Craig Gross & Ron Jeremy

Craig Gross and Ron Jeremy have been traveling the country speaking at universities; now they’re taking the debate to churches. They’ve appeared at The Rock Church in San Diego, Eastlake Church in Seattle, Uncommon Church in Austin, Daybreak Church in Detroit… your church could be next!

“We had over 3,000 people in attendance. 630 of those…do not attend church.” – Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor at The Rock Church San Diego

The debate draws a huge crowd. If you really want to do an outreach to the community, then this is it. The format is pretty simple. Craig and Ron both share their opening arguments. People in attendance then get a chance to interact and ask questions to either of them. Ron and Craig then have final closing arguments. The debate typically lasts 90 minutes and is followed by a meet-and-greet. The people attending then have a chance to take pictures, get autographs and ask more questions. A moderator is needed and could be the pastor of the church or someone on staff. The honorarium for a church debate with Ron & Craig typically starts at $10,000 plus travel expenses and includes both the debate on a Saturday night and Sunday morning services.