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Facing The Giant: Quitting Masturbation Conclusion

by Amber M on February 9th, 2012 in Students

HE CAME SO WE CAN BEAT THE BEAST- Part four of conquering the beast- GRRRRR!

All of these things play parts in fighting the fight against masturbation, but ultimately fighting masturbation is fighting what our sinful nature is wanting.  James 1:14-15 says-

“But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.”

The only way can truly conquer is with Christ. He is the biggest thing you NEED to help fight the fight against masturbation. You can try to beat this thing on your own, and you may want to, but it’s a WHOLE lot easier to fight the fight with HIS strength instead of YOUR strength. Christ has conquered death and the chains that hold us to our sinful nature and only through Him can we escape those chains. He is there to fill the void that I know a lot of us girls try to fill with masturbation- the need to feel wanted, or love. Well Christ definitely does NOT NEED us, but He certainly WANTS us and loves us, why else would He die on a cross to break the chains of sin and death that hold us so tightly?

James 4:7- “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Note that we are called to resist the devil THEN flee temptation. God never tempts us (James1:14-17), but Satan does, though make sure not to give him too much credit. We can get ourselves in some pretty big jams with temptation without Satan helping us.

 It is important to repent to God, repenting not only means asking forgiveness, but repent actually means turning from and changing your mind. Once Christ has forgiven you, forgive yourself. Don’t continually beat yourself up. If you no longer feel remorse, then you’re in a bad place. Pray for the Lord to renew your spirit and the conviction you once had.


Many of us can relate how hard it is to fight the fight against masturbation and lust; can we help each other out?

Girls- Let us remember that the guys are visual, so can we make sure to dress modestly?  Of course! We can still dress cute! But I have talked to many guys who have or are struggling with lust and masturbation and they all wish we could help them out more.  Together (I’m doing this with you) let’s cover up our cleavage, not wear booty shorts, get rid of tight clothing, and short skirts—and I know this might come as a shock… But it turns out leggings do NOT make short skirts, cause it still reveal your curves.

Guys- Please don’t wear too tight of pants! Seriously! Us girls have a hard time as well! Please don’t wear pants that outline your crotch area. 

 Remember you are not alone in this fight; I have been and will continue to pray for everyone who has read this article and finds themselves struggling with masturbation or porn. Hang in there. If you comment below and ask for prayer specifically I will make sure to pray for you daily. Together in Christ we can fight and win this battle.



  • Thebugbard

    Thanks for the support. I know, as a young male, that those “booty shorts” and whatever you guys wear are a huge temptation and opritunity for disrespect. Both males and females are looking for acceptance and wearing those articles of clothing may get you friends but not the friends that will accept you for you not how big your boobs are or the size of your crotch. Cover up and get good friends that accept you for you.

  • I Will Trust Yor Lord

    I need prayer too…thanks

  • Bobba

    I could use a Prayer

  • Susan

    Thank you for this article and the ones previously! My heart breaks for the way young women dress and how they unknowingly cause young men to sin with lust in their hearts. I have seen it in the Christian churches. I pray for this word of truth to speak to many about the sin that so entangles many of us in these areas.

  • Jacksondale33

    whats wrong with lust, masturbation, pornography.. I’m not hurting anyone.. will it send me to hell will it?

  • anonymous

    I want prayer!

  • Joshua

    I have been addicted to Porn seance I was I dunno 13 and I am now 16 almost 17 I WANT IT TO STOP!!! I love my Jesus and I try so hard but everytime I do anything I get tempted and there will be times when I can turn it away but theres times were it just gets outta control and I seek porn just to make it stop ughhh please help me.

  • Esplode98

    Please pray for me please please please. Porn and lust has invaded my life please please please please please please pray for me. I can’t stop and I’ve tried

  • AustinForeman10

    Add yoga/workout pants in that mix of stuff not to wear. I don’t care how “comfortable” they are. Seeing a girl’s full “area” isn’t easy to deal with in guys’ heads. It’s so common for girls to wear those on my college campus, and I have to force myself to keep my eyes above everyone’s heads.

    • Thots4today

       They can wear what they want to, we just have to deal with it. On the other hand, there used to be a thing called modesty and gender appropriate clothing. Girls rarely wore pants when I was little, and certainly not to school. They wore dresses with slips under them. I think its actually sexier to see a woman in a dress than wearing pants– the feminine mystique is more enjoyable than the “here’s my camel toe in your face” look.

      Again, its not the clothing, but how they wear it… if they chose loose fitting yoga pants, then they could still maintain their modesty. On the other hand, some girls could wear revealing type clothes and it wouldn’t bother you, because she’s not attractive to you. But, modesty is always attractive.

      Obviously, though at your college, girls’ fashions aren’t likely to change any time soon. My suggestion is that you accept the fact that you are going to be sexually aroused nearly every day. Don’t be afraid of it. Sex isn’t a sin and neither is arousal. It is a sin to not have sex unless God has called you to celibacy, that is, he has given you such low sex drive that you are uninterested in sex. If you desire sexual relations, we are commanded to leave mother and father and cleave in sexual relations to a woman… not live in celibacy..

  • I found this “rad” website about modesty in clothing, baby!  

  • That Girl


    Can you please please not take your shirts off? It’s really distracting. Seriously. Doesn’t matter if your lean, muscular, or chubby. Please keep them on!!

    I’d appreciate it!

    Sorry. Just venting.

    • Jack_Anjilloffe

      It’s only fair, right?  You can vent here anytime. Unfortunately, the group seems to be far smaller than in days gone by and less active 

  • Liz

    I realize this article was posted a while ago, but I just would like to ask for some prayer as well. I desire to live in the freedom that Christ has for me.

    • daydreamer

      Hi Liz..  Maybe put a confession up in the women’s section if you are over  nineteen, otherwise in the teen’s section. It might get more notice and responses if you do it that way. I saw this post by you somewhere else:

      “I never felt weird about my consistent singleness at church…and then I went to bible college. Being here as a single person makes EVERYONE freak out. If I’m not engaged then I must be dating someone…and if Im not dating someone…then Im at least interested in someone…and if it’s none of the above, something’s wrong with me. It’s ridiculous. And then I say that I don’t feel like I will meet my husband in college, and people get really wide-eyed and try to convince me Im wrong.
      What is the rush, people?! I want to enjoy college…and not be tied down by a guy!”

      God’s people, in days gone by, made sure to attend to their children’s sexual life by arranging marriages to occur shortly after puberty. This seems to be the biblical mandate to me. So, it we decide to postpone marriage 5-10 years past the biological/biblical time for marriage to begin and attempt to live as a celibate when God has said only those with a gift for celibacy are to live that way, then perhaps we should expect that masturbation will be the outcome, as a backup measure for that situation?

      • daydreamer

        As I re-read my comments and yours, I apologize if anything sounds rough edged. Not intended to be harsh. I married my wife, my first sex partner at age 34. So, I have a similar story to yours; in  my case, I believed that I was called to celibacy from around 22-32. Maybe I just had too much pizza.

  • Forgivenandloved

    Hey, my name is Alex and I would like for you to pray in my fight! Porn is not something I watch every day just when I’m bored or whrn I’m alone thinking, I know God can get me through this, thank you and God-Bless

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