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The Duggars – 4 Things We Must Learn

by Craig Gross on May 22nd, 2015 in The Haps, Men, Women, Parents

duggarsMy family banned me from watching 19 Kids and Counting with them.  Apparently, every time the show was on and I was in the room, I would make a statement and interrupt their TV experience. I had concerns. My concern was with the way it portrays Christians, and I just don’t see this family as being real. In reality TV, they always have to have extremes in order to keep people watching – with the Kardashians, those extremes are provocative; with the Duggars, those extremes are squeaky-clean.

But that’s TV. The Kardashians probably aren’t as provocative in real-life, and, as we have now learned, the Duggars aren’t as squeaky-clean. This thing is just heartbreaking, maddening, and disgusting. Not just that Josh Duggar, eldest son, sexually molested several girls (whose identities we’re keeping under wraps out of sensitivity to them), but also that his parents and several other people in authority kept it all quiet and off the books so as not to harm his reputation.

That is unacceptable. Completely.

So what can we learn from this? Hopefully nothing – hopefully you already know this stuff. But here’s what we can remember from it:

1) Talking to a pastor is great but it doesn’t replace professional counseling/therapy.

Josh Duggar and his dad talked to a pastor about what happened. That’s great, but it’s not enough. Pastors are equipped to provide spiritual and moral guidance; they aren’t equipped to help someone find emotional or mental health. If someone has a tendency to molest kids, that person has a broken brain and needs to see someone who specializes in broken brains. This is the same thing as going to your pastor about your heart condition; your pastor can pray with you about it, sure, but you also better go see an actual medical doctor as well.

And what about the victims? Pastoral visits aren’t going to be enough for them, either. If you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse, talking with your pastor over coffee isn’t going to bring you the healing you need. (You can also get confidential guidance by calling the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 800.656.HOPE).

2) When a crime is committed in your home or someone else’s home, you have a responsibility to report it.

If it happens in your house, you must contact the authorities. Immediately. End of story. Yes, it can make things uncomfortable and messy and difficult – so what. This is the life of a child we’re talking about, so grow up and do the right thing.

3) If you’re a pastor and you hear about a crime, ESPECIALLY AGAINST kids, you have a responsibility to report that.

Pastors, you should already know this, but if you hear about a crime, you need to report it immediately. This is the law, and you could do time if you don’t. Again: grow up and do your job.

4) When you don’t talk to your kids about sex, they don’t talk to you about sex.

This is the biggest one to me, because it feels like much of this whole thing could’ve been avoided through some honest conversations. Look, you’re not going to be able to shield your kids from the world – it’s just the way it’s going to be. Plus, avoiding the topic of sex or sexualization in our culture is just going to turn it into forbidden fruit and make it all the more tempting.

So don’t. Quit trying to build a world for your kids that doesn’t exist and instead start teaching them what it means to be a Christian in the one that does. Teach them how to be a force for good, how to reject what our sexualized culture tells them is normal, and, most of all, what sex is all about. Does that make you uncomfortable? So what? Your kids are counting on you, so get over yourself and do it.

-Craig Gross



  • elyse

    Just so you are clear, Jim Duggar did report the son to the police. Make sure you make accurate statements. Especially as a fellow brother in Christ.

    • Lydia of Purple

      He reported it after the statute of limitations had passed. Don’t play.

    • TheHawk

      Well after any prosecution could happen. This is just a sad situation of covering up sexual abuse and the young Duggar was protected by his dad. His siblings better NEVER leave him alone with their children!!!!

    • mimiUSA

      First he told a friend who happened to be a member of their local law enforcement who today is serving 56 years for child pornography. Four years later when the Oprah show producers forwarded an email they had received to the authorities, the Duggars were summoned for an interview but Jim Bob and Michelle went but refused to produce the son thus their effort at covering up a crime perpetuated in their home.

    • Jane

      Not until he was forced to. Someone “told on Josh” so Jim Bob and Michelle were forced to give testimony. They didn’t bring him forward at the time, which allowed Josh to molest AGAIN. Instead, they spoke to church leaders and to a friend in the police force who royally dropped the ball by not making a report. As a mandated reporter, he was required to. That upstanding citizen is now serving over 50 years for possession of child pornography.

    • Jen

      Not really. He told a friend who was an officer and it was all unofficial. Someone else alerted the police and an investigation was done years later.

