me up out of the darkness and into the light. His grace paved the way for me, and His love is so overwhelming. He promised to fill that void in me, and I know He doesn’t make a single promise He can’t keep. Little by little He’s restoring me to the woman I was always meant to be.

Heart repairs aren’t an easy thing, and I know full restoration won’t happen over night. But I’m just incredibly thankful to be in the light. So I stand boldly and declare with all my might: I’m breaking up with you porn because I’ve been reborn! 🔥

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@cynthiamaselli_com wrote a blog on conflict resolution because these are tools we all need in our shed!

If you don’t know how to manage conflict you might be tempted to avoid it by watching porn or by keeping busy. But avoiding doesn’t bring healing.

For more, link in bio.

Sure, it might be easier to avoid conflict. It might make more sense to not talk about the hard stuff, but what you don’t confront will never change.

Many people struggling with porn in marriage rarely talk about their struggles; and that’s part of the reason they are still struggling.

We encourage you be open and talk about what’s bothering you. Healthy conflict breeds healthy marriages.

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Avoiding conflict doesn’t heal marriages. This week on the blog @cynthiamaselli_com talks about healthy conflict resolution.

Link in bio.

Statistics say that Sunday is the most popular day to watch porn, but the truth is, no day is a good day to watch porn. Porn destroys marriages, ruins families, and gives people a warped view of humanity. Scientific evidence proves that pornography triggers the same receptors as heroin. It is addictive and hard to stop using once you’ve gotten started. If you’re battling porn, you’re not alone and we are here to help. Reach out to us. You’ll also find tons of help on our website We love you and are believing that you too will get through this! You are a success story in the making.

Be kind to yourself. Recovery is an imperfect journey. If you fall, get back up, but don’t stay stuck their mentally. It’s hard to move forward when you keep beating yourself up for past mistakes.

Also, this week on the blog, @calledhigherbook talks about a love that changes lives. Link in bio.

God will always provide a way out of temptation. Spending time in His presence daily & accountability are essential.

Do you seek God daily? How has that helped you fight against temptation?

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