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Thank You For Sharing

by Craig Gross on September 18th, 2013 in The Haps

 This month two movies come out that touch on the topic of sex addiction and pornography. One is called “Thank You For Sharing” and one is called “Don Jon”.

I got to see “Thank Your For Sharing” last week and wanted to write about it.  

We don’t review movies on a weekly basis from a christian perspective and tell you what you should see and not see.

In fact, I think the last time I talked about a movie was the film Shame, which I posted about here.

The film is R rated because of language and probably the two sex scenes in the film. So, if that is a deal breaker for you, you have been warned.

I liked the film. It was a pretty light even though it covers a serious topic. The whole movie revolves around a group of people at a SA group. The movie nails the point that you need community and you cant do this on your own.

Some of my favorite lines from the film

“Its like quitting crack while the pipe is attached to your body.”

“You think I like not having a TV or computer it blows but it’s saving my life.”

“You have to do the work.”

“Not an excuse it’s a disease.”

I also loved Alecia Moore in it who you might know of as P!NK.  The film might be an eye opener to a lot of people that don’t understand that serious nature of this kind of addiction. You see men and women in the SA group throughout the film that are fighting to overcome this. 

Here is a clip from the film. It opens nationwide this Friday.




  • Jamie Chapman

    We can’t overcome any kind of addiction without Christ.We can try, in our own strength, but it won’t work.

  • pulledfromthedepths

    As an expert in sexual addiction and pornography, there has to be a better way to get the message out about the seriousness of this epidemic rather than having people watch a movie with sex scenes in it. It isn’t enough to just warn them. Yes, we are all responsible for our own actions, but when you endorse a movie you are taking some of that responsibility, too. I recognize you are knee deep in this sinful issue and for that I am grateful, yet I caution you that your credibility doesn’t steer some people in the wrong direction. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  • JM

    Good up until “It’s not a disease …” For me, I personally disagree with that perspective that SA has. I go to meetings and often here sex addition referred to as a disease. I can agree with the concept that it’s sort of like congenital heart disease or obesity, genetics and family history or relevant, but so did making healthy choices. For me, that is not why I became a sex addict.

    Here’s a phrase from my therapist I like: “In the beginning sex addiction chose me, at some point down the road I chose it.” I chose to stay in the fast-flowing river when I could have chosen to get DO SOMETHING to get out of it. Calling for help, swimming to shore, FINDING A NEW RIVER.

    I disagree with the characterization of “this is a disease I was born with now I must deal with it.”

    I am still grappling with these concepts, but this may be more Biblically accurate. In the context of self-nature vs. spirit nature, who I am as a soul / spirit person that’s where I want recovery (and that’s my eternal self) … my old nature (the addict) still wants his drug … Then the white wolf / black wolf analogy applies:

    Boy: “Which wolf will live.”
    Wise Old Indian: “The one you feed.”

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