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Meet Brittni

by Craig Gross on May 30th, 2013 in Industry

We are so thrilled to share with you all the story of Brittni Ruiz. She is an amazing young woman who we have known for the past 9 years. God is doing some incredible things in her life right now. Keep her in your prayers. Enjoy the video:

Ps. So maybe you are wondering if Jesus really loves porn stars? He does. He loves you, me, soccer moms, accountants, porn stars, and porn producers. Believe it or not, Jesus Loves You – PERIOD. Still wondering? Download this free ebook Jesus Loves You This I Know. Find out for yourself.



  • Ivan

    What an amazing story of God’s love and God’s grace on Brittni’s life. God bless you Brittni. You deserve the very best life has to offer and never forget that you are a daughter of the Most High!!!

  • Dan

    This is so amazing! Bless you Brittni – God has such incredible plans for you.

  • Tim Carp

    Praise God! 7 years of loving paid off. What to go Rachel and staying committed. Welcome to the family Brittni! What a God of grace and love we serve. Brittni, please help bring the story of hurt and reality to the many men that are so entrapped in this. I think when we see the beautiful ewe lambs we have have hurt (or at the very least allowed to be hurt), it has a sobering effect.

    • BOOST

      pls stay like this

      and be a soldier of LORD CHRIST


      EVEN IF FOR 1 DAY 🙂




  • prho

    Brittini, I am happy for you. It will not always be easy to be a follower of Jesus but it is so worth it. Stay close to your new Jesus loving friends and know that MANY people will pray for you OFTEN including me. Keep going forward! Rev John Hohe Powell OH

  • Michael

    Dear Brittini, Praise God Hallelujah for saving you! I am so excited and happy for you and your new life with Christ. Always remember His grace and mercy towards you. Stay in that Grace for the rest of your life and God will do so many great things through you. You have an amazing story and God is blessing you. I can see it in your eyes and all over your face. I see the joy that He has brought to you. God bless you fully and completely my sister.

  • lover of Jesus

    AMAZING!!!! SO encouraging to SO many who need to see this. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your amazing story of how JESUS loves you!!!!

  • Youth Culture Report

    Awesome story of redemption!

  • Donna

    You are so beautiful and you are loved. I lost my husband of 31 years of marriage because of a porn addiction. It destroyed our marriage. I am so happy for you Brittni and I will pray for you.

  • JJ Ferrier

    PTL, Praying for you Sister. May we all strive to Love as Christ as loved us. Stay Strong Brittni

  • Dare to Shred

    Brittni, I thank God for you. You are beautiful, not just skin deep! I don’t think I saw any of your films because by Christ’s strength and accountability with other brothers, I stopped viewing porn for a few years now. And if I did, I apologize. Praise God for you!

  • Guest

    This is amazing. So happy for you. It is so hard to get away from the devil’s minions after you quit working for him, but it’s beyond worth it to have the forgiveness, love, acceptance, and grace of God.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

  • Jess

    Man, I can just see the Daughter’s Heart in that Woman shining out, and it’s so cool to see her redeemed like that. God bless her. I hope she finds the sufficiency of Christ and a Man who can love her Unconditionally.

  • Rose

    think it’s unwise and unkind to parade her in public as the ministry’s
    trophy. She needs time to mature, to take a back seat and learn from
    others, particularly so when popularity and fame were her idols.

    Her history as an actor can also be a problem,
    she needs to be off the stage so that she can be sure that her new
    found faith is not just a new role she’s playing but the real deal.

    we give so little thought as to what the consequences of these things
    can be on new converts, and on the watching world should she fail to be
    the kind of “light to the world” that they’re expecting her to be. 1 Tim 5:22, Matt 13:19-23 and in a sense 1Tim 3:6.

    • Bobby

      Everyone needs time to grow. All of us.

      Do you know how judgmental you sound? “Her history can be a problem…” Can you imagine Christ walking around looking to save the lost and thinking, “hmmm, this guy’s history could be a problem. Maybe I shouldn’t attach myself to him just yet?” Christ was the opposite. He attached himself to anyone in society, often people who may have been taboo.

      No one is asking her to be a minister or to write an instruction manual on life. She is just telling how Christ redeemed her. We can all be negative and think of what happens if she doesn’t continue, or we can be positive and think what if she remains faithful. That’s a challenge we all have.

      At this point, this woman is more of a light to the world than you are. Why? She is humbly coming before God and also telling a story that will impact a lot of people’s lives. You on the other hand are trying to think of all the negative consequences and how much harm she could do. Instead, why not encourage her – love her – pray for her. Do what Christ would do for her. That’s our leverage as disciples. That’s how we can be a light.

      I don’t think they need to parade her in public, but if she wants to tell her story – let her. And encourage her.

