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Live A Porn Free Life With The
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We help tempted individuals struggling with online porn get free by connecting them to have open and honest relationships through our resources and accountability app so they can live in peace and say goodbye to porn forever.


Meet Rich
And Brittni

Brittni is a former porn star that the original XXXchurch outreach team met while she was still working in the industry. After seven years of telling her Jesus loved her, she finally believed it.



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Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



Online video workshops to help marriages & individuals break free from chaos or addictions.



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God will always provide a way out of temptation. Spending time in His presence daily & accountability are essential.

Do you seek God daily? How has that helped you fight against temptation?

Transparency silences shame and fear. Transparency sets you & others free!

This week on the blog @valorie_e._kieper talks about how to share your story to help others.

Check it out – link in bio.

There is freedom in transparency. Don’t be ashamed of the very thing that Jesus died to free you from. Use your story to bring God glory. When you can be open and honest about what you’ve been through not only do you free yourself, but you free others as well.

Find out more about how to share your story on this week’s blog, by @valorie_e._kieper

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Despite what you may have heard…. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. It’s possible to be an impure virgin. God is looking for people who have a heart after him. He wants people who are humble enough to repent. He wants people who desire His word more than the things of this world. Sexual purity is just the overflow of a pure heart, but it doesn’t start with sex. It starts in the heart. ❤️

Are you curious as to how differently you might view the world after not watching porn for 10 years?
Then check out this week’s blog by @calledhigherbook
Link in bio.

Do not be mislead, Bad company corrupts good character. Who you surround yourself with matters. Choose your friends wisely and don’t take advice from someone if you’re not inspired by their life.
A friend can only lead you as far as they’ve gone.
Also, check out this weeks blog! @calledhigherbook talks about what life is like after 10 years without porn.
Spoiler alert, his friends challenged him to 40 days without porn and 40 days has turned into 10 years!
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Join the challenge!
Take on the challenge with a friend! Life’s most difficult obstacles are always better with a friend.

God is love and doesn’t know how to be anything but love. Everything that he does is rooted in love.
@mattg.freedom4u wrote a blog this week called, “You Are Never Too Far Gone.” This is because God loves you so much, He is waiting with open arms to heal and restore you.
God read Matt’s powerful story about how God freed him from porn addiction.
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Know that when you need God the most He is not far from you. When you’ve lost all hope, He is still close to you. Today, we encourage you to draw near to God. As you do so, He will draw near to you.
@mattg.freedom4u wrote a blog this week called, “You Are Never Too Far Gone.” Matt shares what he learned when walking through his porn addiction. He thought he had gone too far to find redemption, but God showed him otherwise.
Link in Bio.

This week on the blog “You Are Never Too Far Gone” by @mattg.freedom4u
Matt used to watch porn and at one point thought he was too far gone to be helped. Can you relate?
Click the link in bio to read this week’s blog.

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