  • Tony

    Honestly, this article is terrible – speaking on a subject (while being ignorant to its actual facts) while it’s a hot topic is not only trashy, but also opportunistic at its worst. I don’t see how you can criticize a family for portraying themselves as “squeeqy clean,” they are on tv and have the ability to influence millions of people with how they live – how is “being a good witness” something that is frowned upon? If we go by your standard, Craig, one would assume that you’re too old for your haircut and skinny jeans so therefore you’re immature and take your styling cues from frozen waves.

    • Lydia of Purple

      The Duggars hid their sin from light. Don’t you know your bible?

      • Tony

        Seeking Godly counsel and reporting it to the police is hiding sin now? haha, don’t you know YOUR bible (or even basic facts about the situation)?

        • suzy

          Hmmm he cop they reported to is serving 30+ years for child porn so…….you were saying???!!

          • mimiUSA

            56 year sentence and he never wrote s report on it

          • Jack

            So your saying if I need to report a crime I need to investigate the police officer I’m giving a report to first to make sure he/she is competent otherwise it is the same as me not reporting the crime at all?

      • Cortney K

        Actually they went to the sinner, then to their pastor and then to an authority. God holds them responsible for their children and the way they are handling it is far better than the way the world deals with it. But then, the world isnt on reality TV. The world is taking selfies and throwing stones.

      • DeeAnna Scott

        This happened when the kid was 14, what are they hiding? Yes when JESUS forgives God even says He will no longer remember our sins… That’s how radical forgiveness is. Sorry people don’t have to bring up every mistake they’ve ever made in their ENTIRE life to seem “real/honest”. Grace and the forgiveness in it is radical and it doesn’t make sense. I’m loved, my sins are forgiven and FORGOTTEN…. Our finite minds cant comprehend the heart of our God, but that’s what The Bible states. Sometimes it’s not a “cover up” but forgetting of what is behind and pressing onto Christ.

        • Janipurr

          Sorry, but this wasn’t a “mistake”. Calling it a mistake and forgiven completely dismisses his victims as unimportant and worthless. This child molester should be in jail, not having his record wiped clean and his crime dismissed as a “mistake” by Christians who clearly lack all sense of morality.

          • Tanya

            The accused was 14. Did you know that you are not ever legally a child molester at 14? And good thing. Because I’m sure, like you, he’s not the same person he was at 14 years old.

          • janipurr

            When I was 14, the “mistakes” I made consisted of not doing my homework on time. They didn’t consist of diddling my younger siblings. You realize his youngest sister–one of his victims–was only 5, right? This was not a “mistake”, and I don’t believe for a hot second that he ever stopped. He is a sex offender, and should be listed as a juvenile sex offender. You know many offenders started as teenagers, right?

            I am completely and utterly disgusted that ANYONE would defend this…creature. You must have a complete and utter lack of moral code to completely dismiss his victims in order to call what Josh did a “mistake”. I am not religious, but even *I* know what he did is wrong. The question is….why don’t you? And why are you defending him? I think you need to take a deep and complete look at why you would defend a sex offender, no matter how young he was when he started, and completely ignore his victims. His parents COVERED IT UP AND FORCED HIS VICTIMS TO KEEP LIVING WITH HIM!!! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY DEFEND THAT??

          • janipurr

            OH, and PS—a juvenile that is a repeat offender over a period of time is legally a juvenile sex offender. Over 80% of sex offenders go on to commit more offenses, even with punishment and counseling. So the chances he is STILL a sex offender is statistically very high.

            I am also utterly disgusted by the blithe dismissal of his victims, as if they don’t matter at all and have been expected to forgive him and move on. That is utterly unforgivable.

  • Lorie

    Too early to comment much further than what was said. But it needed to be said. Mental illness is not equivalent to a moral or spiritual problems though it may lead to both. Scriptures teach seeking the advice of many counselors for many reasons. Telling someone with an orientation to children, or with hyper sexuality to buck up learn character and pray isn’t going to change that orientation. Though it may help some. He may have reported it to an officer, but somehow it did not get reported. That is a huge problem.

  • Stephanie Olander

    This article seems immature to me. Facts are omitted and misrepresented. Anyone know if the author has children?


    He should have had the evil spirits cast out you cant counsel demons

    • Oliver

      Do not blame demons for our own sin. Demonisation is rare.

      • GUEST

        No its not and many christians have them he may have been molested himself or it may have been a generational curse.

      • GUEST

        Listen to Victor Marx story a man who was sexually abused horrifically for years and the problem in in adulthood as a result thanks to his praying wife and children he was able to get the help her needed and now helps others.