      • drb

        I agree with both of you, however, for many of us with this addiction, when these young actors or actresses are interviewed, by the news teams or even in the Church interviews themselves…. tell me why…???? the give out their ” stage names” when they were in the business..?????
        all this does is help, or aid in someone seeing all of their former work….
        all of us have sinned and many have done evil and very shameful things, and grieved Gods heart… I am guilty of this and am about to lose my spouse, children and relationships…. it bothers me greatly, when someone gets up in Church and gives their testimony, that they go into details, especially when young teenagers are present…..
        yes, their lives, life has changed by Gods grace and mercy…… but by giving out the “stage name”. of this young Lady.. it only hurts her and even promotes more problems…

      • connie

        This is her TESTIMONY. Thank you Jesus

      • Stephen W. Wells-Pastor

        Well said bobby, this world is so negative and critical we need to be more in tune with God’s Word and try to see the good in people as that is an attribute of the Christian as stated in the Bible for proper Christ-like character.

    • “ministry’s trophy”? – Wow. She is not the ministry’s trophy. She is a trophy of God’s grace!!

      This is a story of HOPE for so many others who have none. It is not a “look at me- I found Jesus and my life is immaculate”

      Sanctification is a process… so thankful Brittni contacted us to share what God is doing in her HEART.

  • Frank

    Remember, Matthew 10:32-33, “Therefore those who confess Me (Jesus) before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven……” This is Brittni’s confession before people, and our Lord will strengthen and bless her for doing so. I believe she will be cared for in a loving and discipleship relationship with these believers, and I am praying for her even now…as I know many others are. The “battle belongs to the Lord” and she will face one, but one worth fighting especially with Jesus by her side. Keep looking up and seeking His kingdom, Brittni, and you will grow in the strength and power of His Spirit.

  • Doscruz

    Although I agree with Rosé for Brittni to proceed carefully…The world needs to hear these stories…We the church need to hear them…so we can be connected…to be real…to be Jesus to all people…

    • Rose

      The public can hear her story in 5 or more years. Is she not worth the wait? Is Christ’s reputation not worth the wait? Let alone the unbelievers, who’s perception of Christianity would be hardened should she in a year or two cast off her confidence in Christ for another interest. Given time and a deepening of her repentance, her testimony would sound far less titillating and more fitting of one who has come to know a God who is holy.

      • Bobby

        ? Christ’s reputation? What about Christ’s reputation supporting another sinner – like you and me?

        Anyway, I think this story is great and I think it helps both men and women. As disciples of Christ, we should love one another as Christ loved us. And I don’t see him asking us to prevent telling our testimony or how he redeemed us. Our righteousness is not based on our actions – but based on Christ. You need not worry about her falling away or towards God, that’s God’s business. Instead of us trying to find out what’s wrong with this, why not encourage and celebrate with everyone in heaven that one of God’s children has come home?

        As people who call ourselves disciples of Christ, we need to be sure that we do the most important thing he asked us to – to love each other as he loved us. In that light, I can only feel immense joy for Brittni and I think her story can help others. For those who worry about her leaving the church – instead of focusing on the negative, let’s focus on HOPE. Let’s focus on loving her and let God lead her on the path to righteousness. She is as righteous as you, me or the greatest disciple of all time – because it’s Christ who justifies her.

        In closing, I leave you with the Parable of the Lost Sheep:

        “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

  • Chelsey Ball

    This is amazing. So happy for you. It is so hard to get away from the devil’s minions after you quit working for him, but it’s beyond worth it to have the forgiveness, love, acceptance, and grace of God.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

  • Zahk Man

    Amazing. Thank you so much for having the courage to share your story. We defeat the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11)

    • Stephen W. Wells-Pastor


  • Zahk Man

    I left a comment on this on the email link, but it’s not showing up here.

    Anyway, just want to say how amazing it is that you shared your story!

    We defeat our enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11).

  • Eric

    Brittni, what an encouraging story. Thank you so much for sharing it. You are an amazing woman and it’s all because of Jesus. I have never commented here before, but I was so moved by your story that I just had to show my support for you and to give a shout out to our awesome savior and friend Jesus Christ for what He has done for you and for us all. Praise Him, Praise Him!!!

  • LuchoNC

    2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

  • Greg

    How does the process work to request that all material still available of Britni gets removed from the sites on the Internet?

