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Coming This April – Your Story

by Craig Gross on March 31st, 2014 in The Haps

Your Story


How did you enjoy last month’s theme “Grace, Forgiveness, And How We Don’t Understand Them?” We all need more grace and forgiveness in our lives so I hope last month’s blogs were helpful and just what you needed. I also hope you continue to hang with us next month where our theme is “Storytelling.”

Every person we meet has a story. Whether it be …

  • The porn star who found Jesus
  • The man who’s coming to terms with his twenty plus year sex addiction
  • The spouse who’s marriage was blown apart after discovering her husband’s affair
  • The son or daughter who got caught sexting their friend 
  • The preacher who was forced to step down after coming clean about his porn addiction

Or the man or woman who has finally found freedom from their addiction and now lives with a renewed purpose and sense of joy.

Everyone has a story.

There is tremendous power in telling one’s story. Sometimes sharing your story can serve as an inspiration to others. Sometimes it just acts as a healing mechanism in one’s recovery journey. The point is this. We all have stories and these stories need to be shared (Tweet This).

This month we want to invite you to tell your story. Why? Because we want to hear it and we want to share it. We want to give you the opportunity to tell people how porn affected you and your family.

Starting today and all through April we are asking our fans and followers to share their porn story on Instagram. We want to hear from you so we can support you and help raise awareness. You have a story. Share it so you can inspire someone else to do the same.

Here’s what you do.

  1. Record and post your 15 second video sharing you story about how porn affected your life.
  2. Make sure you start off by saying something like “I first started looking at porn when I was ___ years old …” or “I first discovered my husband/wife was looking at porn when …” or even “I first got into porn when …” – get the idea?
  3. Do not use any profanity or obscenities or include anything of an explicit nature.
  4. Include in your post “Hey @X3church, please reshare #mypornstory #xxxchurch #truth #story #inspire

We know 15 seconds isn’t a lot of time, but there are some really creative people out there so don;t let that stop you.

We will be reposting and resharing our favorites throughout the month via our Instagram page and twitter account.

I know this may sound a little crazy but sharing your story is an amazing thing. We want to hear it. The power in your story is greater than you may realize (Tweet This).


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  • don

    so what does a man do when his wife refuses sex

    • don

      ive been married 33years and i love my wife much rather her than porn ,1 a month if the wind blows right ………refuses counselig by any one . …….. just remain hungry?

  • Basro

    I too struggle with not having enough sexual intimacy with my wife. I cannot make my wife make love to me or even want me, yet I can do things which are of a intimacy of a non-sexual nature. I TRY to patiently listen to her without suggesting fixes, make her breakfast occasionally, even give her a neck rub or play with her hair, etc. Eventually the outporing of love will hopefully work.
    I don’t really know. I have only tried it in patches and occasionally. My wife usually figures I want sex, which I do, but oddly when it is more about intimacy then sex then the best thing happens …. we both want it because we want to given to each other.
    After 10 years of marriage I have to admit I don’t know exactly what makes my wife feel loved. We read the 5 love languages but she was not ready to commit to any of the 5. ok that sucked. well then I tried watching her to see what she enjoyed or atleast gave positive feedback about. I am making some headway. In a almost selfish way, I given because it makes me feel good about me. That way when I get no response ie sexually or otherwise I feel good knowing I have done well and that my Lord is pleased.

  • Sexy

    Read it ……
    Once I had sex with a man who is very sexy
    He gave 10,00,000 rupees
    But I had sex only for half an hour
    If you too want just call

  • Lima

    Hi guys
    My husband don’t wanna have sex
    But I want it
    So i have thought of a plan
    One day he came from office and doing bath
    I had taken my clothes all away
    I wore a small and tight bra and a half cut panty
    He saw me and came to me closer
    He hugged me catched my boobs tightly
    I have taken his hands
    He had removed my clothes
    Once he kept his hands at Vagina and pushed me to bed
    That day he was tempted and had a lot of sex with me
    If you want to had sex with a guy remove your clothes

    • Akmia

      Ossam plan
      I had tried it also
      It worked

  • MM

    Hey everyone i am a 20 year old woman who started watching porn at about 16 i didnt understand how serious it was until 19 when i started to give my life to Christ since then its been a battle and porn has always won until today something happened i was peacefully studying and a sprit pushed me to watch porn and i cant do it anymore im sick and tired of it and its pushing me away from God each time i get closer or pray hard i watch porn and i made a vow today for the first time ever its over! I pray that it really is and i feel like God is mad at me but yet will forgive me if i really do give up i pray you all will pray for me and help me get rid of this disgusting addiction so i can be a real woman in Christ! This is just the beginning i feel i can do it and i will post up my progress on here please pray to God to forgive me but stregthen me! X

  • Honest Abe

    The church is full of crap. They are 2 faced and judgmental. Full of condemnation and blind to their own sin. Most of the damage in my life and marriage came from the church. Most of the love, help and support came from non believers and liberals and lesbians and non church goers. The church twists scripture to fit it’s own desires not God’s. I had phone hookers, prostitutes and strippers who cared more about me then the phony bullshit church. No wonder Jesus couldn’t stand the church leaders and loved the humble sinners. I am with Him. The church for the most part sucks.

  • Imma

    Hey guys I need help I can’t quit masturbating. I need prayers I think I’m addicted I can’t stop I’m in deep pain
    But helpless at the same time. Thank you

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