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porn (gasp!)

Hello this is the first time seeing your site. I StumbledUpon your site recently, and I was wondering where exactly your About section is. As in– the part of your website that explains why you think porn is so bad in the first place. This question could basically either be a suggestion to make a page devoted to that purpose or to make it much easier to navigate to if it already exists. Because, quite frankly, I think it is necessary for your message to get across. Today, opposition to porn, is pretty myriad and vague in regards to the solid reasons why they are opposed to it it would be nice if there could be a section devoted to the negative effects of porn (you’d think that’d be a given, I was shocked to see I couldn’t find it, or that the places I thought would have them, didn’t have them). Ideally, for me, it should have a defense that is not based on biblical passages (those wouldn’t be very effective anyways :P) + I’d think it’d be rather hard to find a biblical justification for opposition anyway because it hadn’t been invented at the time.

So yeah there you go
thank you for your time
I’m out


i will pass this information on to our team and let them know you suggestion. I would like to point out that you are right, porn as we know it was not then as it is now.  But remember they use to have all types of sexual parties and orgies that people would watch and this was their style of porn back then.

No there is no bible verse that say “DO NOT WATCH PORN!” But there reaction we have to porn is listed in the bible and is really quit frank about it. Lustfulness, affairs, and sexual immorality are all listed with sinful nature.  These are things that will happen to more people than not when they become in trapped in regular viewing of porn

I hope this helps a bit I know it will not answer all your questions but, thank you for contacting us and letting us know your thoughts.

Boundaries, dating, boyfriend

Hi everyone…I’m 16, and, well =) I just got my first boyfriend. We’ve been together for over a month now, which is way longer than I’d ever expected my first relationship to be. We get along very well together, share a lot of laughs, and everyone else agrees that we make a cute couple. Hehe.

However, of course, there are a few problems with our relationship. He’s not a Christian…which I know is addressed in the bible (“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers” Corinthians 6:14). And because he doesn’t believe the same things I do, sometimes our conversations get a little racy. He doesn’t know it, but I’ve had a porn addiction for over fix years…almost six…and so I have a hard time resisting him.

Most of our conversations are over the phone, but it doesn’t really make a difference. We share fantasies with each other in very explicit detail…and the other night, we both masturbated for each other over the phone while he talked “dirty” to me. It felt amazing until the next morning…and besides being EXTREMELY guilty and feeling TERRIBLE about it, I also got a really bad stomach ache.
I prayed for a few hours, bawling my eyes out. I’ve had this problem before and I would hate to ruin my first love. As much as I adore him, I feel like I’ve made a terrible mistake by dating a non-Christian. I think, more than anything, I was hoping that some of my Jesus Passion would rub off on him…but now that I’ve disregarded my purity, I don’t think that could ever happen.

I’ve discussed boundaries with him and he made a strict promise to try his hardest not to let our conversations go down that path. It’s hard because we can only talk at night, so usually we’re both lying down in bed, and nobody else is around. I’m trying very hard too, but it’s going to take both of us a lot of self-control in order to re-establish those boundaries.

I’ve read both “Every Man’s Battle” and “Every Woman’s Battle”. Those boos outline what exactly is inappropriate for dating…which is basically ANYTHING that would turn either of us on. So I know where the boundaries should be, but I don’t know how to keep them, exactly. All of it seems so automatic and instinctual.

Therefore, I have a couple questions…
1) Is it wrong to date a non-Christian?
2) How do I keep boundaries with my boyfriend?

1) No it is not wrong to date a non Christian but, you need to make sure you are strong enough and bold enough to keep your faith strong while you are with him.  Let him know you are staying with it and if he tries to devert you away from your faith he is gone.

2) you have read the books and you said they outline the things you need to do.  Do these and stick with it.  Do not stray from what you have learned.

Porn browsing?

So, I was going through the web history on my computer and I found multiple visits to a porn website and ‘adult’ craigslist ads. I know I didn’t visit them, and judging from the times they were visited only one of my friends had access to the computer at the time. I want to confront him about it, but I’m not exactly sure how. Any advice?

Just be honest with him and tell him about the sites you found on your system.  Tell him that they were visited when you were not there and you were wondering if he may have be the one to go there.  I know this is not the answer that you may have been looking for but, this is omething that you do not just beat around the bush with.


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