  • MelaneeLIsa

    Yo, Brittni!
    Welcome to PAPA’S Family!
    And thank You, KING JESUS, for Saving Brittni & for continuing to do whatever it takes to soften her heart towards You, Your Word, & Your Will in every area of her life–no matter what it costs her!
    And, PAPA – I remember what it was like when I walked towards You & away from homosexuality. It was exhilarating, exciting, terrifying, & difficult. The most difficult part was being rigorously honest with others. My pride & fear were so ensnaring & I was SO AFRAID to tell others what was going on in my mind, that I eventually believed that You couldn’t change me.
    But, thanks be to You, KING JESUS!!! You never gave up on me! HalleluYAH!!!
    So . . . , all that to say – Brittni – remember what HOLY SPIRIT Says to you. And if any human (including yourself!) or the enemy tells you that PAPA can’t change you–DON’T BELIEVE THEM! Run to PAPA! He WILL take care of you! He Promises! And He NEVER lies!
    PAPA’S Blessings on you Precious Beautiful Brave Warrior Princess Daughter of The KING!!!!!!!

  • MelaneeLIsa

    Yo, Brittni!
    Welcome to PAPA’S Family!
    And thank You, KING JESUS, for Saving Brittni & for continuing to do whatever it takes to soften her heart towards You, Your Word, & Your Will in every area of her life–no matter what it costs her!
    And, PAPA – I remember what out was like when I walked towards You & away from homosexuality. It was exhilarating, exciting, terrifying, & difficult. The most difficult part was being rigorously honest with others. My pride & fear were so ensnaring & I was SO AFRAID to tell others what was going on in my mind, that I eventually believed that You couldn’t change me.
    But, thanks be to You, KING JESUS!!! You never gave up on me! HalleluYAH!!!
    So . . . , all that to say – Brittni – remember what HOLY SPIRIT Says to you. And if any human (including yourself!) or the enemy tells you that PAPA can’t change you–DON’T BELIEVE THEM! Run to PAPA! He WILL take care of you! He Promises! And He NEVER lies!
    PAPA’S Blessings on you Precious Beautiful Brave Warrior Princess Daughter of The KING!!!!!!!

  • Julia Michele Hefner

    WOW what an inspiration and a true miracle! XXXChurch is such a light of love in dark places. What a difference you’ve made! Praying for Brittni to stay strong, find effective recovery, and touch many hundreds if not thousands of lives with her powerful story. Jesus truly is the only one that satisfies and give us the LOVE we look for in life! Praying for you Brittni! You are a chosen, loved, called, purposed, daughter of the King!

  • Carl Taylor

    So blessed by this….May God bless her and bring all the Love & Support she could possibly need…”Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.” 2 Cor. 5:17

  • Joel

    Really glad Brittni has left the darkness for the light. I pray she continues walking with Christ. I also pray many in the industry will join her (in leaving porn and following Jesus). Well done X3 Church you’re doing a great job.

  • Asya Gonzalez

    She Is Worth It! Is so proud of Brittni for taking that leap of faith! We featured your story on our page and pray we will continue to see MORE girls telling their stories of redemption! And thank you Rachel (my mom’s friend!!) for your warrior love!! <3 Asya @sheisworthit

  • Anonymous

    I hate myself for knowing her stage name and seeing Brittni in this video makes me feels so ashamed I can’t put it into words. Let’s face it: I’m probably not the only one around here.
    She became a part of the family we are in- that is so incredible I can’t seem to grasp it. God reaches out to people, barely ever before I have seen it this clear.
    XXXChurch, you people are amazing! Thank you so much for everything. All the best to Brittni, I’m so glad you’re saved. You’re gonna be such a big blessing to many many people.

    • shame is not of God. Glad to know that He is at work in your heart through the conviction of the Holy Spirit. May you heed that conviction- lay the porn down and walk out the plan He has for you! Godspeed!!

  • What an incredible story. Brittni, stay strong. I know the XXXChurch people will help you so much. I will be praying for you.

  • antichrist

    well the broad was dumb enough to say her pornstar name. a google search later and im watching her get plowed by a dozen black guys. .praise Lucifer

    • A Dog

      Hello antichrist. Your words are like my mind at times. I want to just be carnal and dirty and animal-like. I know how easy and invigorating it is to go down that road.

      Praise God for you my brother! God does love you and can see right through your mask. Let him in, he wants to clean your heart out like he did to mine.

    • tim hasting

      her pornstar name wasn’t a secret shes not hard to find she has gut unlike people who hide behind a username lol your a pussy antichrist

  • antichrist

    well the broad was dumb enough to say her pornstar name. a google search later and im watching her get plowed by a dozen black guys. praise Lucifer.

  • Homer

    I see all these comments quoting scripture, and I See people talking about Jesus…
    now, I am not an Atheist. I am not like that, I believe in a God and I believe we have souls, I believe we go to a “Heaven” or another spiritual plane
    But I just cannot fully 100% say I believe in Jesus and that praying helps you. I just cannot blindly believe in something like that. I mean, is Jesus a spirit? is he flesh? how does Jesus helps us?
    If Jesus loved this girl, Why didn’t he do something to help her stop going to porn?
    Why didn’t Jesus help Brittni become a Super Model or a Hollywood Star?
    It just seems so dark and scary that God and Jesus would let us walk in this dark and horrible path only so that we can find him at the end
    It’s like If I had a son or a daughter and they didn’t love me so I left them Downtown at night to be raped by a man so that the next day they can realize how much I love them and take care of them?

