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3 Reasons We Should All Be Married to an Eagles Fan

by Carl Thomas on January 22nd, 2018 in Couples

So this past Sunday the underdog Philadelphia Eagles absolutely annihilated the Minnesota Vikings. And of course, all of the Philly haters are now coming out… as they always do.

Let me get this out of the way…

Yes… I love the Eagles.
Yes, I live in South Jersey so I’m a little biased.
Yes, I hate the Dallas Cowboys and NY Giants.

And yes, I love the fact that Philly has such a rough and tough reputation.

BUT, I have to admit, the constant whinings from other team’s fans and the media about how nasty we are, how hot and cold we are, how loud we are, and how “we don’t deserve it” gets super annoying.


Because those people just don’t get it.

We aren’t thugs.
We aren’t jerks.
We aren’t blowhards.


Here’s the thing… fans who are wishy-washy, quiet when they lose and loud when they win, and are generally meek and mild and pats everyone on the back are lousy fans. The type of mealy-mouthed “fans” that make most of us want to vomit.

Passion is not just a good thing.
It’s a great thing.

And it’s something we all need more of, especially in our marriage.

I’m convinced that if we all treated our marriages the way Philly fans treat the Eagles we wouldn’t see as many divorces, as many affairs,  and as many miserable couples in counseling as we do.

Yea, once long ago we threw snowballs at Santa (get over it, it was 1968 and the guy sucked). But we know passion, and we know how to treat something we love.

Here are 3 reasons everyone should want to be married to someone who treats their marriage like an Eagles fan.

1. Eagles fans let you when you are doing good, and they also let you know when you are doing bad.

This is actually one of the common things you hear when people criticize Eagles fans. “Oh, those fans boo their players… what the *%^&% type of fans are they?”

I’ll tell you.

They are fans that care. Passionately.

There’s a big difference between abandoning your team and booing your team

We may boo. We never abandon.

In fact, the only way you can get season tickets in this city is if you inherit them. That’s because no one ever lets go of their tickets. They love this team too dang much.

Who wants fans that don’t care enough to speak up when things are off?

And if you are smart, you don’t want a spouse like that either.

A healthy marriage is one where each person build the other up when things are good, but also cares enough about their relationship that they will say something when things are not right.

It’s called caring.
It’s called passion.

It’s something you want in your marriage.

2. Eagles fans will relentlessly defend what they love.

It’s pretty hilarious, but there were a ton of reports about people warning Vikings fans not to wear their colors into the Eagles stadium, because they may get attacked. Like Eagles fans are a bunch of barbarians who walk around dragging their women by their hair with one hand while wielding a bat wrapped with barb wire in the other.


I admit, Eagles fans can be aggressive. Very much so. (And yes, on some occasions there have been fights… but that’s because the individuals were drunk idiots, not because they were Eagles fans.)

Say what you will, but I love the fact that our fans love our team so much that they have gained the reputation for being like a momma bear when the enemy comes walking into our house.

Only if we treated our marriages with so much ferocity!

When things like porn, workplace flirtations, and questionable social media decisions come into a marriage we should attack those things with all our might.

No, “Well it’s ok .. they didn’t mean any harm.”

No quarter. No surrender. No sir. Never.

Just an all-out attack because the enemy is coming into your house and it’s on you to snuff the life out of it.

3. Eagles fans know how to celebrate.

I was at the divisional playoff game a couple weeks ago when the Eagles beat the Falcons. When Ryan failed to connect with Julio Jones in the end zone on 4th down that stadium erupted. I mean it literally blew up!

Watch this video to see what I mean … my son is the kid at the end with the green hair.

Call it bravado. Call it being an east coast loudmouth.

But when we win, we yell as loud as anyone on the planet. And we’ll high five and hug everyone around us, even if they don’t smell that good.

Cause we celebrate the thing we love.

And if you are married, you should do the same thing.

Listen, life is challenging. Marriage can be hard.

We don’t always get a lot of wins in life… but when we do, we need to celebrate them… and I mean C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!!!

Because when the hard times come, and they eventually will, you’ll be able to look back and remember the wins. And it will be those memories that carry you through to the next win, no matter how far off it may be.

So next time you piss, moan, and cry about how “mean” the Eagles fans are, and how they are bullies, and thugs, and Santa haters, etc… remember this. It’s only because we care that much

It’s not intoxication (ok, sometimes it is), it’s PASSION.

And while you may not want to wear your team’s jersey sitting next to an Eagles fan, you might want to think about marrying one.

Dilly, Dilly!



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