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3 Ways to Tell If You’re Addicted to Masturbation

by Alice Taylor on August 8th, 2017 in Men, Women, Students

xxxchurch - 3 Ways to Tell If You’re Addicted to MasturbationAddicted to masturbation??? Is that even possible? Perhaps you’re already picturing me as a hundred-year-old Sunday School teacher or pastor, with corduroy pants so high rise they must be a cover for a long-term fitted chastity belt.

Or maybe you’re seeing the Christian protester who has nothing better to do with their precious time on Earth than to yell about people “fanning the flame” or “ringing Satan’s doorbell” or… choose your favorite euphemism.

But have no fear; I’d like to think I’m a fairly reasonable and open minded gal, who hasn’t worn anything corduroy since the early nineties.

However, the reality is, masturbation can become a legitimate addiction, just like any behavior. I’m not intending to make a moral statement or provide a biblical guideline but rather to help you decide if you are addicted so you can seek healing.

Here are three practical ways to help you discern if you’re addicted to masturbation:

1) Are you using masturbation to alter your mood?

Masturbation is a quick fix. It’s free, accessible and easy. It’s the perfect drug. Understandably, men and women use it to medicate bad moods. Those warm fuzzy chemicals sure hit the spot!

There are more positive ways to sooth moods, for example, listening to calming music or having a hot bath after a lousy day. The difference with using masturbation to alleviate negative emotions is that the powerful chemicals and hormones involved set you up for compulsion and emotional repression, not to mention they can be a detriment your future or current sex life. These are powerful chemicals you’re playing with.

Take note of when you feel the urge. What has triggered you in the past? Did you feel stressed? Powerless? Rejected? Lonely? Tired? Anxious? Sometimes our sex drive is just being its thoughtful self and saying ‘Hey! It’s been a while since we’ve tried reproducing! I’m here to personally encourage you to today!’ (Thanks Sex Drive: maybe take note of the relationship status next time) However, there is often an underlying motivation: to feel good. Because you don’t already.

If you’re regularly masturbating in response to negative emotion, you may be addicted. Why? Because it reveals you’re not processing your emotions and indicates you’re living in some level of distress, making it the perfect opportunity to get hooked. Addiction loves pain. It is a faux salve for emotional wounds. But in reality, our vice, be it masturbation or otherwise, is infecting that wound that so desperately needs to be healed.

2) Do you feel like you can’t stop?

Perhaps one of the clearest signs of addiction is when you feel you can’t stop, even when you really want to. Pretty simple. You may white-knuckle it for a few weeks, but it always come crashing back into your life.

There’s a reason for this.

A sexual encounter (with someone else or on your own) instigates the release of a host of nice-feeling chemicals into your brain’s reward system. It’s an incredible gift from God when it’s not confused. It keeps humanity thriving and surviving. It releases chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin when you participate in a behavior that it believes ensures survival of the body or gene pool (hence why an orgasm feels so much better than mopping the floor or eating dirt). The reward pathways function is to remind the brain to do that thing again! Your body begins to make unconscious associations. When you feel poorly, it remembers how to give you a kick! A process begins deep in your brain which, unbroken, leads you right back to the behavior, because your brain is wired to seek the easiest route to pleasure.

3) Is your habit harming you or those around you?

A characteristic of any addiction is continuing despite harm. Harm can come in many forms: emotional, relational, physical, spiritual or criminal to name a few.

If you’re masturbating to the point of overuse or needing medical assistance, you may very well be addicted. This is nothing to be ashamed about. Doctors have seen it all.

Compulsive masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction and less-than-ideal intimacy with your spouse. This is a very real harm that must be identified. More than physiological, this can affect your spouse emotionally. Are you masturbating to the detriment of your sex life?

Isolation is another harm to look out for.  Such retreat can be rooted in shame, anxiety or the lost ability to interact non-sexually. Perhaps you would rather be at home masturbating than socializing. Having an orgasm is easier than building real relationships. But only the latter will bear good fruit in the long run.

