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The Industry

In 2002, we showed up at a porn show. Not outside with signs and megaphones.
We showed up inside because we care. All these years later, we are still showing
up in your world because we still care about you.


This blog has industry updates from outreaches, news from the industry and those we have worked with to help reestablish a new life apart from the industry.

Our Approach

Pretty simple Jesus Loves Porn Stars. You can read about our belief in Jesus here. We are serious about this.

We believe that Jesus meets people where they are. We don’t subscribe to the belief system that God only loves those who live the way we or religion think they should live. We believe that it is when Jesus meets, loves and accepts us where we are, no matter that place that we are transformed by that crazy kind of love. ..

We long to live and love like that. In 2002 our then very small X3team went into the first AVN convention to love on both the consumer and the workers there. This approach was very different from other “religious” organizations present outside of the convention with their posters and megaphones preaching a message of law and hate. Over a decade + later our love is just as strong if not stronger for those inside the walls of the sex industry.

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We show up. We have fun. We give away bibles and t-shirts. We meet people that are in the industry. We develop friendships with performers, producers, show promoters and consumers. We are your friends whether you shoot porn, star in porn, watch porn or leave porn. If you are in the industry and would like someone on our team to reach out to you please email [email protected] and she will connect you with the right person.

The T-Shirt

The JLPS tee first debuted in 2004. Our friend Jason Locy created the original art. The message is simple that no matter who you are or what you have done, Jesus loves you. We give out thousands of these shirts every year for free at the porn shows we attend. The shirt is the most popular shirt we have for sale at the X3store as well.

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The Bible

The JLPS Bible debuted in June of 2006 at the Erotica L.A. convention in Los Angeles. We gave out over 3,000 of these Bibles for free in less than 24 hours. The Bible outreach was covered by Time magazine, the LA Times, ABC World News Tonight, and was one of the top stories of 2006 according to the Associated Press. In 2007, we gave out over 15,000 of these Bibles at four different porn shows we attended.

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We have been blessed to help a number of people from the adult industry through our Esther Fund Project
Here are a few that we can tell you about.
There are many others who have asked us to keep their stories confidential.



We have numerous resources available in many cities throughout the United States. If you are in the sex-industry and need assistance, please fill out our Get Connected form if you would like personal assistance and resources.

Safe Houses & Residential Programs

Mentorship & Life Coaching

Book Recommendations for the Sex-Industry Worker

Industry Gals

We have spent over twelve years working with people in the sex industry and have attended over 70 porn conventions across the world. One thing we have consistently heard is that working in porn is not the first choice for many who end up there.
We understand why/how people get in the industry and why they continue to work there. We don’t judge or criticize people for choosing this type of work.

Let's connect

I would like to:
Are you working with or receiving counseling or services from any other organizations or ministries?

Strip Church

Strip Church, formed by XXXchurch in 2008, works with women and churches around the world who have a passion to reach out to women working in the sex industry. We train, support, encourage, resource, and pray for new women to join us.

We train, support, encourage, resource, and pray for new women to join us. God has made it clear that by uniting our strengths, He can increase our reach and impact. Each year, we provide 3-4 Training Conferences, At these trainings, we build up new leaders to reach out to the local sex industry in their cities.

After attending a training, you are invited to join the Strip Church Network an exclusive group of 80+ ministries around the world reaching out to their local sex industry. The Network is supported through monthly training conference calls, additional resources, networked websites, private blogs, prayer, and branded materials to use inside the clubs.

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We invite you to join us so that together, we can connect with women who are often forgotten by the Church. Find out more at

This sounds formal but it is anything but formal. We have learned a lot after doing this kind of work for many years. So many people have a passion for this but don’t know how. We have found the very best of the best people out there that are doing this type of work and have connected them together in this network.


I'm a parent to someone in the sex industry

You are a parent and you discover that your beloved son or daughter is working in the sex- industry and you are devastated. Everything flashes through your mind from “whose hands is my son or daughter in and what are they going through or being exposed to?” to “what if our friends and family find out?” And of course underneath it all is the big question: “What can or should I do?”

First, let me tell you that you are not alone. We get emails and phone calls regularly from parents who discover their children are involved in pornography, stripping or escort/prostitution work. While we are not counselors and we don’t have all the answers, we can offer encouragement and support and some suggestions to help you love your son or daughter right where they are. Here are some suggested Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Reassure them that you still love them and support them and most importantly that God does too.
  • Cover them in love. The bible tells us that Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8). It is up to them to share this information with others not you. It is understandable for you to seek support and guidance from a few trusted people but discussing this with people who really cannot speak into it is in vain and will only further distance your child from you potentially destroying your relationship.
  • Ask appropriate questions e.g. “Are you happy with your job? Do you feel safe? Do you need any extra support?” Don’t debate their answers.
  • PRAY. Never underestimate the power of your prayers. Nothing falls deaf on God’s ears. Nothing. Remember that your child is important to Him and He longs to move in their life.


  • Get angry if they’ve been deceptive or kept this a secret from you. This is not the type of thing any child usually wants to write home about.
  • Assume the worst. There are a lot of stereotypes about sex-industry workers that do not apply to everyone and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your son or daughter fits into any of those categories or your preconceived ideas.
  • Try to talk them out of it. They are an adult and have made this decision as an adult regardless of the reasons you may or may not think are behind that decision. [If your child is under 18 and you’ve discovered this information then please call your local authorities or Children of the Night (24 hour hotline: 1.800.551.1300 for some counsel]
  • Expose or embarrass them. The last thing you want to do is out them to other family members or community. As mentioned in the DO section– love them where they are and COVER them in that love. Keeping in mind that doesn’t mean to ignore the situation

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