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Yes! Jesus Loves You Sheena

by Craig Gross on August 4th, 2014 in Industry

We have been showing up at Adult Expo’s for 12 years. We go there with a simple message “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. No agenda. Pretty simple. We hand out bibles that say “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. We make free t-shirts and give away stickers. We staff the booth with a few members of our team but the majority of people that work the booths at the different shows are volunteers. My good friend Rachel is our porn show superstar and this past month in Chicago she brought a great team of gals from her church.

A lot of people ask us. How do you go to porn shows? What are those people like?

Well, those people are quite nice and they often times have grown up in the church or are currently seeking and pursuing Jesus. I love the people we find there because unlike what we see in our church culture sometimes, these people tend to be way more open and honest then we tend to be in church. 

Last night, I saw this video on youtube.

I didn’t meet Sheena in Chicago but I appreciate her posting this video on her youtube channel. Please watch this video and let it speak to you.

*If you have a tough time with her smoking or her language in the video… get over it and you have completely missed the point of the video if you are going to focus on that.

This girl is amazing gets what we are doing.

Thanks Sheena. We love you and yes… Jesus loves you!




  • @defeatingporn

    This video is awesome! I completely understand what she is saying. Christians do need to keep in mind that everyone sins. No sin is greater than another. But, I would say it is still important to highlight that Jesus died so we no longer have to be slaves to sin. That is what we should all strive toward. Also as a person fighting porn addiction, I find it tempting to look up videos with her in it. Just being honest. I love the work that you all are doing at xxx church. Keep up the good work.

    • Dylan

      Totally agree. I’m all for people believing in Jesus, but he came so that we might repent of our sins and follow him as new creations.

    • VERY good point about the temptation for someone recovering from porn addiction.

  • Jeremy

    Jesus certainly loves Sheena and loves all of us! But, why do we think that just because He loves us He wants to keep us in the situation that we are in? I believe God loves Sheena so much that He wants something much better for her 🙂 I pray in God’s grace that this sister in the Lord sees this.
    In Christ,

  • Nathan

    I understand that 3X Church is bringing Christ to pornstars, and I am
    behind that 100%…but the message from this video is that you can live
    any way you want and still be a follower of Christ.This is contrary to scripture (1 John 1:5-6). To use this video to say that she (Sheena) “gets” what you are doing is endorsing her point of view. Is that the message that you hope people will “get”?
    I believe that posting and endorsing this video was a poor choice.

    • phewie

      I think she’s just at a different point in her walk than you are. Change doesn’t happen over night. There are a lot of social, economic, psychological, emotional and mental health implications as to why people do porn in the first place, and the aforementioned are no doubt contributors to the fact that she hasn’t left the industry yet. As God begins to call her closer, and as she continues to trust and listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading, her life will be transformed. This video highlights the beauty of her journey in its particular season. Let’s celebrate with her by meeting her where she’s at and trust that God will continue to lead her down the path of renewal. The best is yet to come! The Lord has begun a good work in her and He will see it to full completion!!

      • Nathan

        My issue is not with Sheena, though I do hope the Lord is working in her life. My issue is with the statement that she “gets what we are doing” which seems to endorse that what she is saying is all true. By 3X Church posting this video, they seem to be promoting the idea that one can be a Christian and at the same time continue in unrepentant sin. If that is the case then what is the point of this ministry?

        • Justin Johnson

          Thank you for posting and sharing your great opinions and points. I agree with you, 1 John 1:5-6 does state if we claim to have fellowship with God and walk in darkness then we lie. I can say with 100% honesty that I have lied today, I can also say that I looked at multiple woman today with lustful eyes, both sins I know I should not do and try not to do. And I do one of
          these sins or a variety of other sins every single day. I do these sins sometimes
          not because I want to, or even purposefully intend to, but nonetheless I do
          still commit them. This means I commit unrepentant sin every single day of my life, because I live in a fallen world. Thankfully, because of what Jesus did on the cross, I know that I am forgiven for continuously committing these sins and even the new ones in the future, as long as I ask for forgiveness and believe in my heart. One of the hardest parts in my walk with Christ is the temptation to compare myself to others. It is literally one of the hardest things I believe I struggle with because comparing myself to others often times makes me feel better about myself. And I believe everyone wants to feel better about themselves. However, by the grace of God, I am forgiven and this is an eternal thing. Grace, for me, is one of the hardest acts for me to understand and also to communicate to others. But I do know and live every day knowing I will sin, probably the same sins that I committed yesterday and will probably commit tomorrow, but Jesus tells me to love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind and then to love my neighbor as myself. And my hope and prayer is that by attempting to do this, I will see Jesus, which will enable me to show a love to this world that is without comparison and begs to be known.

