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Brittni is a former porn star that the original XXXchurch outreach team met while she was still working in the industry. After seven years of telling her Jesus loved her, she finally believed it.



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Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



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Boundaries are so vital to have if we are going to have a Porn Free Life. Too often, we find ourselves crossing a line because our boundaries are not present. We encourage you to pray about your boundaries and set them. For instance, don’t bring your phone in the shower. Make sure you have a porn blocker on your devices. Don’t place yourself in atmospheres that you know temp you. Boundaries are key! If we want to want in victory, set up some boundaries. #xxxchurch #pornfree #boundaries

When you fall into temptation, it is very easy for you to be hard on yourself and allow the mistake to get the best of you. A friendly reminder, we all make mistakes. Brush it off and keep moving forward. We pray God will continue to strengthen you as you pursue a porn free life. #xxxchurch #pornfree

Transparency silences the enemy. #XXXchurch

Lust is a consuming fire that will continue to take and take, and the only way to put the fire out is Jesus. I’ve heard people say marriage will stop my lust problem. No, it will magnify your lust problem if you don’t get to the root issue of it. We encourage if you’re battling with lust head over to and take our 30 day porn free challenge. #xxxchurch #lust #porn

Your mistakes, your lows, and your sin don't change God’s love for you. Grace will never abandon you, but it will always pursue you. If you've been far from God, we encourage you to seek him today. His presence has the power to set you free, comfort you, and guide you down a better path. Let his word guide you. The best is yet to come! #XXXchurch

Porn produces imagery, but can’t give you intimacy. #XXXchurch

Sex doesn't start in the bedroom. It starts with friendship, good conversations, and trust. Sex is an expression of love, so when offenses are present, that expression of love tends to be absent.

Today, we challenge you to have an honest conversation with your spouse. Get to the root of your problems and work on healing your hearts. Your marriage is meant to be united and thriving! Let's put in the work to produce great marriages.

Have you ever thought, “God, I know I have a lust problem. But if you just give me the right dream partner, I’ll stop acting out”. Well, me too! Here’s how it played out for me.

My lust issues started very young with Playboy’s at eight and internet porn by age ten.

By the time I was in college I was watching porn sometimes multiple hours a day and living a life of fornication.

Thankfully I was invited to a college Bible study where I found Jesus. I surrendered many areas of my life to God that year but the one area that I held onto with a tight fist was sex and love.

One night in college, while watching porn, I saw a woman in one of the scenes who was physically stunning, 12 out of 10 hot. I stopped watching and made a ridiculous, but heartfelt prayer to God…. “Lord, I know I have a lust problem but if you could just give me a woman like that one, I’ll stop”.

From 21 years old until 26, I continued a relationship with Jesus, surrendering to the Lord my finances, family, and career. Jesus faithfully blessed them all. But I could never surrender porn and fornication. I’d give them up for small periods of time only to relapse and fall back into it even deeper.

At the end of this period I was dating a beautiful woman but neither one of us were honoring the Lord with our bodies and I was continuing to use porn. The relationship was toxic and ended in terrible heartbreak. I was devastated. It was the only time in my life I thought about suicide.

In my grieving, I remembered the night in college I prayed for the dream girl. Something in my heart told me to go back to that picture online. I went back to the picture and the dream girl I prayed for was the girl I just broke up with! Not a similar girl, she was the exact girl!

The very dream woman I told God would save me and keep me from acting out only made me more broken and on the verge of suicide!

In the coming weeks, Jesus taught me two lessons, 1) “I don’t know what’s best for me, God does”, and 2) Jesus is the only one who saves, not a partner.
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We all have one! It's totally normal to have a sex drive.

God gave us a sex drive to use in marriage. Sex bonds and binds you to your spouse. It deepens intimacy and gives you all the feels!

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