Michelle Russell

Michelle was raised on the west coast in Southern California and is now living at the beach near her (now) grown children on the east coast. She loves adventure & the outdoors, animals, music, and art. But at the core is her love for people—especially those who aren’t typically embraced by mainstream Christians.

Michelle likes to meet people from all walks of life and tends to make friends quite easily which is why her role as a champion to women in the sex industry is her favorite part of her work with XXXchurch. Michelle says she likes to laugh, sing, and dance… sometimes all at once. She enjoys snow skiing, photography, the beach and all things outdoors. Her love for animals has led to her ownership of more dogs than she can count which is why she is the brunt of all dog jokes amongst the X3team, especially Craig.

Michelle serves XXXchurch in a variety of capacities including leadership of the Strip Church Network, primary facilitator of industry relationships, and Director of the Recover.org program.