          • Ana N. Mosely

            Thanks dude. You help clarify things for me, too. Why the hell should I stick around after 12 years of giving up my youth, body, and soul trying to please him.

            After all, I’ll never be able to compete with mindless, inhuman pixels who never ask anything in return?!?

            I’m leaving!!!! Who needs rules and boundaries?!? That’s sooo OT!

          • Justin Johnson

            Please speak with God, however that looks for you; praying, journal, spoken-word, podcasts, and/or read the Bible before you make such a life changing, life altering decision. I will also be praying with and for you. Please Ana. Thank you and I will with you.

          • Ana N. Mosely

            Well if porn isn’t life-changing and life altering, then why did Jesus say, whoever lusts with his eyes, commits adultery? I’m not the one who made the life altering decision here.

            Besides, it’s a fallen world. Have a nice day.

          • Justin Johnson

            First off I mistyped at the end of my last reply. Instead of Thank you and I will with you I mean to say Thank you and I am with you.
            I love your honesty and I can feel the hurt in your words. Porn is life-changing and life altering, you and I know this both in our own ways. And you are correct in your quote Jesus. I have lusted and unfortunately will more than likely lust the rest of the my life. I hope I do not and I will try to not. The reality is though I probably will, whether it that is looking at porn or literally just looking at a woman and having a lustful thought. Thankfully I have be given God’s grace, this is a free gift so I cannot boast. I believe in God and His ability to lead you. If you believe He is leading you leave that is a decision between you and God. I will not tell you what decision to make or judge you for whatever decision you do make. I will love you in whatever decision you do make because where I am clear on Jesus to love my neighbor, as Jesus loves me I am to love myself and others, no matter whatever. There is no alternative.

          • Ana N. Mosely

            You’re right. Love your neighbor. Start with your wife.

          • shageo

            you will regret ,on you death bed.

          • Matt

            You are at the same point my wife was at 6 months ago. My wife left no chance to recover or get help. I am asking you to consider a separation and 6 months of trying some sort of counseling or 12 step program. If he is not willing than I will not blame you for leaving(not that my opinion matters), but if he is willing to change the best gift and chance you can give is the same grace that Jesus poured out on us. Had my wife extended grace I know in my heart that I would have succeeded in ridding myself of this addiction much earlier. Hopefully he will wake up to what it means to lose you and get the help he needs. You are in my prayers.

    • That is not the message of this video. If that is the message you got then I would suggest that you go where you feel led to go because clearly we are on a different mission field.

      • wife affected

        @MTX3: Since there are 32 people who voted “like” on Nathan’s first post, it seems that he is not the only person who “misunderstood” the message of the video and wondered about this ministry’s purpose in posting it. You had an opportunity to clarify the message, but instead you suggested that those who “misunderstood” go elsewhere “because clearly we are on a different mission field”. Have you forgotten that many of the people who came to your site or Facebook page, saw the video of a young lady who “gets what we [X3 Church] are doing”, and questioned the post probably are part of your mission field?!?

  • Ana N. Mosely

    So that the fact it is “God’s path” for her to continue in porn mean it’s the path God intends for my husband to continue his porn use and pleasure himself with it while I’m at home taking care of our four kids alone or ogle every woman that walks past? It’s “God’s path” that my 15 year old son follow his lead? Sorry, I don’t get it.

    • Justin Johnson

      Thank you for sharing. I wish I could understand why God intends what he does. I know the clarity it would bring to my life. For example, why I do still look at porn with all the information and stories I have heard? This is such a loaded question with so many factors. My best explanation is I live in a fallen world and am in desperate need of a Savior. What matters most to me is the posture of my heart. So I attempt to create the best environment I can in my world with God to show and see His love. I hope my heart will be continuously changed with and through God so I am not still using porn to pleasure myself when and if I have a family. I might never get it, but I believe if I am able to love the Lord my God with all my heart, and all my soul, and all my mind and love my neighbor as myself, I don’t have to get anything, because I believe and know I will see Jesus. I don’t see anything better than Him. Thank you again for sharing, your post hit my personally.

