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I need to stop watching porn

Hi there, I am in Canada located in Toronto, Ontario. Although, I was browsing through the web finding way to stop watching pornography and masturbation until I saw your video, which I really do appreciate that you are sending a message out, because once your in it is truly an addiction. Since the age of 15 I have been watching porn, thinking at first that it is nothing I will be able to get over it, yet I was completely wrong about and now I am 20 years old. It kills me at times, thinking about how much I have come to sin, and yet I still continue to do so at most 5 to 6 times a day, it has affected my social life. I am not saying I am ugly or unfit, I work out everyday girl say I am cute, but it as become a drug which I honestly am hopeless, where I cannot try to beat. I pray to the lord everyday, I mean everyday trying to seek refugee of the here after and yet it keeps on going. Although, I know I am Muslim and you’re Christian, I hope this does not have any barriers on helping my situation out, because I cannot go to a conference meet and disclose this info, I do not have the will power. However, I hope you do take my matter serious and try to help out if you can, because we are all brothers and sister who rooted down from Adam and eve. Thank you and god bless you keep the excellent work guys…. Mr king

you need to talk to someone about this and get accountability with your struggles. Sit down and develop a plan to cut this sin right at the knees. Place accountability software on your computer, mobile phone, and/or your mobile devices. We suggest X3 Watch for accountability software which you can download for free at You should also place a filter on your computer as well. We suggest This would be like having an alarm on your house and then locking the door with both of these on your computer. When you do get a filter you should have your accountability partner set the password so that you can not just change it when you want to look at porn.

You have to remove this from your life completely. Get rid of any movies, pictures, files, or any item with adult content. Destroy it and be done with it but, when you destroy it do it in a way that will not allow for this to get into someone else’s hands. If the filters and accountability software will not work then you may have to take drastic measures and remove your computer, get an older phone without Internet, or remove the Internet from your computer. It all
comes down to completely removing it and the temptation from your life.

All too often we work on our habits of viewing porn instead of the reasons why we view porn. You need to get down to the root issues of why you go back to it and keep doing so. This may take some time and effort to discover this. But through talking with people about this or your accountability partner you will begin to see areas of your life, your past, and items that trigger your porn use. I strongly recommend counseling for this as they can really get there a lot faster than we can by providing great tools to deal with the items that arise.

Everyone is different but, a few things that I have found that worked in my recovery and from other I want to share with you.

Dive into the word daily. Spend time with God and find out what you have been missing and He will show you things you may not have before.

Track your day and see when you’re most prone to look at porn. From here developed a daily plan to counter attack these temptations based on your observation of your own patterns.

Discover your triggers. When you look back and think of when you were most venerable, what was going on at the time? Were you stressed out, tires, bored, angry, or lonely? These are some of the key triggers for people and you need to locate them and be aware of it. When you notice your trigger topic happening you then need to react and move away from it. It may take sometime to notice and be aware of it but, this is very important.

Share with others: this can also be tough to do but, it will help you grow and heal faster. Also we know how lonely this feels to be trapped like this to porn. We also know that when others see that there is someone else who has been through it or going through it they are more willing to seek help or talk about it. You never know this could be a start to a small group of people who meet and hold each other accountable.

Please know that you are not alone in this and that you can work through this. Yes; it will not be easy but it can be done. We are here for you and praying for you.

I am a accouttabilty person to a friend

can my friend turn off his account without letting anyone knowing? and then turn it back on?

No; the software should kick out a email to you letting you know that it has been turned off.


can christian be gay

We believe that God loves everyone and that no matter what you do or have done that nothing can take away His love. You can call yourself what you want to but, what really matters is your actions and how you are obeying God and doing what you can to follow in His footsteps.

We do not beleive that same sex relationships are what God intended. We believe that He intended for a man and a women to be in this type of a relationship.


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