    Btw Kardshians are worse in real life advocating pedophilia and stripping off at every opportunity in a bid to corrupt society. Sexual abuse is more widespread than reported but very shameful for duggars they should have never agreed to do the show.

  • gaultfalcon

    This Duggar character reminds me of that Len Dunham slut who raped her younger sister. How do these people get so famous?

    • albibird

      To get famous needs three things: An extreme, a good career manager, and luck. for the Duggars their extreme is family size.

  • josh

    Craig, I love you man but point #1? Really pastors are not equipped by the calling and the grace on their lives to deal with these type of issues? This was a heart issue and a mind issue. All pastors are not equipped to deal with this but some are. I agree counselors have their place. You seem to be placing more stock in the worlds education process versus Gods process of calling and equipping the body of Christ. I am not saying that the authorities shouldn’t have known but the church is equipped to deal with these issues. I know this sounds super spiritual but if the Holy Spirit can’t fix these type of issues then we need to close shop in the kingdom.

    • Brandon George Caroland

      No, pastors are not equipped for this. Sorry. They can read Greek and can give helpful teaching, but most arent equipped to help kids deal with post traumatic stress. They usually have no clue about legality and definitely aren’t insured for malpractice if they say something harmful. It’s ok to admit that psychiatrists know more about fixing a brain than a speechwriter.

      • Guest

        That’s funny. It was the words of pastors and prayer that helped me to get over being gang banged by a big group of men and molested by my good friend… So… I’m going to have to disagree. The Holy Spirit can fix broken people in WHICHEVER way He chooses. It’s literally that simple.

      • josh

        Just seeing this but I disagree. Its God who equips and qualifies. The wisdom of man can fix the exterior but only God can heal the human heart. It doesn’t take a degree in education but a greater degree of the spirits power. Not saying that education etc cannot help but the ministry of the Spirit can deal with anything.
        BTW some Pastors are equipped with psychology degrees and such so…that blanket statement doesn’t really fly.

  • Dawna

    Most kids who molest other kids have been themselves abused. Had there been a thorough investigation of the whole situation at the time it was happening, it’s hard to say what might have come to light. Some folks who try the hardest to look the purest and condemn others the most self-righteously are the ones with the darkest secrets in their own closets. The Duggars may have had lots of reasons to bury the matter.

    • Cortney K

      If every person had to out their skeletons, this world would be horrific to look at. And yet, God sees all the skeletons in the closets of everyone of us and He still offers us that second chance. Nobody, not one is “skeleton-less.”

  • Susan

    Protecting kids is hugely important to me and I get it – I have a hard time believing that a child molester can be reformed. But presenting a 14 year old’s sex crimes as pathological and the family as though they are harboring a criminal is slanderous. There was a sergeant who didn’t follow through with the investigation, victims actually have to file charges (which could have been delayed because the Duggars were seeking forgiveness), statute of limitations,etc.. were all factors in the delays. How do you know they didn’t talk to their kids about sex? That is slanderous too – you simply don’t know that. Please remember – no one is defending him. Would I trust him with my kids? Probably not (that’s the long term consequences of sin). But he might actually know what repentance is. And he might actually have submitted to God governing his heart, mind and actions. Please leave some room for the possibility that redemption is possible.

    • albibird

      The scandal isn’t really the crime itsself. It’s the hypocrisy. The Duggars have built a media career around their near-perfection, presenting the image as a very Godly Christian family. People looked up to them as an inspiration and an example of how to parent. Now we have learned that a major part of that image is just a lie.

  • Cortney K

    This happens more often than you think. It is wrong no matter how you grow up. As a parent, you arent in every situation or made aware of everything that goes on and frankly little ones dont out the molester for reasons they dont understand most often. They have a lot of children and that requires vigilance because when you have hormonal teenage boys, things can happen. There are so many pedophiles who are adults and never are outed. He could be your best friend, the nice neighbor, the policeman, your teacher,… etc. You get it. I didnt get it. My molesters were two brothers, both who are indignant and shame me to this day. They took something from me I could never get back and it changed my life horrendously. If my parents had done half of what the Duggars did/doing, I would have been so much better. Instead at 7, I was raped and again at 18. My brothers were 16 & 17 years old when I was 7. Dont be fooled that this is some rare hidden problem and that the Duggars are unique. Unfortunately for the Duggars they chose to put there lives out there on TV… and then, too so is how they are dealing with the aftermath; with love, humility and forgiveness.Josh Duggar’s reactions are a far cry from my brothers who not only did things to me but to another sister and to this day one brother continues to molest young girls, despite my efforts to out him. Psychiatry couldn’t unburden me and didnt help them. The difference between the Duggars and my family situation is huge. I dont know how I feel about Josh, but the way it is being handled is way better than it was for me and my sister. The world off the TV screen is more sordid and saturated with the kind of pedophiles who are not sorry, lie, conceal, never get help, dont want help and consort and network with other pedophiles… like my brothers. The Kardashians speak for themselves and are not even a comparison. My help came from Jesus. This world does not have the answer. God does and the answer is Jesus.