  • Marie Fields


  • NIck

    I love her relationship with God and the excitement she has for it! It’s truly awesome to see that God IS everywhere, even in the industries that are looked down upon by the church. I do want to point out though a statement that concerned me. “This is the path I’m bringing you down….What Im doing is a path that God is bringing me down”. Maybe she is just stating her path in her relationship with him, but I want to just point out God will NEVER lead us to sin. Never. Im not, in ANY WAY, condemning her. I know jesus loves her in every way he loves me. Regardless of choices/sins. But if you want to claim to be a Jesus follower that means working hard to move away from the sin in your life. Not that we aren’t all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, but we strive to be Christ-like…..without sin. Thats why most of the guys are on this site in the first place is to move away from their personal sin and struggle with lust. HOWEVER, who am I to say God doesn’t want her as an “inside women” in the porn industry working for his team. *Just if she can find a way to do that without sinning!* In my opinion, the porn industry directly affects men and women with a struggle in lust. Porn encourages that. It takes the beauty of sex, what God intended to be between a husband and wife, and it perverts it in a way that encourages sin. A WHOLE new disscussion. Anyway. I love her. I love her passion about God. Just REMEMBER to speak TRUTH to those around you and meditate on what you say when it comes to God because there are people here wanting to know God and believe that in his Son, so it’s very important to send the right message.

    • Danee Heart

      OMG i just saw this…im not like all religous or anything…heck i just started goin to church… but OMG….how can you be smoki.n weed and saying u love god ? Im not trying to be mean..just tryi g to understand and wrap my head around this whole god thing

  • Jonathan Hendershot

    ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. this is a stretch. I’m not God, nor do I speak to his knowledge, power, or understanding. but i do see this message to be flirting with the line and pushing something that seems to be a popular message in churches today. that you can come as you are and that God loves everyone. that’s 100% true, but what it means is not how it’s being received. and it’s important to be aware of how what you’re saying is being interpreted. i agree with most of what she said in this video. I will say that i don’t agree with the idea that God will purposely lead you through a path of sin to get where he wants you in life (that a life of porn is God’s intention for Sheena). Again, I’m not God, but I will say that I would be amazed if He intentionally directed a person that He loves so dearly to submit themselves to a sexual lifestyle such as this. I don’t subscribe to that at all – we lead ourselves to and through sin, God can use anything to glorify him, but from what I’ve read in scripture and understood – God doesn’t instruct us to lead a sinful life to Glorify him. And, understanding what sex is on a spiritual level as indicated by scripture, I would be absolutely stunned if God desires this lifestyle for Sheena. Thats my take on that part. However, yes, Jesus absolutely loves Sheena and every other pornstar and homosexuals and everyone else – so, as Christians, we are to follow suit. HOWEVER, the message of unconditional love that is being preached in this manner is leaving out the part where God transforms your heart and mind. The come as you are notion is absolutely a real thing, but it’s only half of the story, ’cause once you get there you’ve gotta be transformed and turn from your sin as best as you can. We are all sinners, 100%. But to knowingly live a life of sin is a different story. As for the shirts, I sort of have an issue there too. They’re preaching the same message. From my standpoint, those shirts are effective because they’re utilizing what’s called shock marketing. They get a lot of attention because they’re shocking. But, if I’m on the other side of this industry and I see that shirt, I’m not saying, “wow, God is so graceful and merciful that he still loves me even in my life of sinfulness.” which IS the message i assume you’re trying to get across. Instead, what I see is “I wanna wear this shirt so that I can let everyone know that God loves me too and they’re no better than I am.” There’s a whole slew of issues in that response, and I do believe that’s a real response to those shirts. Most marketing gimmicks I see people utilizing for Jesus have been somewhat off base. Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, body, and strength. He’ll do the rest.

    “Salvation is free, but transformation will cost you everything.”

    • Marta

      Absolutely amazing response! I believe you are very correct in your knowledge of who God is and what He wants for us and from us! Beautifully Said.

