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Do you guys have some sort of scholarship program for people who can’t afford your workshops?

I’m a starving college student who can barely afford food and gas and would greatly appreciate some help in getting better.



Please send this same info to [email protected] Thank you

Beating my sexual addiction

I know this question is going to sound arrogant, but it’s one that I have to answer if I’m going to keep fighting.

“Is overcoming this all worth it?”

Like I said, arrogant but maybe this question will make a little more sense if I give some background on it.

When I became a Christian all I really wanted to do was what God wanted me to, but when I started doing what I thought God wanted me to do all I got were fights with friends and family. I lost friendships, my relationship with my parents and family were all but destroyed. Long story short I lost pretty much everything I cared about at the time. At first I didn’t think much of it. I figured it was God’s way of telling me that those friends weren’t good for me and I thought that eventually my relationship with my family would get better. But it didn’t, it just got worse. The more I studied and tried to change myself the more isolated I became. It got to the point where I almost couldn’t talk to anyone without starting some sort of fight. I had been addicted to porn long before I found God, but because of all the things that were going on the addiction got worse and worse. Recently I took a stand and truly started fighting back. I got accountability partners, I put the XXX watch program on all the computers I could. I’ve slipped some, but as got back on the horse as soon as I fell off it. Now I’ve been clean for over a month and now all the problems that porn was covering up are resurfacing, the biggest one at the moment is the question of whether to keep fighting or not.

Porn destroys that’s painfully true, but what has also been true for me is that my relationship with God has also destroyed things in my life. If both have the similar results with the same effect what’s the point?

I know ultimately that this is something I need to find the answer to myself and the fact that I’m asking for help says more than I realize right now but if you have anything that can help me find the answer then please let me know.


I am very strong believer that there is a spiritual war going on for all of our souls and that when we have been doing wrong for a season Satan will do what ever he can to hold us there and to not let go of his grasp on us. When you run back to God and you dive in to His word and His way of life for you Satan will fight back and cause all kinds of road block for you along the way.

I really do not know the extent of your arguments with your family but, take a look back at how those started and what they were about. So often when we look back at the arguments we have had we can often see that we had something to do with it. I am not saying this is the case for you but, you may want to look back with an open mind and think about it.

As far as is it worth it; YES. What would be better for you to find a true relationship with someone or to continue on with the relationship that keeps filling you with lies? I know from experience that it will not be easy at times and that you will have to fight through things but, it is so worth it.

If you get married one day your wife will more than likely be in love with you and if you keep this up you will not only maybe be in love with her but, you will also be in love with your porn. When this happens you will have to choose who will get the majority of your love and it will more than likely be porn since it is something that will always tell you “yes’ and it will never confront you or challenge you in life.



I have benn struggling with porn for years. I stopped for awhile by reading sex stories in order to slowly break the addiction instead of stopping cold turkey. Is this a good way to go about it?

It is our suggestion that it be done cold turkey. With the help of friends, consellors, and or pastorial staff it can be done. If you even leave a hint of hope for this sin to creep back in it will. You need to cut it off at the knees and get rid of it.


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