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We No Longer Support Instagram

by Craig Gross on April 24th, 2015 in The Haps, Parents

My name is Craig Gross. I started in 2002 after years spent as a youth pastor seeing kids struggle with the temptations of online pornography. Years later, I created X3watch to help people be accountable for where they go online.

Years after that, I had kids and now this is not about your kids but about my kids. A few fathers and I created a website called to help parents make informed decisions on where their kids should go online. We have reviews of over 125 different Apps from Snap Chat to Tinder and everything in between to help parents get clued in on what their kids have access to these days.

I allow my kids on Instagram. This is the hottest spot for them online today to keep up with their friends and favorite things. It is owned by Facebook and they have talked about how they have done a good job keeping porn off Instagram. They block several hashtags that would be considered X rated. I have found the work around – Watch This!

(Note: This video does not include any offensive or explicit images but it does talk about how you can find porn on Instagram. If you struggle with porn don’t watch the video or use this is as an instructional tool to help you find more porn. Be smart and just read on.)

Don’t tell me Instagram can’t filter out the porn, they are owned by Facebook who has the technology and the know-how.

Just recently people were up in arms about Instagram releasing new, better defined policies about eliminating porn and harassment!

Apple won’t allow the proper connectivity to developers to screen or filter porn across all app, so there isn’t an alternative for people who actually want to avoid porn or keep it from the reaches of their children.

Instagram has the potential to share laughs, stories, beautiful pictures from around the world, or your daily food or coffee pic. But now, Instagram seems to have lost it’s way and the onslaught of porn has corrupted not only the concept, but it’s providing the worlds easiest, smoothest gateways to hardcore porn.

Come on Instagram lets do something!

Hey, Apple you are not off the hook either, you need to change the rating on Instagram APP to +17. Until then this APP is getting deleted from my kids devices.

Here are a few updates! You can be a part of changing this!


1. Call APPLE – 1-800-275-2273 and ask to speak with someone in the iTunes App store. Explain that you are a parent and have a kid using Instagram and that they gave the app a 12+ rating but the app deserves a 17+ rating. Ask to speak to a senior department manager to handle this. They get enough requests for this and they will do this. If they raise the rating, it will force Instagram to fix this because no one wants a 17+ rating for their app especially a publicly traded company.

2. Email Instagram[email protected]. Explain that you are a parent and are concerned that your kids will access pornography on their app. Point them to these examples.

3. Until something changes, as a parent I would pull the app from your kids devices.





  • Kai

    I can appreciate how scary this is, but this kinda bothers me… It isn’t Instagram’s fault. I would actually argue the exact opposite. It’s a platform that is designed to share photos, and they have a number of safeguards to prevent things like this. (Disabling popular porn-sharing hashtags, implementing a system for reporting inappropriate images, then following through to delete those images, etc.)

    By nature of the fact that it is a popular platform, people will always try to abuse it. The video compares it to Facebook, but facebook is just as bad if you friend request or follow the wrong people. Twitter, Tumblr, and even sites like yahoo’s Flickr support complete lack of any censorship whatsoever. Instagram is one of the few platforms that actually stands by their policies on no sex/nudity, then they back it up by taking action to fight it. This isn’t an instagram problem, it’s a society problem. Any phone that has Instagram will have several much easier ways to access explicit images, built into the phone.

    If you want to completely remove chances for a kid to see porn, the entire internet is off-limits. That’s why teaching responsibility and integrity are the ONLY things that are going to make any difference.

  • Oblong Johnson

    You do know that you can just turn off the app in the settings of your kids devices right? Go to settings, and then restrictions, and click on in app restrictions. You can toggle which apps your children or porn addicted preachers can access. You really should not blame the companies for YOUR addiction to porn, you need to take some responsibility for your own actions as well as your kids actions. Be a parent. Apple and Instagram are not here to parent your children for you. Too bad you can not toggle the restrictions on your brain man. THE MORE YOU KNOWWWWWW *Star flies by*

  • Trevor

    One question, and a very serious one. Were you addicted to porn or the act of masturbating? These are two different things, most people do not watch porn unless they are gonna jack off, and if that is the case, then you were really addicted to getting off any not the porn. You should be blaming your hand for your actions rather than the porn.

  • Jen Carrillo

    Just a week ago I was up at night nursing our baby scrolling through the “explore” page that they normally include things you may like- things friends have liked – things that may spark your interest (cooking blogs and babies always seem to be common ones for me) and there was a lady- chest fully exposed except her nipples- “popular in your country” – I emailed support asking them to remove this options since clearly porn is quite popluar. My small children scroll through with me seeing photos of friends and cool hair braids- thank You Jesus they did not see that- but what about my husband? What about anyone else NOT EVEN LOOKING FOR IT getting it shoved in their faces. I’m so enraged.

    • albibird

      Welcome to the internet. Ignore it, move on.

  • albibird

    If you can figure out a means to automatically identify pornography, you may become a very rich person. It’s a challenge no company has even come close to solving. Facebook’s approach isn’t technological: It’s a system of user-driven flagging and review. It doesn’t work very well for private images or those that few people look at.

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