    • mimiUSA

      I am so sorry this happened to you. Your situation was handled very badly and so was the Duggar’s.

  • Mary DeMuth

    Thank you so so much for this post. Very well reasoned.

  • Gilbert the cat

    I hate the duggars. We can watch it together. Also, of course if you have that many kids something is going to be wrong with the kids and you as a parent. But the Kardashians I love.

  • albibird

    A pastor failing to report such a crime might not go to jail: It depends on state, but most of them have an exception to reporting laws for religious figures. Put in place due to strong pressure from the Catholic church – they take the confidentiality of a formal sacrament of confession very seriously indeed, and most of their priests would rather to go jail than violate that seal.

    • rmhardcore

      Incorrect. Those laws only pertain to those who have an already in place religious law that requires them to not report, i.e. the Catholic Church requires priests to take a vow of secrecy regarding confessions. As a priest told me once, “you could run in and tell me you were going to kill someone and I could tell no one, then come back and say you did and I still couldn’t tell.” Recently I had this conversation with a military pastor: as a Lutheran he can tell these things at any time, anywhere, but if it relates to military personnel he is obligated, under military law, to not tell. Kind of odd, but they prefer no preferences, and honor the Catholic code, so they just lump everyone else in to avoid an issue anywhere. His take: I would not tell, but I would find a way to make sure everyone else knew what I knew.

  • sbmomof5

    For starters, I don’t condone sexual misconduct of any nature. Futhermore, I am not some faithful fan of 19 Kids and Counting. But isn’t it true that Josh fondled some girls when he was 14 years old? If so, wouldn’t that make this something that happened more than 10 years ago? And if that’s true, wouldn’t we be able to tell by now if this was, in fact, a case of gross pedophilia or the behavior of a teenage boy trying to experiment with hormones and emotions common to most kids his age? Seriously, when was the last time you visited the hallways of your local highschool? Try asking the girls how many times a boy has popped them on the butt or brushed up against their breasts, fondling them. Is it right? NO! Deserving of prosecution, RIDICULOUS!

    • MishOznola

      Deserving of prosecution? ABSOLUTELY! My daughter was molested at 7 years old by a 14 year old boy, and let me tell you, she has absolutely paid the price for this boy’s “hormonal experiment.” My daughter is almost 19 years old, and even after many years of professional counseling, she still feels broken and dirty. Please do not gloss over something so life altering for these girls whose innocence was robbed from them by someone who should’ve been protecting it.

      • sbmomof5

        I, too Michelle Alonzo, was molested from the time I was 7 years old until I was 10. There is no glossing over. The term used was fondled. These are the facts. The offense was caught, addressed by the proper authorities, and thankfully has NOT been repeated. So these specific circumstances don’t make for a prosecution nor persecution. The man admitted to his offense 13 years ago when it happened and has apologized for it in the recent days since its release. What else do you think needs to happen?

        • suzy

          How do we know it hasn’t happened again???

        • Janipurr

          1: how do we know it hasn’t happened again?
          2: it was NOT addressed by the proper authorities. He should have been arrested and faced legal repercussions at the very LEAST.

      • DeeAnna Scott

        I hear a lot of pain here and I’m sorry for your hurt. Being a person who has been assaulted as a teen and into adulthood, I can tell you the love of Christ is what works. When I learned the Grace of God, how I’m clean before Him, the roles of men/women in God’s eyes, forgiveness and Jesus’ redemption… Things started to change. Of course I had to be reborn first, but after that rebirth God was pulling on my heart to seek healing. The right sermons, articles and so on kept coming my way. The struggles I have/had have been many, but I can promise you the blood of Christ is enough. If it’s not enough than God is a liar and God is no liar. I would encourage you to pursue Christ like you never have and to do so with your daughter. It’s a process, a lot of time and work but it’s all worth it in the end. My heart towards myself (as being stained) is changing and what I accept in my life has changed as well. Two things abuse did for me (1) gave me a bad view of myself, so accepted more abuse and not so good men in my life. (2) My mind became warped with sexual lust. When I learned about Christ, after rebirth how He washes us white as snow I get it. I no longer view myself as unworthy and I act as so. The desires of sex outside of God’s boundaries are being killed and I’m becoming a New Creation in Christ. Praying for you!