  • Malika

    I don’t really get that.. I’m confused. Weren’t you (x3church members) supposed to heal people and show them that even if Jesus died for u and loves u, you have to try your best to live as the bible tell us to, including showing to pornstars that they don’t deserve the life they’re living, there’s a better way of living with Jesus, they can stop and have a good life.
    Otherwise what’s the point of all of this ? Then We can just keep on sinning as long as we know that Jesus loves us ? .. ( which is not for granted for a lifetime, we don’t have to abuse ) is it the lesson we have to keep in our mind with this video ??

    Frankly, I just don’t get that.

  • Rico Smith

    What I find amazing is that none of the people that are telling her that she’s going to hell is telling her: “Listen we’ll open the way for you to leave the industry by giving you a job.” Too many people judge and never enter into relationship with the sinner to help the sinner to stop sinning.

    I do have problems with her views on Jesus like “Jesus healed people with marijuana” but I do understand why you guys posted this video and I hope that someone will be able to offer her a lifeline to get out of the industry into a spiritually healthy line of work.

    God bless everybody!!

    • Marta

      If you tell a girl in the industry to leave her job, she sees it as an alterior motive and you have lost her. You wait until she is ready to do that, by the leading of the Holy Spirit. And you can bet ya that will happen. 🙂

      • Rico Smith

        Okay I can see your point, but she says in her video that marijuana is the only way she survives in “this industry”. So obviously surviving is not better than living.

        My point is actually this: a lot of people tell sinners to repent and turn from their wicked ways but very few give them the means to do so. So yes you shouldn’t just tell them to leave her job but you also can’t tell her to turn or burn and not give her the means to get out of the industry.

        A relationship has to be established and through the relationship the person must be given the means to get out of the sin.

        • Marta

          Yep agreed. Not sure how xxxchurch does it. But I know a lot of ministries out there have those resources and support for sure. Let’s just agree to pray for Sheena. God is stirring her…’s awesome to see. Pray for her strength in obedience when he does in fact ask her to leave her sin behind. It is for freedom we have been set free. And Jesus loves us too much to allow us to continue playing in our own vomit. And that goes for me too…..I need check myself daily….sometimes even minutely. 😉

  • Mike farrell

    This girl apparently does not understand the Gospel. (Based on what she said not just her unrepentant lifestyle). I pray that God saves her and reveals who he actually Is to her one day soon. This post really makes me question where Craig is at theologically. I’m sure the temptation to compromise on doctrine is huge in his line of work. I hope he retracts this and takes some time in humility to really evaluate what he believes the Gospel is.

  • Marta

    Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.” John 8:11

    This girl is in desperate need for guidance into the truth of God. She is desperate for freedom, a true freedom not the rebellion she speaks of in this video. Shame on you xxxchurch for displaying this woman’s sin to the world, she needs guidance not fame. She may not know this, but you do! The false Gospel she preaches in this video is terrifying, a foothold to the devil for anyone weak in faith who stumbles upon this site. Her deep deception and blatant rebellion makes me shudder. I pray for this woman and I trust in my awesome God, whatever He has started He will finish. Let it be with Sheena as He wills! God loves her, and because He loves her deeply, He will not allow her to continue to live in sin.

  • Brandon

    To those that thrown the first stone here. Jesus loves you too. No one will enter Gods kingdom perfect so forget about it. He is perfect for us. The relationship with the holy one will guide her steps and she will grow with Him. I was saved first then Christ helped me to grow. I still am on a path breaking myself as I walk with him so to mold me in his image.

  • disqus_p0VfqCNaek

    The upside of this is that she is at least sharing the church and the Gospel (twistedly) and the word does not come back void. Granted I don’t think toking up really helps in evangelism…

  • Jesus does love you Sheena! I hope that one day you are able to move away from the porn industry and have the chance to walk in obedience. It’s amazing and even better than a t-shirt! 😉

  • PS

    Two quick things:

    1) Perhaps, instead of trying to be “edgy,” “cool,” or to get a rise out of people with “Jesus loves pornstars” shirts, you should consider a shirt that speaks truth a little more plainly: “Jesus hates porn, but loves you.”

    2) “The Bible does say that God is love, but more often than the love of God is mentioned the holiness of God. The most common attribute of God mentioned in the whole Bible. The bedrock of it all. God is holy, God is good, God is right, God is altogether only and always without sin. Clean, pure, And the Bible speaks of the wrath of God with some 20 words on some 600 occasions.”-well known pastor

    Let’s acknowledge God’s love, but let us not ignore His holiness.

