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I Want Help But Can’t Afford Anything

Hey, we’ve all been there before. Sometimes it can feel like life is stacked against you, and then to be carrying the weight of a porn addiction – but seemingly without the resources to do anything about it – that can be incredibly disheartening.

Basic Advice

Fortunately, we have some encouragement for you

For starters, it costs nothing to get accountable. The first step in dealing with porn addiction is to let someone else into your world and talk to them about your struggle. You’d be surprised how far a simple admission will go toward lifting the weight off your shoulders. Find someone in your world that you can trust, someone who cares about you – a friend, a sibling, a parent, a spouse, a pastor, a mentor – and let them know what you’re dealing with. It can be a tough thing to consider, but once you’ve done it, you’ll breathe much easier and hold your head higher.

Beyond that, we offer some free tools on our site that you might want to check out. Here are several:

Get Help – This section of the site is great for anyone looking for answers to common problems we all have to face in this digital world.

Sex Addiction Test – We made it easy to find out if you’re addicted to porn or sex with a simple online test that’s completely discreet and private. Get the answer to your question in seconds.

Live Events – Every few months we run live streamed events on our website. These events are completely free and offered as a resource to help men, women, parents, and couples navigate the daily challenges they face. You can watch any of our previous events here.

You’ll also find plenty of great ideas, encouragements, and other thoughts in our blog section.

You can be free. We’re here to help.

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