    • mimiUSA

      HS kids usually have a BF or GF with whom they experiment a little. He fondled the breast and fingered the vaginas of his own sisters while they slept. What do you call that? It is a crime categorized as rape and incest.

      • Tanya

        Why add “fingered the vagina” when the police report states fondled breasts and genitals. Which means no penetration. Which could mean something as curiosity motivated as poking the way a child does when faced with a new substance. I’m not attempting to minimize this. BUT what not enough people are doing is looking at the age and sexual maturity of this boy. In all likelihood he was more curious and less sexually motivated. If we are to believe the best about others, let’s start by establishing what a best case scenario is.

    • Jane

      Absolutely not ridiculous by any standard. The youngest victim was 5!! We’re not talking about high school here; we’re talking kindergarten…absolutely heinous behavior. And it happened on more than one occasion. If Joshua had been removed from the home it would have saved the victims from further abuse. The parents failed the victims: end of story. Joshua was a repeat offender. Prosecution for a teen is not the same as for an adult, but it needed to happen.

  • Rick

    Question I have for Craig is in regards to .2 and 3. How many people that you have counseled with porn addiction’s have you turned in. It’s no secret that people with porn addiction in one Way or other usually end up viewing porn with underage kids involved. Theirs or someone else’s. Still kids How do you handle this Craig

    • albibird

      “It’s no secret that people with porn addiction in one Way or other usually end up viewing porn with underage kids involved.”

      Citation needed. Citation really, really needed. I call BS.

  • suzy

    All about having honest, transparent, and open conversations about sexual health, etc but….have to disagree with the author here:

    “This is the biggest one to me, because it feels like much of this whole thing could’ve been avoided through some honest conversations.”

    Maybe they can expand on what they meant? Because it sounds like they are saying that the molestation and rape of children could be avoided by talking about sex education.

    Again, all for sex end. Not sure these two issues correlate/lead to another.

  • DeeAnna Scott

    To point 1 so JESUS isn’t enough? We need a human being who fixes brains, that may or may not know JESUS? Aren’t we told in 1 Corinthians 1 that worldly wisdom is foolish? Acts 20:24 we are under a Gospel of Grace. Where is Grace? Where is JESUS doing heart surgery on Josh? That’s the point of JESUS! Surely we are missing the point in Christ! He is so good that He takes these hopeless scenarios and CHANGES THEM! The Gospel saves, JESUS saves through the Holy Spirit not a human brain fixer. Let us not rely on our own accomplishments, but the work of Christ. He does for those sins and can give a new heart with new desires.

    As others have stated this is a very poorly written article. Not saying Justice shouldn’t be serves or authorities should be alerted, but it sure sounds like there’s a rock in the writers hand. I see no biblical references, no grace and just self righteous vengeance.

    • DeeAnna Scott

      died for those sins*

  • Cris

    I am NOT going to pass any judgment however I would like to extend some advise. Be careful what You (Duggars) say and/or pass judgment on others. This should be a lesson learned as to NOT pass judgment on the gay community !!! You have NOT walked in their body or shoes so please refrain your sarcasm on others just as you don’t want others to judge Josh… Please make sure (even after 10 years) to get the young ladies involved with good counseling. A pastor is good but add a professional to that mix and do it now.


    and the girls his sisters need to be properly counseled and soul ties broken


    Sexual abuse is very very common in entertainment or reality TV. Its only now the church has woken up to the fact after being asleep whilst other truth seekers former victims non christians have been vilified for trying to bring the truth you never talk about other well known pedophiles out of fear but because everyone is talking about this you jump on the band wagon!!! Josh was wrong his parents should have never agreed to a tv show knowing this fact was in their history!!

  • Dawne Mutschler

    Sure he did to a cop who is now in jail on pornography charges. By 5 he badge he wore by law his job to arrest him and he wouldn’t be around not being allowed children. I’m a Christian I believe in second chances. God wound never give a man a second chance especially with children involved. He Is against adultery Josh does not deserve a 2nd chance if truly think of this it was a political and financial situation.