    Does that mean that humans only learn through suffering?
    Is suffering God’s Plan? is suffering and pain the way God shows us he loves us? by taking us out of that pain BUT not stopping that pain before it stars?

    • Patrick

      Dear Brother, God makes crooked paths straight. God loved Brittni before during her miserable times. We are all sinners and grace is the divine strength that makes us closer to God, which is freely given by God if one asks with sincerity. The ways of God are not our ways nor God’s thought our thoughts. Think about Mary Magdalene, St Paul of Tarsus, and St Augustine of Hippo. Mary became the apostles of apostles after an encounter with Jesus, though once a prostitute; Paul became one the most illustrious writers of the new testament after an encounter with Jesus, though once a persecutor of Christians; and Augustine became one of the greatest christian theologian of the middle ages though a heathen and a victim of sexual perversion .

      “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future”

      St Augustine of Hippo

    • Sailosi Tarai

      It has been 3 years now, but perhaps with the help of GOD i can answer you question.

      JESUS (our supreme LORD) is GOD in the Flesh. God has three forms. GOD the father (a spirit being), GOD the son (God in a visible form) and GOD the MOST HOLY SPIRIT (omniscient GOD). you could perhaps liken it to the different states of water. Water (liquid) representing GOD the father, Ice (Solid) representing GOD the Son, and Gas (vapor) being in the similitude of the MOST HOLY SPIRIT. GOD demonstrate this in our fathers

      So, GOD the father, came to us in the form of GOD the SON. However, if JESUS is GOD, then how can he be the SON of GOD? JESUS is GOD, Father Adam His Eminence is the SON of GOD. Luke 3:38 This has been unknown to many for over 2000 years but the truth is that everything JESUS did on Earth, he did in the shoes of Father Adam (H.E). This is why he said:

      Those that deny me before men, i will deny before my father which is heaven.

      What GOD gives us, is a chance to live and not taste death. For mortality was the original SIN. our principal ancestors were not created Mortal. We know this because:

      But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat, for in the day thou eatest thereof, [thou shalt surely die].

      Why would GOD put a tree in the garden of EDEN (which is a heavenly place) if it would only kill the man and woman he just created? Father Adam and Mother Eve were created as celestial beings. When they ate of the tree of Mortality, they became flesh and blood. Father Adam (H.E) was not deceived, It was mother Eve that was deceived and fell into transgression Tim 2:14

      So Father Adam chose to die (chose to eat the fruit because he was not deceived) for the love he has for GOD and for his wife (Eve is in the similitude of the Church) Just as JESUS chose to die for the Church. Here we can see the similarity. So, why would Father Adam choose to die when he was given dominion over all the animals, angels, cherubim, seraphim, etc. Because GOD had previously commanded Father Adam to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the Earth.

      The only way to pro-create was to die (become Mortal) because it is the flesh and blood that allows pro-creation. On Earth, the children of the kingdom are on a spiritual Journey to learn the fruits of the spirit, to become like GOD in Character, this is what is meant by being made in the likeness of GOD. the celestial body that Father Adam and Mother Eve had was the image of GOD.

      This is what is meant by salvation. To drain the blood of the body, and the water to transfigure back into our celestial bodies. JESUS died and paid the price of SIN, Mortality, so that he could free his SON (father Adam (H.E) and the saints), from hell and bring them back to Heaven. Hell is not a place that was created by GOD, because death was not created by GOD.

      Once death entered the world, a place needed to be set aside for the spirits of mankind after they Die. So Hell formed because of Death. Not because GOD made Hell. So GOD had to make himself Mortal (wow! how does a GOD without an beginning or end make himself Mortal!) what power!!! in order to free his SON father Adam (H.E) and his children (the saints) from the hell.

      In hell, we are there in spirit only. Depending on our works (our sinful acts) and our righteousness (which is in Christ alone), we are either heavy, or light. The heavy spirits are weighed down to the depths of Hell and are tormented by the demons in Hell. The righteous spirits in Christ are light and therefore float to the top. The sinful spirits sink to the bottom where their thirst can never be quenched. Our Supreme LORD took the SIN of the World. He fought of the demons in Hell for three days and three nights. After destroying them he ripped open a piece of Hell (called Abraham’s Bosom), which is at the top where all the righteous in Christ will go to await the resurrection.

