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The Comments on Blogs

First of all I would like to say how much I love XXXchurch and what you guys do. You all are truly such a blessing. My question is kind of a strange one, but sometimes I read some of the blogs on here and I see completely ridiculous comments. Most, I assume, are just trolls looking for a laugh, but some of the comments are seriously profane and disgusting. Why do people go on this site of all sites and say crap like that? And how does one deal with the haters? My automatic reaction is mock them back, but I know that’s not Christ-like. I would love some feedback, because I just do not understand why they even bother to come on this site and cause a ruckus, is it just to justify their own sin by mocking others? My heart just breaks for these people, probably because I used to be one. God bless you x3church. John 15:18


Some poeple do diffrent things and say things that can be hurtful and just down right rude. We do our best to respond to these comments or remove them if the are to much. It is are hope that they will see the love of others here in their time here and change their opinions. If you ever see something that is vulger or devistating to others please let us know right away at [email protected] and provide the link to the comment. Thanks for your support.


Is masturbating a sin? If there is no lustful thinking or pornography involved is the act of masturbation a sin. I am confused about this because I had always thought it was and would feel extremely guilty after I did it but then i got to wondering how come I have never heard any scriptural references to masturbation. So I started researching and what i found was inconclusive, no clear yes or no answer so I was hoping you guys could tell me if masturbation is a sin.

What is XXXchurch’s stance on masturbation?
We have had literally thousands of emails about this particular issue. We have heard all the scenarios. “Well if I think about fruit while I’m masturbating, then that is not a sin.” Well isn’t that clever. Or…”If I’m giving glory to the Lord while I’m doing it, then that can’t be wrong.” Hmmm. Why don’t we just make that part of our Sunday morning services then? We have heard all the Pro-masturbation Christian arguments and we wonder if these people are dealing in reality. It’s all very intellectual and quite scholarly, but we still don’t get it. Sorry.

Our stance is simply this: you want to live a life that is honoring to God then start pleasing him and stop pleasing yourself. Stop making excuses and get some control over your life. Yes, it is tough. Yes, we know hormones are raging. However, God is calling us to holiness. Live an extraordinary life. Masturbation will leave you hanging every time! It is a selfish act that pleases no one but YOU. God created sex to be between a man and his wife. Not a man and his girlfriend and not a man or woman with himself or herself.

Afraid to Confess

I have been addicted since 11, and I have told myself I will stop but I never do. I have gone through great pain trying to avoid masturbation and porn, but it always gets back to me. Last night I once again fell into temptation and I looked up porn followed by masturbation. I want to stop. i have told myself this many times (and failed) but I want to stop. I know (based on my research) that confessing to someone about your problem is one of the biggest and best things to do. However, I can’t. I am afraid that I will be judged, viewed as the worst, and all of the above. I just can’t confess to anyone, everyone I know seems to be too good (I have grown up in a strong Christian community, but curiosity got the best of me). I just can not tell anyone. I have had times where I was 2 steps away from telling someone…but I just can’t. I need another way, what is the best?


I know that it is tough to come to someone and open up to them about your struggles and your hidden sin. But, I can tell you from experiance and mirror what you said that you need to talk to someone about this or it will take control of your life.

This could be a pastor, friend, mentor, or parents. Find someone that can provide you accountability and be willing to walk with you in this battle.

God has so much more for you than what you are allowing Him to work with. Give this all up to Him and allow Him to carry this weight. To think that He is not big enough to do this is SO wrong. Please know that you are not alone in this and that we are praying for you. Do not give up I know that you can do this.


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