    • Guest

      You are grossly mistaken if you believe God doesn’t give second chances. I urge you do read through the gospels and see if you can find a place where God says He discriminates against who to give second chances to. I guarantee you that you will find no such thing. ALL sin is deserving of utter and eternal separation from God. From a lie to child molestation. You don’t actually understand the gospel at all if you believe what you said. You are literally no better than this man… Which is why you, too, need a savior…just like him. “For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” It doesn’t matter how you fell short. All that matters is that we have all fallen short of His standard and could never be deserving of a second chance… Which is offered EQUALLY to us all.

  • Guest

    Actually, talking to a pastor can be JUST as helpful as going to a counselor. Did I go to see a counselor r pyschiatrist after being molested by a close male friend? Or after being gang raped by a group of college guys? No. It was the work of God through the words of a number of different pastors, prayer, and Bible study that healed me. Was it quick and easy? Heck no. It was agonizingly painful to deal with. But the Lord dealt with it. Through His people in His way. Who are you to say that God cannot and does not choice to work through pastors in this way? The Holy Spirit may move in WHICHEVER way He chooses… Which can be different for each person and situation.


    Here we go again, casting stones, and shooting our wounded. Social media is one of the worst things that’s happened to the Christian faith. Everytime I get on facebook, I find one of my “christian” friends posted a “christian” written article pointing out and prodding sins of other “christians”…just like Jesus would’ve done (sarcasm). I remember a story from the Bible that highlighted a woman caught in the act of sexual sin…I don’t remember Jesus writing a judgemental article and posting it on his wall…However, Jesus wrote something in the sand…but as the hypocrites dropped their stones and walked away, I’m led to believe he wasn’t judging the woman. STOP BEING JUDGES OF MEN…OR ELSE YOU WILL NEVER BE FISHERS OF MEN.

  • Debs

    You’re kidding me right? The answer isn’t Jesus in situations like this. If he had murdered at the age of 14, is that ok too? He would be in jail of course. He was well old enough to know what he was doing was wrong. Let’s worry about the young victims here and not Josh Duggar. Those girls are scarred forever and pastoral support is not enough. Just because the crime can be hidden, doesn’t mean these girls are not scarred and will suffer the consequences of Josh’s actions for life. You can’t just forgive and forget something like that. The parents were more worried about protecting their son, then protecting their daughters and other young victims. It should have been reported immediately to the proper authorities and Josh should have had consequences and real treatment for his mental problems. I wouldn’t doubt he has offended again. Protect your children from Josh until he gets some real help.

  • Tanya

    Just to be clear, molestation by it’s legal definition is carried out by a pedophile. And one must be at least 16 years old to be a pedophile. Therefore, this case is not as clear cut as the above article would like it to be. Further, consider for a moment a very sheltered 14 year old boy. This may have been far more about curiosity and far less about sexual deviation. Maybe his parents got it more right than you are willing to concede. Maybe. Just maybe.

  • Jamie Blackwood Ellis

    If you are a Christian you know that God will sort things out. No need for you to pass judgment at all.

  • Christen

    Finally! A Christian post about this subject that I fully agree with! Thank you!

  • JanetD

    Bottom line. NO one knows both sides. We all have opinions/experiences. But who are we to judge?

  • bruces girl

    Thank you! I’ll admit I’m an atheist so I don’t venture to this site too often (it popped up on my news feed) but regardless of religion, myself as a human being am sickened by the blinded people who rushed to defend this person, screaming religion as their failsafe. I believe when it comes to religion , to each his own. If your faith helps you get thru troubling times , I’m glad you have that support. But to use religion as as cop out to hide and do such heinous things such as this, alot of people should be ashamed of themselves. Thank you for your perspective, and thinking like a human being.

  • Alt

    “they aren’t equipped to help someone find emotional or mental health.”

    I disagree with you here Craig. There are pastors who have specific concentrated years of training in counseling, emotional and mental health. This does not mean all are trained and maybe not the ones the Duggards went to, however you should be careful to generalize pastors are people who just pray for a heart issue.

  • I am genuinely confused by this post. God loves pornstars who abuse women but doesn’t love molesters. Secondly, we should “always” report a crime – yet we work with so many families and see so many children who “experiment” with their siblings just out of curiosity or after having been taught “plumbing” without values in state schools. Is the first thing we do contact the police? Really?

    We respect the work you do Craig but this feels like a reactionary post rather than a well thought out piece.

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