      This is What JESUS meant by. “i go to prepare a place for you”. Because no man/woman except the following goes straight heaven. The only ones that went to heaven are Enoch, Elijah, Moses, Mary. Moses and Mary were taken by the Angel of GOD Gabriel to heaven. They died but were taken in tact (body/soul/spirit). Enoch and Elijah both transfigured and went back to Heaven. This is what is meant by paying the price of our sins! JESUS took it upon himself to save us from the torment we would suffer in Hell until the resurrection, AND proved us with FOOD so we would not taste death at all and live forever!! PRAISE GOD! WHAT A LOVING GOD!!


      Hell was born because the spirit cannot return to heaven (EDEN) without the wedding Garment which is, the celestial man (Body, soul and spirit) Because the Spirit (which comes from GOD) does not DIE. So, the spirits of Mankind that Die all go to Hell. It is only at the resurrection that we are judged and the righteous in Christ transfigure into the celestial being and are accepted into Heaven.

      The celestial body is our only ticket to heaven (EDEN). This is what is meant by being born again. That is why in the parable of the wedding feast, JESUS mentions the wedding garment. This Garment is your transfigured body. Transfiguration can only be achieved by eating the flesh and blood of our supreme LORD JESUS CHRIST. This of course is a spiritual eating.

      John 1: 1-14 explains that JESUS is the Word and the WORD became flesh. This is also in the similitude of Father Adam (H.E). For he too was made as a celestial being and became flesh. The WORD (JESUS) is what we eat, which means revelations – divine revelations that can only come from a prophet of GOD. This Prophet will rain the revelations on the Earth and the children of the kingdom will eat and assimilate them, changing the body gradually into the celestial being by draining the blood, and filling the spirit with LIGHT from the WORD – FOR GOD is LIGHT. The children that eat these revelations before the 2nd coming of Christ are the ones that will not taste death. These are the ones that will reign with him for 1000 years.

      Death is not the highway to heaven. LIFE is the highway to Heaven. GOD is the author of LIFE. GOD is faithful. GOD will not leave any of HIS children behind. This does not mean that everyone will be saved. what this does show us is that there are two kinds of people. GOD’s people, and the World. It is never an act of GOD to make someone famous in the world. The world is the enemy of GOD. by fame i mean (actors/actresses/porn stars/super models, mega churches etc) these are the ways of the World, the ways of Men. The worldly system is the babylon system, the system of Lucifer.

      If you look at the story of Moses spiritually, you will see that GOD is showing his children (the spiritually Israelite) the Journey for a child of Israel
      (a child of the kingdom of GOD). Egypt, is in the similitude of the WORLD, the Hebrews are in the Similitude of the children of the Kingdom. The Hebrews (Children of GOD) were delivered from slavery of Egypt (the world – which is spiritual slavery) to go to the land of Canaan (EDEN).

      However, it was after wandering in the wilderness for 40 years that Israel finally made it to Canaan. Many of the israelites were the children of those that were actually delivered from Egypt. This shows us that the children that would stand at the Door of EDEN are not the ones that were delivered from the world first, but the children of them that walked through the wilderness.

      But it is important to understand the the LAW is HOLY and it operates as our school master, to teach us the things of GOD. To separate us from the World, and to show us our SINS. The fact that all the people that died in the wilderness were sinners shows us that no child of the Kingdom can stand at the Door of EDEN without following the LAW, because SIN leads to death. The LAW leads us to the DOOR of EDEN, but JESUS (played by Joshua) brings down the walls of Jericho! (walls of mortality) and leads us into EDEN. How? from revelations that are given to the Israelites. For Just as GOD sent an angel to tell them how to bring down the Walls of Jericho, He has also sent his Angel (7th angel of the 7th church age), the 3rd Elijah Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander to teach us through revelations of GOD WORD how to put on the Garment of Immortality and return to the land of our father (EDEN).

      In fact, the whole bible is one testament, the testament of Father Adam His Eminence’s return to Heaven. Everything Jesus our Supreme Lord Jesus Christ did, HE did in place of Father Adam (H.E), to restore Father Adam (H.E), and his children back to Glory. The Whole Bible is a testament to GOD’s Love for his SON – Father Adam (H.E), The SON of GOD. Jesus is GOD in the Flesh, GOD the SON (GOD in Visible Form) So, Jesus is Father Adam’s and his children’s, GOD. This is the Love GOD has for his SON!

      Our spiritual journeys are in toil and hardship to change the character of the person. To teach the child humility and patience. To teach the child Love, peace, long suffering, faithfulness, compassion, obedience. GOD does not take away our free will. But when we hear HIS voice, we follow him.
      We know this from JESUS saying: My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me.

