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“Jesus loves porn stars.”

“Jesus loves porn stars.”

We say it a lot here at XXXchurch. It’s kind of our thing.

But what does it even mean?

Sure, it gets a lot of looks at porn shows, and it generates a lot of disbelieving chuckles, some of them shocked at the audacity of such a statement; some of them wondering whether it might actually be true.

It is.

Jesus does love porn stars.
Jesus also loves the porn addict.
And the porn producer.
And the drug user, the alcoholic, the CPA, the nanny, the doctor, the patient.

The person who medicates their pain with a palm full of pills.
And the person who medicates with hours on the treadmill.

The president of a country.
And the president of the PTA.

The outspoken atheist.
And the unspoken believer.

The present and the absent.
The lived-in and the vacant.
The experienced and the virgin.

The one whose life is on display for all to see, who has it all and then some.
And the one whose life is hidden in a corner, who guards their heart against the pain.

The one with all the likes, shares, and retweets.
And the one with all the strikes, scares, and defeats.

Truth be told, no matter who we are, we could all use a little bit of love.

Jesus has a lot of it.

More than we could ever know or experience.

And that’s what we mean when we say “Jesus loves porn stars.”

We mean that Jesus loves you.

That’s all. That’s everything.

A lot of people want to preach a lot of rules about behavior. They want to tell you that you have to act a certain way or become a certain person in order to follow Jesus.

We say otherwise.

We say that Jesus doesn’t really care about the way you behave. Not at first, anyway. Because we don’t believe Jesus’ love for us—for you—changes based on what we do.

He loves us just because He does.

He loves you just because.

He doesn’t want your actions, or your behavior, or your obedience to a long list of rules that other people give you.

He just wants your heart. All of it. The whole thing. And then the rest of it—the lifestyle changes, the behavioral modifications, the thought alterations—all of that will follow. (We can help you with that stuff, too, if you need it.)

So what will you do with Jesus’ love?

Does it make you chuckle uncomfortably? Do you want to shift your eyes around, nervously avoiding His steady gaze?

He won’t stop loving you. Ever.

How will you respond?

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