  • Caleb

    This is what I don’t understand. Of course Jesus loves porn stars. He loves everyone. He also wants people to turn from their sin. And to me this seems like a double standard from xxxchurch. As someone who struggles with porn, why do you tell me to stop? If I were to post a video of myself talking about how much God loves me and then say I am going to watch porn wouldn’t you have a problem with that?

    • Marta

      Good stuff! So true.

  • RobertZ

    Thank you for posting this video if the reason was to show how the Satan has infiltrated christianity with a false gospel. My heart goes out to this young lady because she has been mislead. I plead with her to read how many times God speaks out against those who practice sexual immorality like 1 Cor 6:17-20, Romans 1:28-32, Acts 15:28-29. Yes Jesus does love her but her actions do not align with His Word. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we are essentially giving up our life so He can live His through ours. The danger of continuing to live in unrepentent sin is found in Matt 7:21-23. Jesus Himself said that the gate to heaven is narrow and that there will be few who find it, Matt 7:13-14. Many self professing christians will find themselves locked out of heaven because they never truly gave Jesus all of their life.

  • lep

    I wish I had a friend like you

  • Austin

    Sheena, what you’re saying is like saying “I’m a hit man and because no sin is greater than another, God is ok with me being a hit man.” Porn hurts people. Porn hurts me. You’re contributing to my pain by continuing to produce. I get that Jesus loves you, and I’m so happy you have a relationship with him. But I struggle mightily with porn and it tears apart my life. The least you could do for a brother in Christ is to help me not stumble. X3, this is not helpful to addicts. She’s basically saying there is nothing wrong with porn. We all know how much there is wrong with porn and how much pain it brings and how many lives it’s destroyed.

  • Seriously?

    this makes me SICK to my stomach. This poor woman is deceived and XXX Church is deceiving her! Jesus commands men everywhere to repent. Where is her repentance? Why aren’t these Christians sharing the GOSPEL with her to give her hope? She said “all you need is a relationship with God”. UMMM no. It matters if Jesus is your Lord, if you deny yourself (repent) and turn to Him for everything. You cannot live a lifestyle of habitual sin and be a Christian. “Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'”- Matthew 7:23

  • Chris

    REALLY?? Come on guys, there is NO justification that says just because Jesus loves porn stars and every other filthy, rotten sinner in this world, He would EVER take her down that road or even accept that kind of lifestyle! (hate the sin, love the sinner). I honestly don’t know how it’s possible to wake up every morning, with joy in your heart and a big smile on your face, saying “I love you Lord”, thank you for allowing me to [email protected]#$ for a living!

    I’m tormented in my soul, because of the DECADES I’ve spent, acting out to girls like her. God even says in His word that He DOES NOT tempt His own children, especially against one another. This is so contradictory and goes against the very things that the majority of us are here for….Deliverance and healing!

    For all of us who have been ensnared by her actions and every other performer in the history of the industry; could we then say that God is ok with us masturbating and lusting after her, because we have a relationship with Him and that’s all that matters? Uh, NOOOO!! If we are TRULY hearing from the Holy Spirit, we’re going to be convicted and want to get right right with God, no matter how hard it is. But she just seems like Jesus is her homeboy and they’re cool. (Pass the dutchie on the left hand side Jesus).

    I can handle the language and smoking weed part, because those are 2 issues I’ve never had a problem with. But her spiritual views are incredibly flawed, no matter how you cut it.

    I’ve been a Christian for over 34 years and was indirectly shown porn by finding my dad’s hidden magazines at an early age. I didn’t know what I was doing for a number of years, but once I became of age, I was then responsible for what I did with it. By that time, it had hooked me so bad, my life was ruined!! I cried out to God countless times, but I couldn’t stop my lustful ways, because it had become my identity and deep down, I really didn’t want to stop!

    God can’t and won’t listen to our prayers if we are perpetually sinning. So when she says she talks to God everyday, the “god” of this world comes as a murderer, thief and destroyer and is most likely the one feeding her these lies. To say that she “has” Jesus in her life is rather diluted and doubtful, because it’s obvious she NEEDS Him more than ever.

    I’m almost 43 and have never been married or had a family, because I thought I was too broken to be loved. But by the incredible grace of God, I have a beautiful and amazing fiance who I’m planning to marry in February! She knows my past and I finally realized I could truly love a woman and NOT have sex! It’s been a difficult past few months and I could really feel the enemy in the camp, so I joined X3Watch last week, to put a wall of protection around me and our relationship, because now I know what real love is with a REAL woman!