      The Children of GOD are obedient, the children of the world are disobedient and cannot be taught the things of GOD. They are the self-righteous. So, all the children of GOD will be called, but only a few are chosen. The few that are chosen are the “Sent ones”. These are the prophets of GOD. According to the very Word of GOD, these preachers cannot be the chosen ones, therefore, they must be false prophets.

      The true prophet has emerged to restore all things. All that i have typed are not my revelations, they come from GOD’s Chosen prophet, the one that will usher in the return of our supreme LORD Jesus Christ. The one that will destroy these false prophets with the sword of his mouth. The one that is here to restore all things, to make ready a bride without spot, blemish or wrinkle. He is the 3rd Elijah, Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander.

  • Edu


  • Josie

    The Peace of God is flowing all over you. Praise God for such a great transformation. You are an amazing woman. Keep sharing your story! Praise God for His freedom.

  • Kat

    SO AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for your story, Brittni! Praise Jesus!

  • James

    Brittni, welcome to the family!!! It is so awesome that you have been found by Christ, just like us! His forgiveness is so amazing!! Keep up the good work! We are praying for you and love that you are our new sister in Christ! Welcome to the family, sis!!

  • Jordan

    I started watching this video on the border of spiritual interest and carnal intent. I’m a young man who IS addicted to porn. After watching this video just under 30 seconds i started crying. i objectify women and have trouble seeing them as people. I’m disgusted with myself and by the grace of God i am beginning to see a change. After starting to cry i was able to see the human-being behind the beauty. i was able to see the sister in Christ that Brittni is. Thank you so much Brittni for sharing your story and for helping me on my road to recovery.

    And for those men out there like me: 1st corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”


    i believe in watching this video god showed me that even porn stars are people needing His love.

    thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Corey Keeton

      same here man. i’m so glad i ended up here right now!

    • Luke

      I have the same problem.

    • Brittni Lover

      I Cryed too. I Loved yesterday jenna And Today Brittni. I Love You Brittni.
      I Pray For You .
      Love For You


      Brittni I remember you the first time at the Houston bush airport when I was a cart driver 3 years ago. I saw some of your videos and I felt bad. You look so dead inside and even with the picture I took with you your eyes said it all and saw the pain. You gave me you personal Facebook at one time. I lost it that day and I was so mad because I wanted to say you don’t look alive at all. But I’m so happy for found salvation and hope your life is blessed. Maybe one day I’ll find mine and I will look at the pic we took and say if she found it so can I. God bless.

      Christian Knight
      Aka LUNCHBOX

  • HeyZeus

    i love it when she moans “Oh God!” in one of her videos. truly jesus has blessed her and came into her.

  • Hamad Gabriel

    now she is more perfect

  • Monica

    “The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7). Brittni- your eyes are shinning with a light only the source of true Love can provide. Thank you for sharing; we’ll be praying and God bless you!

  • Robert Paulson

    I loved your videos Jenna Presley, thanks for all you have done.

    RIP in piece.

  • noob

    big lost u was such great porn star

  • MikeAnton

    Good for you Brittni. Put it all behind and make a beautiful fresh start. you have your whole life a head of you. all the best and greetings from Cyprus xxx





  • cruizerdave

    Too bad more people don’t understand what this industry does to girls like Brittni. Good for her for getting out of the sleaze and into a new spot in her life.

  • Levi Everaerts

    So, let me get this straight here: A former porn star retires from porn and becomes a born-again Christian (or the other way round, it doesn’t even matter that much in this case). Nothing wrong with that so far. Now, she’s going around telling people how horrible her time in that field was? Sorry, but this is ridiculous. If she really was in such a bad place because of porn, she would’ve quit a long time ago. Actually, she wouldn’t even have started. The porn industry often gets frowned upon based on the assumption that it’s degrading towards women. Well, have you stopped to take in the fact that those women CHOOSE to be in that situation themselves? It’s nothing more than a job, no matter how you look at it. She chose to be a porn actress and obviously liked being one, which I can only applaud. But come on, porn stars never get treated badly within the industry itself, otherwise they wouldn’t be working in said industry anymore. Have people really lost their sense of logic? I’m going to call this right now and say she either did it just for the money or attention, in which case, yeah maybe she does need some saving. I’m just not buying this story at all, and no one in their right mind will.

    • A dog

      Hey Levi,

      I think you are right on some points. Yes, there are a lot of men and women who specifically choose to be in the porn industry. They are free to do so. If I was their friend, parent, brother, grandparent, etc. I would definitely be trying my best to keep them away from it, but that is just me.

