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how do i give this up it impossible

I think I am at the point of giving up I was sexually used at 7 by a family friends daughter and I have been thinking of girls naked since I was 9 looking under female teachers quarts then I knew about porn since 11 (and I know you here that loads of times) and I have been watching it since. I became a Christian at late 16 early 17 and God has completely changed my life but its just this porn addiction that has not changed and he has not changed that situation even though he has changed other ones I just don’t get it I have confessed I have accountability partners three in fact I even downloaded your Xwatch free download to my computer but I still watch it I have watched porn when im happy,sad , angry and any other emotions I have a big problem not finishing what I start so I go on for a while clean then I go back to it thinking I have done good I kinda use watching porn as my reward for not watching it I know I realise im going crazy I have heard it all when it comes to tips for recovering from porn and every time I go on porn then afterwards is when I read up on it and stuff then after a while I forget I even go on your website and check your blogs for advise but I still watch porn I really don’t know what life feels like not watching porn it scares me cause I don’t know wat it means to be clean or pure I still have my virginity but I have done other sexual things with girls when I was not a Christian and in a Christian relationship when I was in the beginning of my new faith I have not done anything sexual with a girl for a year and a half but I still watch porn at least one a week if I had a stressful week maybe two or three times in a week and if im really bored I watch porn and masturbate twice or three times in a day I really love Jesus I owe him for saving my life literally and he has changed my life but this is the biggest thorn in my flesh and the sad thing is I don’t know how to live life without the thorn I cant even look at girls the same anymore can give me some advise even if it means praying before answering me (that’s if you don’t do that already) can I really get saved from this. Thank you

Hi Tobi,

It’s not impossible but it sounds like you are trying to do this solo. 
You need accountability in your life with others who can spur you on (Iron sharpening Iron) and a plan in place to walk this out.   If you don’t have anyone that you feel is safe that can help you with this then consider joining one of our X3groups  


After being addicted to porn for five years, going on a church retreat had helped me stop masturbating for about a month. Unfortunately the only thing I struggle with is dealing with the urges. Is there any way I could end these or limit these urges to masturbate or is is it going to be a constant, ongoing struggle.

This is a good question. First, we want to say that any victory is a victory. If you aren’t looking at porn anymore then that is a good thing and an accomplishment worth celebrating. It will also be very beneficial in the long run. Masturbation can also be a problem (especially when you are young and full of hormones). The way masturbation works (chemically speaking) is that the more you do it the more you want to do it. Given enough time and some of those urges will lessen. However, as a young man you will still face temptation and times when you feel like acting out. The is where discipline comes in. Reach out to accountability partner, take a walk, get out of the house … whatever, just try to break the moment and escape the temptation. You may not always be victorious in this but it sounds like you are making progress and headed in a healthier direction.

accountability partner

Hi, I have been addicted to porn for the last 2 years. I go to church a lot and confess my sins to the Lord. My spiritual life has grown a lot in the last year. He help me last year to be free from porn for 6 months then it started again, but at the beginning of this year I said to the Lord that I am going to stop this. last week I began to be tempted by the devil.The moment I don’t spent that much time with Jesus the devil comes and destroys me. I struggled with this alone since this began. Jesus said to me that I need to get an accountability partner in my life. I want to tell my dad, but don’t know how to tell him. Can you please tell me how so that I can stop this before it goes too far? When this started I did not know Jesus very well, but I know now that I need to stop this. Thank you

Having accountability is definitely the way to go.  If you don’t think you can talk to your dad about this then hopefully you will talk to someone who you can trust.  Someone you look up to who is strong in the Lord.

We have an entire section of resources and blogs for students.  I would suggest you spend some time reading there because you will know you are not alone and you can interact with others on the site.


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