    I’m just bothered as a new member, that even though she seems open to the love that your staff pours out on girls like her, you guys think it’s ok to post this. This is almost as stumbling to some, as is the porn itself.

    I truly pray that Sheena does hear from her Creator and realizes soon that her theology is skewed.

  • Jane

    All of my other opinions aside, I have to ask the obvious: Is this really the best video to post on this site to prove this point, with all of the people struggling with porn addiction on this site? Considering the videos/pictures of naked women pop up after the video….

  • AB

    Hey I just came across your Church and the work that you do, loved the slogan ‘Jesus loves porn stars’, I was really excited to know about the Church, ’till I came across the video posted !!’. I agree that Jesus loves, but what about a Christian, a follower, a disciple, how do we respond to that love. we all have our past, but can we continue to live in that ..and profess we love God ?
    After the video I’m really confused with the message that you are really sharing ? I’m not judging, just confused. I briefly went through the site to see ‘what your beliefs are etc’, could’nt find anything (maybe I missed it)..
    I only pray that you spread the true gospel. Its about a Love relationship with Jesus Christ. There is cost involved with that commitment.

    God Bless

  • JohnH

    Anyway, in the first centuries, there were saints like: mary the egyptian, taisia, pelagia, that were in the same situations like these girls. Saint Vitaly – in the sixth century – used to go to these brothels, where he payed for their abilities, but instead he prayed all night for their soul. I mean, Christ loves porn stars. He stayed at the table with porn stars. We have Mother of God as a helper in this problems.
    She will be forgiven (much), because she has loved much.

    I believe that through repenteance, everything could be renewed.
    I-m christian orthodox.

  • Joe Lescano

    she’s on a journey that God is bringing her along, he is wooing her heart, the one who begins the good work in us is faithful to complete it, there’s no deadline, she’s in His hands and He know just how to conquer our hearts. Religion goes after people obeying rules and regulations and at the end they’re turned off, the Lover of our soul wants our hearts and knows just how to conquer them.

  • Chris

    Amen, Jesus is love! He loves us right where we are, it’s true, and that is the most important thing! 🙂 One thing, though, I’ve seen in my own life is recognizing I must accept Jesus wholly. I must accept Him as my savior AND my Lord. As Savior, He rescues our lives; as Lord, He rules our lives. As Savior, He saves us in our sin; as Lord, He convicts us of the gravity of our sin. I heard a quote (can’t remember by who!) that captured the real truth – “Truely, by faith alone, we are saved; however, true faith is never alone.” True faith – Jesus as Savior and Lord. This doesn’t mean we will be perfect by any stretch, but it does mean as we understand more and more who God is, we will more and more understand what is sin. And we shouldn’t be afraid to call sin, sin. The porn industry is sin; the addiction many struggle with (myself included) is sin; the judgmental look, the selfish decision, the hateful comment – all sin. And when God makes us aware of a sin we are dwelling in, we can’t just “jump out” of it. We can’t work our way out of it. All we can do is confess it to the lover of our souls and surrender it to Him; He’ll accomplish the miracle! Yes, God loves us. And so we say we love Him. But what’s that look like? How do we love him? He tells us – “If you love me, keep my commandments.” – John 14:15 This is not a command to do, but to be; to be His, and, in doing so, reap the fruit that pleases God. Praise Him! And never forget, we have many experiences in life, but when we experience God – when we encounter Christ and ALL that He is according to His Word – our lives don’t look defined by comfort, but by conformation to Christ! Lift it all up to Him in prayer knowing Romans 8:28 is still in affect!
    Praise the Lord!!!

  • Bobby

    Was not able to view the video.
    The link is missing from this post..

  • MultiBendable

    Yes, but Jesus did not die for us so that we could continue to live in perpetual sin. If you love the Lord, then you need to change your life. Your walk needs to reflect that change. How can you claim to be living according to God’s Word if you are actively engaged in the sex industry? You need to come out of that old life of habitual sin and leave that behind you. Yes He loves you in your sin and imperfection, but His word clearly states that once you accept Him as Lord and Savior, you simply CANNOT continue in your old ways and life of sin. I pray that the Lord would lead you out of that life of sexual sin and promiscuity, Sheena.

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