      There are many, many women like Brittni, who do not get directly into it. They fall into it, and even though each step is their own choice, it is not like they are just handed 2 pamphlets – nude or non-nude – which do I want to choose? It’s men & women showering them with compliments, assuring them it will be awesome, treating them like a princess, putting them behind a camera. Then its take your clothes off – oh its ok you are beautiful you are great, you look awesome, then its have sex with this guy. I mean you see, it’s not just an I am going to have sex on camera for my career. It’s all those people all along the way glamorizing an industry and not talking about it for what it really is – giving your body cheaply to make a buck for everybody around. It’s the Joe Camel of the cigarette industry. Oh wait cigarettes cause cancer and make you stink and shrivel your skin. DON’T PUT THAT IN THE COMMERCIAL! Porn gives you STDs and causes you to feel like a “rubberized barbie doll (Brittni)”, and isolates you from your friends and family, and makes you want to do drugs and alcohol, and by the way puts your naked body all over the internet forever for people to gaze at, including your family & friends. DON’T TELL EVERYBODY THAT! YOU’LL RUIN IT!

      I guess, Levi, I just want you to realize that we all (including myself) need to keep waking up to reality here! Porn looks great on the surface, but go ahead and read through this site for a while and find out what it really does.

      • Levi Everaerts

        I really didn’t want this to go as far as I’m going right now, but I feel somewhat forced. I know people who are in the porn industry and they are having the time of their lives. Yes, for some people (including myself, mind you) sex is an act of love and shouldn’t be just entertainment. You mentioned that some people just roll into it. This is absolutely true, and it is very tragic. However, this does not happen on a regular basis. There are even “talent shows” going on where people can audition to become a porn star. That’s purely out of free will, I can’t find anything wrong with that. Also, many people DO see porn the way you do, “giving your body cheaply to make a buck for everybody around”, but many people in the industry itself (especially the actors/actresses) see it as a work of art. The cool thing about art is that it’s a matter of opinion. You may not see any artistic value, but someone like Sasha Grey or Charlie Laine does.

        Your cigarette analogy is completely false. They actually do warn you about cancer and stuff, it’s right there on every pack with a label that’s nearly half as big as that pack. I’m assuming you don’t smoke, but just look for a cigarette pack next time you go shopping or something, you’ll see it’s right there (and if it’s not, then it’s just something we do in Europe, I have no idea). Also, a lot of people do warn others for “the dangers of porn”. Why do you think it’s such a taboo subject? Exactly.

        You told me to wake up and read through this site for a while. You obviously didn’t understand my previous post. Frankly, I don’t want to have anything to do with this site. I think it’s a form of censorship and it’s incredibly biased. If there were some actual facts involved, maybe I wouldn’t have a problem with this site. But the sheer fact that the very goal of this site doesn’t make sense in any way, shape or form makes me not want to come back except for when someone leaves me a comment like you.

        This is probably a very lame thing to do, but let me end with a film quote that I think fits this situation perfectly: You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • thunder mountain

    once a whore always a whore ,, she’s an embarrassment, how could anyone hold their head high and think they’re a better person after everything she has done. And using the excuse of ( I JUST WANTED TO BE LOVED ALL MY LIFE) is a joke, u dont have to be a porn whore to be loved. the always going to be whore,,, should of found GOD before all that !!! just sayin !

    • A Dog

      Hi thunder mountain.

      I am sure Brittni would be the first person to admit that she made mistakes in her life. She is not trying to throw a pity party for herself. She is just trying to show those of us addicted to porn and those women (or men) in the porn industry that neither of us need to be stuck. Jesus can get us out.

      I really hope that nobody treats you this way if you are trying to get something evil out of your life. Do you want to be stuck for the rest of your life with the mistakes you made hanging around your neck? Brittni may have participated in “whore” activities and even been a “whore” for a while, but that is not who God created her to be at her core and she is boldly stepping out and saying that all of us out here that she just wants to be who God created her to be. I personally am going to let her do that.

      Brittni, if I ever saw one of your films, I can’t honestly remember, I apologize. I apologize for my lusting heart and my disrespect of women and my wife.

      Anyway, hatred, close-mindedness, and an unforgiving heart can be shackles, thunder mountain. I pray that you can find release from those shackles and allow God to open your eyes to love the way He loves.

    • patrick

      The Apostle Paul helped kill Stephen, the first martyr of the Church, before he saw Christ on the road to Damascus. King David was an adulterer and a murderer but we call him a man after God’s own heart. Some of the greatest saints of the Church were among the greatest sinners before they came to Christ.

  • Terry K

    He who the Son sets free is free indeed.

  • CCTiger

    Thank you Lord, for saving this pretty young lady, the beauty of a person comes out when our Lord Jesus comes through. I know you have a great plan for her, and I pray she is richly blessed, and is always in and feels the love and peace a person can only know through Jesus. We are all defective, all sinners, only Holy God can judge. Bless you.

  • Rex

    wow! i am blessed.

