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Unlikley Praise

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you to let you know what i think of your work, and apologize for using this medium as i could not find the seemingly obligatory “contact us” button.
I recently watched the documentary “missionary position” on netflix about the conception of excpecting it to be somthing quite the contrary. My initial dismay gave way to a keen interest in the documentary, my wife and i watched it together and decided to write to you to let you know that we think what your doing is wonderfull. Now heres the twist, my wife and i are bolth neutral athiests who are very pro-church for those who wish to attend. We belive that everyone has the right to worship or to not worship as they so choose. We bolth have had positive excperiences with pornography as we watch it together and that combined with “swinging” has actually brought us closer together and we have a very happy marraige. But we do recognize that some people cant control themselves and need help with this issue as with anything that is supposed to be enjoyed in moderation. What we appreciate most about your work is that you do not force your opinions and ways of life on people like us who are very happy how we are. You put out your message that your service is there and you have helped many that have wandered to you. I cant tell you how refreshing it is to see contemporary religious agents who dont judge others. Many a time in my life we have been shunned by the public and radical christian peoples who plauge concerts/festivals that we enjoy attending, promising fire and brimstone through chanting and loudspeakers. But we have seen none of this from you wich i know many of our kind would appreciate.The sunshines upon us just as bright as you when we go outside, Flowers smell just as sweet and love is just as warm for us as you. I dont think many of these radicals would appreciate us going door to door or standing outside their church on sunday preaching our beliefs. But many a time we are treated as though darkness follows us wherever we go. In closing i think it is great what your are doing and i hope you continue to see sucess in your mission. We all have our roads to travel and i hope yours is high and clear.

many thanks and good luck,
Shane Rossi

P.S. Response would be great but not nessecary as i am sure you guys are busy.

Thank you for your kind words.


This isnt really a question but a cry for help! my name is evan and i am very addicted to porn. used too i didnt look at porn i went too church and had a very strong relationship with GOD! But after my father died in a helicopter crash and i lost my best friend everything went too the wayside. i still believed in GOD but i started looking at porn again. matter of fact i just looked at it 30 min b4 i typed this and i feel horrible. i want too stop soooooo bad. i hate it i cant stand doing it but when i get that “urge” i talk myself into looking at it saying that its not hurting anybody and itll just be this last time and i wont look at porn ever again. but im always wrong! PLEASE HELP ME!


Your courage to come clean is


First, confess to God where
you are at. Tell Him everything, the big and little stuff. He forgives you.
Your heart must be ready for change. Go to him and prayer and get in the


You must get accountability
in your life. You need to tell someone about all of this. Someone you trust
such as a pastor, close friend, or youth leader. Someone who is going to make
you own your decision to change and call you out when you stumble. This is
hard, but you must do it.


Then take practical steps in
your life to clean it up. Get X3watch on your computer and have the reports
sent to your accountability partner. X3watch is a program that you can put on
your computer and sends any questionable websites to your one or two
accountability partners. Go to x3watch to download the software. You
must tackle your struggle head on by changing things in your life, do not get
on the computer at times when your feel tempted, identify patterns in your
life, and possibly get rid of the computer. Tackle it all head on, wherever you
are at. This stuff is not worth it!


Let us know if we can be of
any more help.



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The previous information is
given with the understanding that XXXchurch is not engaged in rendering
counseling or other professional advice.  Since the details of your
situation are situationally dependent, you should additionally seek the help of
a paid professional.


Brian @ X3 Church


re: help

I see the book, but its out of stock. Is it going to be available again. I need to start help. thanks

Dear Al,

The following question that you submitted to on October 30 09 has been answered.

Your Question:

Where can I get the mens workbook? when will it be available. Also do you have any resources in AZ? local churches?


I would do a google search for Celebrate Recovery in your home town. Central church I hear is a really good church to attend. The workbook for men is on our web site.

It should be avaiable, see if the store can order it for you.


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