Masturbation is a very personal and complicated topic. It can be a response to sexual or emotional trauma, it can be a struggle that begins in early childhood, it can be accompanied by porn or voyeurism or nothing at all, and the line between “struggling with” and “addicted” can get blurry. There is a battlefield of opinions out there and it is so easy to slip into judgment and shame in this conversation.

Please know that, no matter what, you are known and cherished by the God of the universe, and the team at XXXchurch have resources to help you find freedom. You are not alone, and you need not feel ashamed. Recovery is so possible.



  • Shannon

    Wow, this was hilarious! Keep up the good work!

    Oh wait, you were being serious.

    Still pretty funny.

    • contel

      lol. Excellently ridiculously hilarious.

  • Ani

    Thanks for posting this… Too often, there’s a lot of shame associated with touch. We often hunger for it, and will fulfill those needs, some way some how. Somehow, I just have to believe that the option of “M” is better than whoring around with any and everyone. As long as it’s not getting out of control, who is it hurting?

    • John

      Good point Ani. Rather ‘in house’ than out on the street/ club / bar is the way i have figured. However, I find it can grow into addiction , a quick release instead of facing up to some undercover emotions

      • Snaz Lee Monroe

        My issue with masturbation isn’t feeling shameful for feeling good — it’s the negative effect it has on my emotional relationship with my wife. Then my kids. One purpose for sex is the joining of two people to deepen intimacy and trust. Masturbation is with yourself for yourself. It disintegrates that bond. I feel there’s a fine line between an actual need and something we convince ourselves we’re entitled to. Masturbation isn’t wrong because it feels good or involves parts of our bodies that we normally don’t talk about — it’s wrong because it’s built around self-seeking medication.

        • Hannah

          Your wife should start masturbating too. It lengthens my husband’s and my stamina. Our sex life is so powerful. I masturbate throughout the day then come home and go for hours with him. I crave his cock throughout the day, until I can finally come home and suck him dry.

          • David Cushinberry

            I find it to be pleasurable. I have no disconnect from building relationships and encourage my partner for mutual pleasure. Actually love watching her please herself

      • Juzzy

        Then what’s about your religion like christianity aspect?

    • The anwser is you… and maybe others. The behavior may have a consequence to you in the future that you do not like. And at that time, if you can’t stop the behavoir because it has become compulsory then you will have a problem. This problem may be the difference between developing the relationship with someone else you’ve always wanted, or perhaps is creates a wedge within your exsiting relationship. In which case, now family is affected, born and maybe unborn… this is just one scenario, there are a host of others. Masturbation is physical pleasure and that is nice for a moment. But is it conducive of lasting joy in the short or long term? Don’t confuse pleasure and joy, there is a difference. Is it better than whoring around as you say… of course it is. Is that justifiction for doing it? I would argue not really, because I don’t believe masturbation will keep you safe from adultery… rather it will only make it that much easier to want and need the real thing.

  • Ibe Tochukwu

    Thanks for this article, it really revealed some tips christian youths needs to take note of about masturbation.

  • Hannah

    I have a great sex life with my husband, like 6-10 times a week but I still find myself rubbing one out daily. Truth be told, multiple times a day. When I’m driving around running errands I have my vibrator going strong. On my break at work I go into the bathroom and quickly finger myself to satisfaction. I’m highly addicted to masturbating. But it only helps my sex life. When my husband comes home at the end of the day I just want to swallow his cock, then have it rammed in my cooch. We go for hours and I know it’s because my stamina is so strong because of masturbating. Mmm all this talk about it makes me want to go have a moment.

    • MobLife24

      How old are you, 17!?!? Lol I wish my wife was like that! But no, I’m good with 3 to 4 times a week! You would have me crashing harder than a sugar rush.

    • JC

      I don’t believe that for a second. Your adrenal glands would be exhausted. You need delivered from a demon of masturbation and lust.

  • Mara

    I know everyone is treating this as a joke but I found it legitimately useful. I’ve been far too scared to talk to my family or pastor about this so I’m so very grateful for the internet. Now I know I can start seeking help from closer sources. Thanks!

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