  • Billy

    I want to personally apologize to Brittni, as I used to be a frequenter of her scenes. In the eight years I have struggled with pornography, she was one of the few who I was really hooked on watching. There were countless nights that I have spent looking at her pictures, watching her movies, and even pleasuring myself to either one of those or thinking about her and some of her fellow actors. It’s only been recently that I’ve been surrendering my Hyde self to God, and seeing what a mess it’s made of my life. All of those poor women I watched, including Brittni, I saw them,more as objects than people, as wanted possessions instead of the precious creations God made them to be. I am so sorry. You are a beautiful child of God, and you deserve to be treated as such. I can’t wait to see how He uses you to change the world for His glory. God Bless.

    Hebrews 13:20-21

  • King Ebenezer

    is the strengh of God i believe can do this . and is my dream that these are the people who are going to bring back the REVIVAL back to the church of the living GOD .

  • King Ebenezer

    i know the time is coming where the captives are going to set free for the main purpose of the kingdom of God almighty .

  • It’s very sad seeing all the judgmental views expressed in the comments. I think we all need to grab a mirror and re-evaluate our relationship with Him.

  • Samir

    It would have been a miracle if ladies did not judge men who complimented there bosoms,cleavage and rears,whistled,stared, etc. This is listening to the unclean spirits lies about compliments,etc. They are using the Bible in a profane way to justify arresting men over a trifle like compliments. What they are using as an excuse to justify this evil behaviour of theirs thats a miscarriage of justice is in the Old Testament in Proverbs where it speaks these words, to make a man an offender for a word, too bad we did not understand it never said cage a man as if hes an animal if he says your bosom,cleavage or rear is comely.

  • shelovesJesus

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. I can see the love Jesus has for you in your smile. I am so glad you know how much he loves you and all women. You are an inspiration. God bless you in all you do for Him.



  • Miguel

    Oh my god it makes me cry out. Love it.

  • Gilberto Medina

    We are a group of people from church that every friday twise a month we go with the prostitutes from our city, we are in Mexico and the city is Ciudad Juarez is in the border with El Paso, TX. When the girls see us some of them smile and know that we are going to share a God’s message to them, and some just left because they don’t want to hear the message. But we still happy to do it, and we know that God will do something amazing with each one of them.
    Right now I’am translading this video to spanish so we can show it to the girls, and we are sure that this video will affect them somehow in their lifes.

    God Bless.

  • Eric

    Victory! Blessed and Holy are those who will be in the first resurrection, for God called her!

  • sherif

    god b with you
    dont let negative thoughts or comments affects you i’m one of the people who is supporting you
    wish you the best
    sherif from egypt

  • Patryk

    Invisible magic man in the sky spoke to another person of lesser intelligence, hurray. People, this is the age science and technology and you still believe in an old book that was written by people who know NOTHING about the world we live in today?

  • WonHungLow

    Okay, Craig Gross with his porn[ography] addiction will be left behind and then out of desperation to survive will take the mark of the beast and go to hell.

  • Philip

    Lord Jesus Christ bless all the people through you 🙂

  • Nico Scheer

    Had to cry as well, watching the video… Brittni, I’m glad you found a way out of the porn industry. Souls are not ment for porn; it’s too rough, like in the animal kingdom. Instead, souls love harmony melody, a gentle touch as in tantra… So, when doing porn, your soul wants to disconnect from the body, which is impossible without killing you. The alternative then is to start using drugs, numbing the body, to get that disconnect, so you can handle the porn like a living sex doll. This doesn’t make you happy, that’s why the suicide attempts… But I’m glad you’re still here, coz you’re a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul. I love this true you.

  • Steve

    I just saw the interview with Brittni. I have two dear loved ones in the industry and seeing this interview brought hope. I must ask, is Brittni still out of the industry? Is she doing well? I am including her in the prayers I pray for my loved ones. I will start praying for XXX Church too.

  • Majdi Majdi

    yes she beautiful and nice woman i hope she reading about Islam god help everybody for change to better

  • FU

    The Sperminator joi clips… Brittni is not being “objectified”. Listen how she destroys men.

  • igota9inchcawk

    dang i gota go watch some of this bhitch’s videos now men

    • thepornmaster

      ya men she hawt as fuk

  • Greg

    This moved me to tears. What a beautiful– and I mean that in the purest sense– woman, and I’m so grateful she escaped the downward spiral of that life. She should consider herself a true hero and a survivor.

  • Ross Drage

    Thankyou so much Brittany Ruiz for sharing your GOD testimony. I have a friend who is in what you were in and I keep praying that GOD will set her free from the lying Jezebel spirit that manipulates her, She is very attractive and alluring and the enemy just thrives on drawing the men into her life. I used to be with her a lot and we have been out together, At the venue she operates out of GOD said to protect myself stay way from the area. What is the most effective way to reach her for GOD. If you have the time please let me know.

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